Love Shanghai’s new blue sky algorithm is what

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algorithm and the algorithm of the blue sky before what is the difference?


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and a little before and after the launch of sky algorithm, algorithm, we can report, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform even opened the reporting channels, in such a strict algorithm, is very difficult to have a fish escaped through the Seine.

3. once the site is identified to the sale of soft, the search engine will greatly reduce the crawl.

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the blue sky?


1. we need to note that the algorithm is not only for the blue sky news source site, but the whole network. Some small sites are not news source, but also the sale of soft paper, directory and other acts, love Shanghai for this kind of site is fine.

algorithm, love love Shanghai green Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, love Shanghai spark plan, love, love the sea ice bucket algorithm Haitian network algorithm, love Shanghai has launched a new "blue sky" algorithm, hear love Shanghai’s new "blue sky" algorithm, many owners began to light up, the sky is heard algorithm the history of the most stringent algorithm, no one. Love Shanghai’s new "blue sky algorithm" is what? "Blue sky algorithm" is mainly to what standard website


blue algorithm is a search engine algorithm love Shanghai officially opened in November 2016, this algorithm is mainly for the sale of soft news source site, directory and other serious violations of news source rules, and influence the user search experience behavior launched, the main purpose is to crack down on the sale of soft news source directory, behavior, but also the user a search the blue sky.

of course, love Shanghai Lantian algorithm is applied to the emergence of the above site, for those who do regular optimization promotion, there is not much affected, so we do not have to panic.

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2. before may be just the problems of the catalogue of the penalty, but the blue sky algorithm after the launch, the problem will reduce the site directory in the evaluation of love Shanghai search.

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