The inside pages included stagnant whether you consider the following fatal reasons

keyword density is higher, more conducive to achieving a better keyword ranking, but with the search engine algorithm is more and more intelligent, meaningless words stacked but will let you catch the chicken not eclipse the rice, often after the keyword search engine recognition to the website of the stack, will drop right to punish sites included in the site will also stagnate. As shown in the figure below we see an example of keyword stuffing.


search engines sometimes may also be because misjudgment leads to stop included our site, but the vast majority of cases are all factors from our own, you need to consider those from their own adverse factors lead to hinder your search engine. Especially in some of the details, the author from the four fatal factors of their own experience to talk about them.

As we all know the webmaster

two factors: website discordant keywords

search engine spiders

the Internet is a virtual world an opaque, filled with a lot of possible harm to the interests of the state, the interests of users and users keywords, the search engine also carried a shield of this kind of key words. As shown in figure


three factors: page for friendly

this point must have many webmaster all understood, the official guide optimization and love Shanghai were also told to this point. The use of web search.


factors intentionally or unintentionally spelled

website has been a key index data of the webmaster concern, a large extent, ranking flow affect the site included. With the launch of the Shanghai green love and pomegranate algorithm we can find love Shanghai for the inside pages of the spider crawling requirements become increasingly high, if we did not handle long pages easily lead to dissatisfaction in some detail, resulting in a page included stagnation. Many owners see the inside pages included stagnant are often lost to the site operators enthusiasm, eventually give up halfway.


we can see from the search engine for the banned word checks are very strict, not to mention will be included. If we do not want our site  collateral damage  words, the implementation of the Internet to understand some forbidden word for us is also very helpful. Try to avoid your site appear this kind of word. Especially some forum portal sites, it is very important to do the screening of this class of words.

above we can see the medical site and the keywords in the title of each article, the main content and the title is not consistent, can be said to be irrelevant, will not only affect the user’s reading, while search engines will soon punish them, stop by on site.


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