7 tips for increasing GG income

1, advertising a little more

if the layout allows you to put a few more ads, so that users contact more advertising, natural clicks will be more.

2, rich in content, a little

if the content is not rich enough to match the ads will not be more, and even advertising units can not be fully displayed, natural clicks will be less.

3, I think this is not right on the left [can be]

users are often used to clicking on the ads on the right, placing content and links on the left of the site, which is more beneficial for users to click ads. read more

Horse Grassland from the weight of the site to talk about the search engine included

An article "

the horse prairie: after earning 500 yuan of feasibility analysis" spent more than one hour written in the morning, were published in the "read the world step by step – horse prairie forum" and "webmaster nets", "portal website and forum" and "China station". Site: in the evening: Malaysia grasslands: a day to earn $500 in non feasibility analysis. Presents different results on Baidu and Google.

, Baidu can search the search results, only China’s Webmaster Station published two results show. May be due to Baidu’s collection algorithm is more and more strict, and to new station requirements higher. Other sites do not show any signs of collection and display. China Adsense station of the PR value is 6, the weight is higher, included faster, this is natural thing. The author’s personal forum, the PR value of 3, relatively low, there is no update, included shows that it is normal. But the gateway through the web site and webmaster net PR value is 6, but also did not show in time. Therefore, strict requirements on the station in China received and remarkable in website weight of webmaster. read more

n winter, the money making station or a lot of money

it’s cold today, seems to be 6 degrees below zero or so, although the ordinary every day and dealing with the computer but no attention to weather these pieces of information used, if a "busy" word to explain these words may be really far fetched, today is the winter that let me feel the cold one day, as this is the first time I entered the Internet through the winter of the year, although this is not the first winter on the Internet but for me personally, should be the first to experience the winter chill, because myself in the so-called winter, whether today is Ma Yunfa let mail you ready for more, tomorrow is a well-known editor detained the day after tomorrow is the Internet Co fall down… The sky seemed really… Dark, everywhere shouting layoffs, Even in the eyes of the Internet empire " Google " also layoffs. read more

Farmer Adsense growth record genesis January 3rd

genesis January 3rd

Hello! I think we are not tired, also the beginning of each greeting, talk together, but I want to tell you, I was a polite farmer, so I want to say hello. GJJ, it’s polite:) feel sick!


not sick, everyone, I now have domain name, virtual space yesterday also chose good, today will go to see the space. It is said that there are a lot of free space on the Internet, but I am a farmer, a simple farmer, I know a word, a penny, a sub goods. So I’m not going to use it for free or decide to buy a room for a fee. read more

How to improve the quality of members posting and prevent malicious irrigation members

first statement: This is not my original, this article is on the basis of the editing and make some modifications and improvement (because some of the views and my views contrary), may also be known as pseudo original, I don’t want to hide what.

a good system can turn the devil into an angel. A bad system can turn an angel into a devil. Members have two sides, good or bad to, need to guide, a good rule can make the forum quickly improve the quality, and reduce the malicious, and vice versa. read more

Classified information network makes money difficult innovation, profit model is the key

classified information network operating environment now seems to have become quite dangerous, a few years ago, 58 city and Ganji is no two of glory, even in the TV media have made ad, also please the big star. This let many webmaster friends see a classified information network can bring profits, mining classification information network was also deeply, from the big city gradually developed into a small city, but also start to break through the way of profit.


subdivision mode of operation, coupled with the classified information network and other types of Web site has certain conflict, which gradually led to the classification of information network competition, so when the classified information network in the innovation of their profit model, also need to pay attention to the competition method, so as to make yourself stand an invincible position. read more

From the point of view from the WeChat product manager how to make the product stick to the user

Hello, I am happy, after the lapse of unloading from half a month, and re filled back this time, I found that is different from the beginning of the attack from the front, from the internal Ali, Ali to extend to the outside, a man pulled one hundred people stood outside friends as a benchmark beyond the WeChat in the next period of time. Ali’s new boss Lu Zhaoxi claiming to be the director, Ma is director of old, old director said in the internal Ali internal staff must use and from external (non Ali employees) the number of friends must be greater than 100, otherwise there is no red (year-end bonus). This Ali Xiao louluo are anxious, start crazy foreign people, so there is the East, West, large, similar to the title of the eunuch. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Did Ma Yun do it, read more

Determine whether personal webmaster success or not, the most important thing is your personality

my first website, and most webmaster, is to apply for a free space, just learned by then wait "production of knowledge, a lot of editing effects, the so-called personal home a total of only four or five pages, then I feel very good, as if from that moment is their own identity on the Internet, there are the status of the people, always can’t wait to see an acquaintance asked the other down their own…… Of course, it’s funny to think about it now.

The so-called

second sites, but also the use of free space to do that, I sold a CD Windows 98 in Taobao, a total cost of 3 dollars, but sold 120 pieces, secretly laughing. Under the stimulus money, so ready to play a game with Dreamweaver, create multiple selling teaching CD ", uploaded to the application of free space station, called" knowledge store ", a total of only four pages, but back and forth to beautify the update twenty times, and do the homepage of Microsoft almost, I put them in my computer, as a souvenir! What? On the four page of your black people how much money? To be honest, this is a failure, didn’t get. Taobao’s business has been ruined for this, too, read more

How to avoid the accumulation of useless content when the website is updated

website content update occupy an important position in the SEO optimization, search engine optimization love included in the original text, for those pictures and copy a copy of the article, the spider is generally not grab, the weight high website, may be able to get the favour of search engine, included effect can be better. In general, the content of the website updates, or the original is most likely to win the favor of search engines, especially regular updates, the effect is more significant. SEO needs a strong execution, the content update is also a continuous process, the webmaster, is not a small test, to ensure every day of the original content of the update, also need to avoid useless content accumulation, only in this way, to ensure high quality content updates. read more

Do garbage station, still live well, a garbage master’s confession

woke up in the morning and had no time to get dressed, so he opened the computer hurriedly and kept on site…. Because yesterday was Thursday, Baidu updated the day. Fortunately, their own few stations are still leisurely and carefree, in the arms of Baidu’s eldest brother slept soundly. Although I stand in the eyes of others, perhaps just garbage representatives, may be some people do not worth mentioning, because in their eyes. The station was born in which moment is destined to be no future, because he is not the so-called industry station, no service and profitable even can bring benefits to users of things, which only rely on the alliance to bring their own benefits. No matter whether it’s garbage or not, in my eyes, as long as I can make money, I don’t waste it. read more