How to optimize enterprise website optimization effect from simple mining

Short board

third to remove the picture, a lot of enterprises most of the sites to store a lot of pictures, the optimization effect is a lot of pictures not only enhance the site, often leading enterprises ranking drop, included drop, to solve the problem of short boards, will picture finishing, note.

The optimization effect of

optimization in the circle inside it is relatively simple, because the love of Shanghai itself to the enterprise website often favors, included speed, but also more willing to upgrade the enterprise website ranking, after this point in Shanghai launched the official website plan, the more obvious, because this is love Shanghai to enhance the user experience of a practice. But if you think enterprise site optimization is very simple, in the search engine optimization is too casual, it is very easy to cause the failure of the enterprise website optimization, after all, in the aspect of search engine optimization, also have their own defect congenital, has some bottlenecks such as the content and the chain as well as the correlation, the optimization effect of Shanghai dragon is not conducive to enterprise website. read more

What is the meaning of bad case in the Shanghai dragon

Through the understanding of badcase ?

, then www., Shanghai dragon will definitely return everyone’s vision in the near future, but Shanghai Longfeng with WWW regression, regression does not represent all sites with WWW, but in the near future, Shanghai will further enhance the love algorithm reduced the probability of badcase, then one day, I see the >

1: do not conform to the search user experience love Shanghai search results;

The characteristics of

bad case is a technical term in Shanghai dragon. read more

The chain should pay attention to in the process of


fourth: looking for high quality friend chain. An important source of the chain chain site is also obtained, looking for friends of the chain in the process also has a lot of attention to the relevance of the website operation, website of the other side, the weight of the website, the website of the other side chain and so on, these are to be in the exchange process should pay attention to. In another exchange chain operation is to increase the weight of words, in the swap chain.

third: a steady increase in the chain. The chain for the emperor’s argument, the webmaster all know, a new on-line or in later bought a domain name, began to increase the chain to improve the website, domain name weight, this approach is right, but it will remind you, do not increase the accumulation of site outside the chain, especially new sites, the chain increased too fast, it will be the search engine that is cheating, which was K station is not good. The sharp increase in the chain on the site to bring harm, we can refer to see. The chain is to do more, but to increase steadily, step by step to find the weight of high, the stability of the chain, so the website operation to a long stick. read more

The contents of 5 beat Google Penguin update

1, using the original heavy template


the page template in original content is low, grasp the theme is also very poor, no one knows what is their main threshold, from Penguin point of view, this is clearly a violation of all human rights standards, of course, is not only reflected in the content of the page repeat, Penguin regulations, site between pages more than 95% of the value of the code, then the site is marked to repeat the site, is likely to be such as household garbage station ranks, so in the website design process, content and code do not appear in the high repetition rate. read more

How do you start your website content operation from scratch

is a website in the Internet era, the Internet business standard, every Internet Co at the beginning of the establishment will establish their own official website, the company for publicity, promotion of products, establish the image and enhance brand awareness.

because of the professional operation of the website is still quite high, the need to update the content and do more work, so the general needs of special operators responsible for the operation and maintenance of web content. However, many people may have no contact with the relevant knowledge of website operations, I do not know where to start, this article first taught you how to start from scratch web content operations. read more

7 tips for increasing GG income

1, advertising a little more

if the layout allows you to put a few more ads, so that users contact more advertising, natural clicks will be more.

2, rich in content, a little

if the content is not rich enough to match the ads will not be more, and even advertising units can not be fully displayed, natural clicks will be less.

3, I think this is not right on the left [can be]

users are often used to clicking on the ads on the right, placing content and links on the left of the site, which is more beneficial for users to click ads. read more

DV+CSS please stop teasing people

about two years ago, DIV+CSS is a very attractive combination, make "people who use DIV+CSS often praise to the thumb, remember at the beginning of 06, I use a pure static site div+css layout with a school web design competition award.

today, despite the mention of DIV+CSS, a lot of people will be enthusiastic, but I’ll shake his head: "DIV+CSS is not everything, it’s not what some people call a myth.""! It was CSS, not DIV+CSS, who created the myth. I think it’s time to correct this problem. read more

Malone long personal website, online business, please think twice before you think twice

I don’t think of myself as a website, but as an entrepreneur. The website is just a tool for me to start a business. The website is not the core of the enterprise.

my driving force: money. I need money for a few years. My parents don’t want my parents to suffer for the rest of my life.

as for the money, don’t talk about goals too far, I did not intend to do a website, because what is unknown, who do not know what will happen tomorrow, compared to the reality of the problem is, I am 20 years old this year, about 24 years of marriage, (because I am not college students in rural areas. I don’t have to worry about building), my parents for a lifetime of money just to purchase, to get married, house decoration, household appliances, furniture and gifts together, in accordance with the minimum count, about 60 thousand yuan, but also have a car not expensive about 50 thousand can be, I was in rural areas please, don’t laugh at me, this is in accordance with the minimum requirements of. So I need to hand when I was 24 years old 120 thousand, is now nearly at the end of 08, that is to say in the past 4 years I have 30 thousand year remaining pure, if in accordance with the total annual income of the remaining pure 2/3, I every year to ensure that 45 thousand pieces, if not cars every year to ensure that 26 thousand words block income. read more

Brief analysis of 2 years’ operation experience of mechanical product website

said, "I’m not afraid of jokes," the company’s mechanical products station, 2 years, nearly 3 months before the turnaround. During the period, the site’s SEO has also done well, the main keywords, parking spaces, locks, etc. are ranked in the home page of Baidu, and so on, many of its bidding ads are Samsung, and its thesaurus and creativity is definitely ahead of most of the peer. But the problem is that the company is unprofitable and has been losing money for 2 years. Below, the author will talk about these 2 years of some experience, I hope useful to you. read more