Muso launches video on YouTube

first_imgAthlone musician, Nur Felix, is releasing his latest music video on YouTube today. An Athlone artist says he is using his platform as a musician to spread love, joy and truth, because there are too much darkness and sadness in the world.Nur Felix is releasing his latest music video, called All the men, on YouTube today, and he is also launching his weekly series, Songs from my kitchen, on Instagram, where he’ll sing a new song, unplugged, every week. Roy Zetisky directed the music video for All the men.Mr Felix is celebrating 10 years in the music industry and describes his genre as inspirational, conscious music. Most of the songs he writes are inspired by life events and things he observes.All the men was among those songs birthed from life’s observations, he said.“It is sad that the society we live in today, is not what it was. Relationships are not what it used to be years ago. We live in an era of swipe left (on dating sites) and easy hook-ups. People don’t want to engage in authentic relationships, instead they want instant gratification and one-night stands – and then some dip into depression,” Mr Felix said.Growing up, Mr Felix was shy and quiet. He was encouraged to take up drama to get out of his shell, and he has never looked back since.“I got out of my shell by doing the extreme – getting into the entertainment industry,” he laughed.He is not just passionate about music, but also about making positive changes in society. Last year he collaborated with a Canadian singer and songwriter, Nancy Beaudette, to produce a song about peace. The pair’s song, called Peace Date, took fifth place at the International Peace Song Awards, which happened in Los Angeles, America, beating thousands of other entries from across the world. Children from Manenberg Primary School feature in the music video.“I believe one has a responsibility as an artist. People must be able to take away something from your concert and implement whatever they take away to enrich their lives. There are a lot of darkness and sadness in the world, and a lot in the entertainment industry that perpetuates that darkness. I just want to spread the light,” Mr Felix said.Catch Mr Felix with his weekly uploads of Songs from my kitchen,@felix.nur on Instagram.last_img

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