Optimization of Shanghai dragon to keep the mentality and the process optimization of Shanghai Drago

. Write articles to avoid timing quantitative write do not write, the spider is very bad luck.

3, traffic monitoring. A good search engine optimization personnel, traffic monitoring about close attention. The optimization of the site are intended to drainage, and how to check how much traffic, it will flow through the implementation of the monitoring. For online traffic monitoring has many things, there are online, there are also software download, monitoring the flow of these things change is our search engine optimization direction location, that is to say, all the search engine optimization direction is on the basis of the traffic monitoring foundation. read more

Seduce love Shanghai love Shanghai spiders improving snapshot update

after 10 days of operation, you guess, our website can love Shanghai snapshot update

as everyone knows, improve love Shanghai snapshot update time, its essence is to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai come to our website, and make it relevant content to crawl the site, said here is to attract, I would be more appropriate to seduce spiders, what makes you let the spider to your site, you are not two rich generation no Jeremy Lin, no need to hold your right thigh, love Shanghai spider is a network of media, you want it to pay attention to your interview you reported to you, then you have to have material, had something, let the spider fall for you, as you increase your evaluation. There is a word called: X is a dog, who walk with who love lick, Shanghai is like this, down I will talk about how I love Shanghai seduce spider. read more

New sites on the NetEase website alliance and Taobao alliance’s point of viewJinshan 07 years Octobe

it can be said, as long as your site is normal, no violation of the terms of the alliance of what is generally not what domain name can, basically registration time limit and site traffic restrictions, because my station was on the line for a month, of course, the flow is not very high, so also can through, so if you apply for the two union basically no difficulty what.

"Taobao alliance" is based on "Taobao" based online advertising advertisers and advertisers. "Taobao" promotion is the core, Taobao union advertising and advertising promotion, in addition, window display, package advertising, advertising click billing and channel / promotion activities in various forms, there are a lot of Taobao alliance forms of advertising, it is also very simple to use, of course, I personally think that Taobao is a new station is difficult to make money, of course, some individual Taobao customer Master is not the same, some time to see the forum above others when hundreds of thousands of Taobao alliance income, I was far behind some ah, Taobao alliance allows advertisers to introduced more traffic and increase the shop and commodity exposure and let it become possible with read more

From the unknown to the public to see mother tough hot babe network evolution

capital smell is always the most sensitive, and those competitive emerging industries is the best place for capital, such as mother and baby electricity supplier. With the advent of 80, 90 new mom daddy, maternal electricity supplier industry usher in a hitherto unknown vitality. In the spring equinox, babe network, freaky help, honey bud baby etc. the maternal electricity supplier for sustainable financing and low price strategy will be the capital running gradually to a bloody climax.

Who can think of read more

A network game and his 701 continued

mentioned in the above, why choose 701.cn this meter, the reason is actually very simple, it is the same as 163, only 3 bytes, good remember. I don’t want to be found because my domain name is hard to remember.

a good domain name can only make him rich by his website.

accidentally discovered that so many people had read novels in the Internet, it can be used to describe the surging river, in an unbroken line.

to think of one thing that happened in the past, colleagues rescued in the deep zone of the swimming pool because a woman foot cramps drowning, when he wondered how lifeguards are not out of the rescue, found the lifeguard hides in the corner to be absorbed in the Internet using a mobile phone to read the novel, even some people don’t know the water drowning. read more

Classified information network makes money difficult innovation, profit model is the key

classified information network operating environment now seems to have become quite dangerous, a few years ago, 58 city and Ganji is no two of glory, even in the TV media have made ad, also please the big star. This let many webmaster friends see a classified information network can bring profits, mining classification information network was also deeply, from the big city gradually developed into a small city, but also start to break through the way of profit.


subdivision mode of operation, coupled with the classified information network and other types of Web site has certain conflict, which gradually led to the classification of information network competition, so when the classified information network in the innovation of their profit model, also need to pay attention to the competition method, so as to make yourself stand an invincible position. read more

80 after the webmaster Road, from ignorance to familiarity

Speechless night, suddenly feeling, go on the road carefully think of their own webmaster experience, have some feelings, write down the keyboard, is to share experience and everybody.

in Xinjiang for 97 years when access to the Internet, or dial-up, the speed is slow, the Internet was 4 yuan an hour, playing the most is the QQ, UC and the web version of the Arena games like little, landing a large portal stand what what.

started when the webmaster, or in 07 years, and then very fond of basketball, made a basketball site, but I can’t programming, two not software, three will not flow. Start Baidu search. Then start buying domain names, then buy space and domain names. Space is expensive, search out the IDC quotient of space prices are 100M on more than 200, and I think that the space market should be like this, and do not understand independent IP, independent server or something. The time to buy a space or a program to sell me, understanding of the network, especially when you are cabbage, pure rookie, do not know what the open source CMS, people with a source PowerEasy procedures, I sold at a price of 50 yuan, and then sell my space to 100M/150 yuan the price…… So on the webmaster Road, plus many webmaster Q Qqun, gathering area. read more

As a personal stationmaster, have you found your spring

08 winter is over, which belongs to the 09 year of the ox in the spring has come, but belong to you (personal webmaster) spring has really come? Or you find you spring? For individual webmaster, no eternal winter nor eternal sunshine, at any time there may be your spring, even outside the already snow


chatted in a group today and was shocked by the content of a netizen. "I didn’t save it, but I don’t need to brag here.". First made a screenshot of the website traffic, IP is more than 260 thousand, the specific remember not too clear, and then made a few ad exchange shots, I looked about seven thousand or eight thousand private chat! She see her website did not feel what is special, ordinary information portal sites she said, her highest income is a day for more than 10000 month, but also so a few days, there are several customer service, recruited two editors! Except a few of them pay what is the server and the daily rent utilities expense! She January how much money you see will know, and although those private big boss far worse than up, but for a computer for personal Adsense house people, has been very good read more