We optimize the website why four months or not good ranking

second: bad chain not cleared up, cause website ranking down

The anchor text of this article

is not their own technology rookie, but in the face of this website is very helpless. Finally, after the author’s own research and consulting to Shanghai dragon master, finally summed up some reasons, here to share with you.

visible up to six, which is one of the important reasons for the website has been ranked up.

use the anchor text in the past is a very effective promotion keywords ranking technology, but with the love of Shanghai algorithm adjustment, weight of the anchor text has been greatly reduced, or even abuse the anchor text will cause the site right down. The author after the check of all the sites, found that the site there is abuse of the anchor text, like this article as: read more

Website optimization that we often neglect the details is the key

brings me this idea is so seriously, as we all know, now editor of the website is online to find information, arrange combination, then complete an article posted at the website. We are doing this. You have not thought about such a problem. When I want to edit an article, just online article does not exist. So, you have not thought about, to establish an article posted online? Then to publish this article to know love Shanghai do drainage for their website

I am a website called Shanghai Longfeng staff daily work also is the chain, do Links, engage in some chain, editing some articles. I think as long as a Shanghai Longfeng staff every day doing the same thing. We are doing such a thing, just do some good, some do not. This difference in where? I think in detail. Why? I to share with you. read more

WordPress station of Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive optimization guide

Shanghai dragon

tools: introduce some useful tools for Shanghai dragon

website and structure of

in the "standardization" of the site as a whole Shanghai dragon in an article, I introduced four aspects: web base layer, structure layer and content layer and presentation layer.

learning classic case

Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng learning: learning basic knowledge, free Shanghai dragon training

layer of WordPress structure of Shanghai dragon


as a theme in Shanghai dragon related blog, not to Shanghai dragon as a keyword some justified. In the selection of a good template, you need to start the program division. According to the preliminary plan, I will be divided into columns: read more