The webmaster should also respond to the go out strategy

in recent years, the country has been calling the enterprise out of the door, but also a large number of enterprises have gone out, such as HUAWEI, such as Haier. In the light of the current situation, individuals feel that we should respond to the "going out" strategy of our country. Now the domestic circle has been killed in a foreign environment utterly routed, is not good, it is also a blue ocean compared to us. And sit still here, let’s take a fight, adhere to the strategy of going out. read more

do Nanning decoration experience and profit way

before I did the Nanning decoration network (, I did other military websites, but none of them. Later I returned to the site to do the decoration, because the decoration industry is a hot industry, decoration company, competition, they need to expand their advertising effects, including advertising on the network. I think I have the advantage of doing this kind of website. First, I come from the hometown of Chinese decoration, Jiangxi and Wuning. The decoration company in this county has almost penetrated into any city of China, and many people go abroad. Two, I have done before the decoration company’s Web site, the demand for their relatively understanding, and three, I know more about Nanning decoration market. read more