first_imgRahul Gandhi Indian police on Thursday briefly arrested leading opposition figure Rahul Gandhi as he tried to reach farmers striking in Madhya Pradesh, where five protesters were earlier killed in clashes.The 46-year-old Congress party leader was detained as he crossed into the volatile region in central India by bike, having ditched his car to avoid detection by local authorities who denied him permission to visit.Gandhi, the scion to the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty that ruled India through its Congress Party for decades, almost reached the epicentre of farmer riots that have roiled the area in recent days, but was stopped and held by police.“Rahul Gandhi has been bailed out of the jail,” Manoj Kumar Singh, the police chief in the bordering Neemuch district, told AFP.Thousands of farmers in the state governed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have for days been calling for loan waivers and a floor price for crops as economic and weather conditions pinch profits.The strikes turned violent Tuesday and five farmers were killed by police gunfire.Gandhi—forced to shout to reporters as police led him away—blamed Modi for the farmers’ deaths.Madhya Pradesh is one of several largely agricultural Indian states that have suffered disappointing rains and crop failures in recent years.More than 1,600 farmers killed themselves in Madhya Pradesh in 2016, official figures show.India has nearly 260 million farmers and farm labourers, and agriculture accounts for 17 percent of the gross domestic product.last_img read more

first_imgKolkata: State minister for Technical Education, Training & Skill Development Purnendu Basu urged handloom societies across the state to join hands and create massive awareness of its products and compete with the power loom products.”The products that you are producing are limited to a closed society. You need to come up with a strategy to create an open society for handloom products. You have to go for advertisements or showcase your products. You can take slots in radios and explore other means to reach more consumers,” Basu said at a programme organised by the Weavers’ Service Centre to mark the occasion of World Handloom Day. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeHe emphasised that the same is true for jute products which is also seen as a more fashionable product but whose utilization is much below potential. Stressing on the need to create a powerful society for popularization of handloom and jute products Basu said: “The government alone cannot spoon feed you to keep the traditional handlooms alive. The responsibility is upon you to create a form of movement and knock at the door of the governments both the Centre and the state so that they are compelled to give more importance to this sector,” he added. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedHe regretted that the businessmen associated with the sale of handloom products are focusing more on products of other states for their own petty interests. “If we can ensure selling of only those products that are manufactured by the people of our own state, we can give create a robust market for handloom products. Don’t join hands with the businessmen of Gujarat and keep more and more products produced by our own handloom weavers,” he maintained. Basu further urged the societies to have a proper market study regarding the sales of the handloom products and work towards diversification of products.”There should be a database of semi-skilled, skilled, highly-skilled and unskilled labourers associated with the production of handloom and jute products. Proper project plan for revival of the industry should be in place before you approach the government for assistance or beneficial schemes in this regard,” advised Basu.last_img read more

first_imgKolkata: A woman was allegedly sexually harassed by a person inside the premises of Burdwan Medical College. On hearing wife’s screams, her husband caught the accused.Sources informed that the husband of the victim is a staff of a tea stall inside the hospital. She often visits her husband. Sometimes she stays with him till the morning. Both of them used to sleep on the balcony outside the outdoor section. On Monday night, both of them were sleeping at the same place. All of a sudden, an ambulance driver identified as Rathin Bairagya, alias Bhola, started harassing her. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeWhen she screamed, Bairagya tried to flee. But her husband woke up and manage to catch Bairagya. Some relatives of the patients admitted to the hospital also came forward to help. Bairagya later was handed over to police at the outpost inside the hospital. The victim woman’s husband alleged that Bairagya has harassed his wife more on more than one ocassions in the recent past. As he threatened them with dire consequences, the victim woman and her family did not lodge a complaint against Bairagya. He has been arrested and a case has been initiated against the accused ambulance driver.last_img read more

first_imgKolkata: Around 15 miscreants allegedly ransacked a shop near Sodepur Traffic crossing under Khardah police station area after an altercation broke out over buying ‘tandoori roti’. When the miscreants tried to flee the area, locals were able to detain three of them. They were later handed over to the police.According to the locals, two persons came to the shop riding a scooter. They asked the staff for ‘tandoori roti’. When the staff of the shop identified as Rajen Yadav told them to wait, they started hurling expletives. Though yadav heard it, he avoided and started preparing the rotis. But the duo kept on hurling expletives at him. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeWhen Yadav protested they allegedly caught him by his collar and slapped him. On seeing their co-worker getting harassed other staff of the shop protested. The owner of the shop, Kamal Das asked them to behave. The duo left the place for the time being. However, they came back with around 14-15 people armed with sticks and bamboos. They entered the shop and started beating up the staff. When Das tried to resist, he was allegedly hit on his head using a firearm’s butt. Hearing screams, other shop owners and pedestrians ran inside the shop. The miscreants tried to flee leaving their scooters. But locals managed to get hold of three persons while the others managed to flee. They were handed over to Khardah police station and were arrested later.last_img read more

first_imgConsuming protein rich foods such as nuts, eggs, seeds, beans, poultry, yogurt, cheese and even chocolates may foster a more tolerant and less inflammatory gut environment, which could mean relief for people living with abdominal pain and diarrhoea of inflammatory bowel disease, a study has said.These food items contain an appreciable amounts of tryptophan – an amino acid used in the buildup of proteins – which when fed on mice led to the development of immune cells that foster a tolerant gut, the study said. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe findings indicated that a protein rich diet triggers the appearance of immune cells in Lactobacillus reuteri (L. reuteri) – a bacterium that normally lives in the gut, and together these promote a more tolerant, less inflammatory gut immune system.”We established a link between one bacterial species – Lactobacillus reuteri – that is a normal part of the gut microbiome, and development of a population of cells that promote tolerance,” said Marco Colonna, the Robert Rock Belliveau, Professor at the Washington University School of Medicine in St.Louis. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive”The more tryptophan the mice had in their diet, the more of these immune cells they had,” Belliveau added.For the study, published in the journal Science, the team examined mice that had lived under sterile conditions since birth and was germ-free.When L. reuteri was introduced to these mice, the immune cells arose. Further, when tryptophan was doubled in the mice’s feed, the number of such cells rose by about 50 per cent.Humans have the same tolerance-promoting cells as mice, and have L. reuteri in the gastrointestinal tracts.”The development of these cells is probably something we want to encourage since these cells control inflammation on the inner surface of the intestines,” explained Luisa Cervantes-Barragan, Postdoctoral researcher from the varsity. “High levels of tryptophan in the presence of L. reuteri may induce expansion of this population,” Cervantes-Barragan said.ianslast_img read more