first_imgThat elusive job or internship is almost yours. You just got off the phone after nailing the phone interview. You have a follow-up, in-person interview scheduled for next week.Your confidence is sky high. You’re going to get hired!Not so fast! The phone interview was with a fellow Gen Y. It was a friendly, relatively light conversation as the two of you had great chemistry and a lot in common.Next week’s interview is going to be different. It’s with an old school hiring manager. A veteran. A Baby Boomer. (Add dramatic music, here).The mere thought significantly diminishes your hopes. Why?Many of these hiring managers are more experienced people… often Boomers. Interviews with older recruiters are often much tougher. And the hiring manager’s job is to hire the best person for the job, period.Follow our top 5 tips, and you’ll interview prepared and with confidence – ready to impress the toughest recruiters.1.This is a Competition… Compete!No hiring situation pits you against the recruiter. Instead, it’s you against the other candidates – the competition.Too many opportunities are lost simply because we don’t understand that the recruiter wants us to succeed. In their eyes, it is our job to lose when we walk in the door – or you wouldn’t have gotten the face-to-face interview.Knowing you’re there to compete is the first step. Get psyched up, smile like you’ve already won, and perform like the job is already yours. In almost any arena – athletics, personal, and career – good things happen when at that moment you expect to win.2. Know your Competition, by GenerationYou can’t compete well if you don’t know the competition – at least in general terms.  In this economy, you’re not just competing against fellow graduates or current students; you are also competing against unemployed and underemployed Gen Y and Gen X. You can also count on Boomers re-entering the workforce being in the interview chair. Each candidate will bring certain qualifications – and stereotypes – with them.3. Be Prepared to Offer Testimony for YouPracticing in the mirror is great. But what are you practicing? What is your game plan?Define what sets you apart. Perhaps it is your online influence? The internships you’ve completed? Maybe your passion and enthusiasm? It could be your ability to serve as the voice of the iPhone generation while expanding the company’s customer base.Now, be prepared to sell it. By selling “You, Inc.” for the next 45 minutes, you’re in the best position to compete – and win.4. First Impressions CountThe phone interview could have been done in your boxers. In person, your appearance counts. It’s a cliché, but especially with a Boomer recruiter you must dress for success.For a manual or casual labor position, think Dockers and a nicely ironed button-down dress shirt. Dress shoes are mandatory for any interview (as are dark socks). And for the sake of your future employment, leave the Chucks and tongue hardware at home.For any job involving a higher degree of responsibility, wear a suit and tie. Women, wear a professional length skirt and top. With responsibility and opportunity come certain expectations of maturity and self-respect.5. Impress by Going Above and BeyondBack when the recruiter was entering the workforce, they may have read the company’s annual report before the interview. However, most of the organizations hiring now – start-ups, change-oriented non-profits, and companies run by passionate entrepreneurs – have never prepared an annual report.Today, your first step is to review a company’s online presence: website, social media, and online reputation. Second, determine if there’s a “fit” between you and the employer – and how your skill set, experience and passion will best help that company. Finally, establish how best to articulate your unique “value proposition” by:Creating a bullet-point marketing plan specific to that company?Constructing an analysis of that organization’s top competitors?Building a social media summary incorporating your current followers, contacts and influence?And now, the one piece of advice that puts you in the proverbial driver’s seat…With your value proposition in hand, introduce this unsolicited (and unexpected) contribution to the recruiter with these words: “I’ve taken the liberty to…” As in: “I’ve taken the liberty to perform an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your competition…”By utilizing this one piece of advice, you’ll show confidence, passion, and a precedent for exceeding expectations. In one sentence, you’ll leap ahead of your competition – regardless of birth generation. – Originally posted on YouTern by Mark Babbittlast_img read more

first_imgnews World Cup 2018: what is a Fan ID and do I need one to watch games in Russia? Read more Roberto Martínez Belgium Chelsea Eden Hazard Share on WhatsApp Share on Messenger Share via Email Share on LinkedIn Eden Hazard has said he will not think about signing a contract extension with Chelsea until the World Cup has finished.Hazard, who is contracted until 2020, indicated that he did not expect a swift resolution over his future when asked about it before Belgium’s friendly against Saudi Arabia on Tuesday night.Chelsea have no intention of losing the forward but there have been suggestions that he wants to see whether Real Madrid will prioritise his signing this summer. He may also want clarity on whether Chelsea have qualified for the Champions League.“Look, I’m going to finish the season first, then play the World Cup and then I’ll leave on holiday,” Hazard said. “We’ll see what happens next. I haven’t thought about it yet; I have another two years’ contract with Chelsea. I am very happy. I just think about the end of the season and the World Cup.” Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter Topics Saudi Arabia Chelsea have made an underwhelming defence of their Premier League title and Hazard did not hide his frustration when Antonio Conte used him as a false No 9 in the meek defeat by Manchester City this month. But he answered diplomatically when asked on Monday where he preferred to play. “I just want to be on the pitch,” Hazard said. “No 9 or No 10. I can play left-back if the manager wants me to, no problem.”Hazard was bullish when his thoughts turned to Belgium’s prospects in Russia. “Four years ago it was the first World Cup for most of the players. Now we have experience. We know what to do to be ready. We have one target, which is to reach the final.”Belgium are England’s final opponents in Group G but their talented group of players have still not fulfilled their potential in a major tournament. They were disappointing at the last World Cup and at Euro 2016, exiting both in the last eight.“We are preparing for a World Cup,” Roberto Martínez, Belgium’s coach, said. “World Cups don’t respect generations. They respect talent. We don’t look any further than working very hard and finding the best combination. We are a team that have the mentality to want to be as good as we can.”Martínez, the former Everton and Wigan Athletic manager, said Tuesday night’s game would help his team develop greater cohesion. “I don’t think tomorrow is about making a statement,” the Spaniard said. “We are not working now to make statements. Making statements in March is a bit of a risk. We are looking to see what player can be useful to the team.“In terms of positions we are clear on what the squad needs. To play seven games you have to prepare for that, so the balance of the squad is clear. There are some who can play different positions so that may affect it a little bit. They have an advantage but they need to end the season well.”Martínez has been criticised in Belgium for using Atlético Madrid’s Yannick Carrasco at left wing-back. He suggested that he might stiffen his team’s defensive resolve by using Tottenham’s Jan Vertonghen in that role instead of Carrasco against Saudi Arabia. “He did that very well with Spurs against Real Madrid at the Bernabéu. He is a versatile player.”Martinez anticipates a difficult test against Saudi Arabia, who drew 1-1 with Ukraine last Friday. They are managed by Antonio Pizzi, who led Chile to Copa América glory in 2016, and face Russia in the World Cup’s opening game. “I have been very impressed with Saudi Arabia,” Martínez said.“Antonio Pizzi knows exactly what he wants. He made Chile champions of a very difficult competition and this is a dynamic group of players. They are not going to sit back. They will push us really hard and try to win the ball.” Share on Facebook Reuse this contentlast_img read more

first_imgOhio State's players walking onto the field.COLUMBUS, OH – NOVEMBER 03: A general view as the Ohio State Buckeyes enters the field before the game against the Wisconsin Badgers on November 3, 2007 at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State defeated Wisconsin 38-17. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)Note to graduate assistants everywhere – most of you cannot stop a collegiate running back who is running at full speed. In the below video, posted by OSU assistant Corey Dennis, graduate assistant Brian Mason, who is standing on the sideline, gets absolutely trucked by a Buckeyes running back during practice. He does his best to brace himself beforehand, but it doesn’t really seem to matter.It looks like the staff is having some fun with the clip. Enjoy:The @S1LVERBULLETS might need to find a new coach… @Mason_BM— Corey Dennis (@Coreydennis_) December 16, 2015OMG….— Mark Pantoni (@markpantoni) December 16, 2015last_img read more

first_imgzoom The judgement of the Spanish Supreme Court made in January 2016 in the Prestige oil spill case has raised fundamental questions as to whether it was reached in a fair trial, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) said.The Supreme Court’s judgement was reached after just one day, without hearing any new evidence and in the absence of the tanker’s captain Apostolos Ioannis Mangouras, ICS said. At the same time, the Supreme Court confirmed the acquittal of the Spanish civil servant.“The Supreme Court’s decision was extremely surprising in that it overturned a lower court’s acquittal of the Master, in his absence, and without hearing any new evidence as to his knowledge about the condition of the ship. This raises fundamental questions as to whether it was a fair trial,” ICS statement said.ICS said that it fears that that the entire system of efficient compensation for oil spills could be put in serious jeopardy because of unsound decisions being made by national courts.“This judgement overturned that of a lower Spanish Court, in La Coruña in 2013, instead finding the Master criminally liable for damages to the environment and sentencing him to two years’ imprisonment (albeit likely to be suspended),” ICS said.The captain, the British insurer and the owner of the Prestige tanker that sank in 2002 off Galicia, Spain, were found guilty for one of Europe’s worst environmental disasters, the Spanish Supreme Court earlier said.The court sentenced the tanker’s captain to two years in prison, while Mare Shipping, the owner of the 81,000-dwt tanker, the mutual insurance company The London P&I Club, and the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC Funds) were also found liable for the disaster.The 1976-built tanker sank on November 13, 2002, as it suffered a fracture in its starboard side due to rough seas while it was sailing some 27.5 miles west of Finisterre, Spain.Some 63,000 tons of fuel were discharged into the sea following the accident, while the total damage cost of the oil spill was estimated at USD 4.4 billion.last_img read more

first_imgRegressiveness was on display when the Zomato incident occurred in the town of Jabalpur when a man cancelled his food order on the food delivery app upon learning that the delivery executive assigned for his order was a Muslim. Jabalpur police took cognisance of the matter and will be serving the man with a notice to sign a bond for keeping the peace. Jabalpur police SP was of the opinion that the man’s tweet was against the spirit of the Constitution and had the potential to whip up passions in a communally sensitive town like Jabalpur. Adding to the SP’s words, not only is breeding such a thought grossly regressive in the contemporary world but the fact that this may spread and influence others who may have an iota of such feeling but do not let it take over because of the inherent secularism that this country preaches. A conducive environment is the biggest threat to society when such communal hiccups arise. Putting the matter to dust, Zomato was sharp in tweeting how “Food doesn’t have a religion..It is a religion”. In fact, Zomato’s CEO tweeted that “We are proud of the idea of India and the diversity of our esteemed customers and partners…we aren’t sorry to lose any business that comes in the way of our values”. Zomato and its CEO, indeed, won hearts over the internet while the man may have been at the receiving end of massive criticism for his show of communal lines. In his defence, the man had stated that he does not discriminate on communal lines when it comes to anything else but maintained that food is a different matter–asserting it to be “an intimate and personal matter”. He also cited the freedom of religion, religious expression and the right to practice his choice but all those were never in contention. His view of Zomato was that his feedback was taken for a ride by the company which had given it a religious spin. The man held that his reservations about a rider were only for the month of Sawan because he believes one should eat pure and clean food and that he will pursue a legal angle once the police serve him notice. While the man has every right to take legal counsel and respond, it cannot be ignored that his actions were not a signatory of a very secular society. It has to be noted that religious harmony can be disrupted even by slightest of bigotry and in this regard, the police were only trying to ensure that everything is under control. Had the man charged with serious implications, the scenario would be different and the man’s stance on his rights would have been called into action. What Zomato and Police did here was iron out the matter before anyone’s sentiments are hurt. It remained a matter between Zomato and the individual but these are thoughts that we are discussing and if these reach people, there lie apprehensions of a bigger communal backlash. While the individual is free to practice whatever religion he preaches and abide by its teachings, he simply cannot project bigotry, even in the form of feedback, for no religion is superior or inferior in eyes of our Constitution. All the ruckus was about the individual and Zomato but what about the delivery executive? It would not be the most secular moment in his life when he learns that religion was the reason for the cancellation of order/change of rider in the first place. This rejection of him is prejudice contrary to what the individual may believe, and it is intolerable.last_img read more

first_imgVANCOUVER, B.C. – Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the economy has become such a mess under the Liberals that it would take a Conservative government five years to clean it up.He accused the Liberal government of embarking on a “deficit spree” and spending $79.5 billion of previously unbudgeted funds since 2017, adding balancing the budget in the short-term is “impossible.”Scheer says even the most optimistic projections don’t have the Liberals doing so for 20 more years _ but the Conservatives would do so in a quarter of that time. “The longer a return to balance is delayed, the more debt will accumulate and the longer Canadians will see billions wasted on interest payments.” He made the remarks in a speech to members of the Canadian Club at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, where he also said he was pleased with a court ruling today that blocked British Columbia from restricting oil shipments into the province.The B.C. Court of Appeal ruled that the province doesn’t have the authority to create a permitting regime for companies that wish to increase their flow of diluted bitumen, in a ruling widely considered a win for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and Alberta’s efforts to get its resources to overseas markets.But while he called it a “helpful” ruling, Scheer added that a climate of uncertainty remains for investors in the resource sector and called on the Liberal government to put the brakes on a bill to enact new environmental assessment legislation and fast-track any judicial reviews to the Supreme Court of Canada.“Obviously the Conservative party is pleased with this decision. However there still is a great deal of uncertainty as it relates to future court processes,” he said.The Canadian Taxpayers Federation accused Scheer of breaking his word on his previous budget promise, saying in a statement that he signed a pledge in April 2017 with the federation’s youth organization promising to balance the budget within two years if he were elected.“Canadians are already suffering the consequences of breaking a balanced budget promise: Justin Trudeau’s fiscal recklessness will mean at least $100 billion in additional debt piled on the backs of our children and grandchildren,” the statement says.last_img read more

first_imgNew Delhi: BJP President Amit Shah on Wednesday addressed Delhiites in a rally at Vasant Kunj, launching scathing attacks at the opposition and coming out with praises for Narendra Modi in the same breath. The party supremo claimed that Modi had spent Rs 1 lakh crore on Delhi in the last five years and that whatever has been left wanting is only because of Delhi government’s constant need to put the BJP down.Picking on the all so familiar party lines of praising “development works” undertaken during Modi’s regime as Prime Minister, Shah said that the BJP government has worked for electrification, Delhi Jal Board, and the Poorvanchali population without asking for credit. Also Read – Odd-Even: CM seeks transport dept’s views on exemption to women, two wheelers, CNG vehiclesHe said, “The BJP government under Modi has built 200 Chatt Ghats in Delhi for our Poorvanchali brothers and sisters.” Shah went on to say that works on several expressways, including the Delhi-Meerut Highway and Delhi-Mumbai highway, has only been possible because of the strong leadership that Modi provided. Making tall claims, Shah credited Modi for bringing women’s reservation in Delhi Police, spending Rs 11,800 crore on Delhi Metro works, and even spending Rs 200 crore for upgrading GTB Hospital. “What our government has done for Delhi in the last five years, the Congress could not achieve in 55 years,” Shah said. Also Read – More good air days in Delhi due to Centre’s steps: JavadekarThe saffron party’s head also lambasted AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal for trying to ally with Congress in the Capital city. He said that Kejriwal had made serious allegations about corruption in the Sheila Dikshit government and then tried to ally with her party. “I want to ask Kejriwal how many cases he has pursued against Dikshit and members of her government,” Shah said. Moreover, Shah went to cite a report from an unnamed NGO, that claimed that AAP has managed to fulfill only three of their 70 promises made in 2015. Meanwhile, Rajnath Singh addressed another rally in Shastri Park, in an attempt to rally support for the BJP and Modi. He claimed that the Central government under Modi’s leadership has improved the economic condition of more than 7 crore families. In addition, the party candidates went about their schedule appealing for the masses to vote for them if they wanted Modi’s strong leadership to lead the nation.last_img read more

4 June 2010The Republic of Korea today formally requested the Security Council to take up the matter of the sinking of one of its naval ships, alleged by the country to have been carried out by neighbouring Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DRPK). Late last month Seoul released the findings of an international report which said that its vessel Cheonan was hit by a DPRK torpedo in late March, claiming the lives of 46 of its soldiers.Park In-Kook, the Republic of Korea’s Ambassador to the UN, said today that he presented a letter to Ambassador Claude Heller of Mexico, which holds the Council’s rotating presidency for June, requesting the 15-member body to consider the matter. “I requested the Security Council to respond in a manner appropriate to the gravity of this situation,” Mr. Park told reporters at UN Headquarters.Mr. Heller said that he will initiate consultations among the Council’s members before responding to the request.“We will circulate this letter to all members so that the Security Council could duly consider this matter and respond in an appropriate manner to this request,” he stated. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said last week at his monthly press conference that the evidence laid out in the report “is overwhelming and deeply troubling,” adding his voice to the chorus of international leaders condemning the incident.“I am confident that the Council, in fulfilling its responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, will take measures appropriate to the gravity of the situation,” he stated. The matter also came up during discussions held yesterday in New York between the Secretary-General and Vice Foreign Minister Chun Young-woo of the Republic of Korea, who briefed Mr. Ban on his meeting with Mr. Heller regarding the Cheonan incident.In a speech to the Korea Society in New York on Wednesday evening, Mr. Ban noted that the Cheonan incident is a “stark reminder” of the urgency of securing durable peace and stability in the region.“I am confident that the international community and the Security Council will heed the call for a united stand for the sake of peace,” he said. read more

by Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press Posted Oct 5, 2012 6:16 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Want to fight corruption? Let Europeans bid on our public works: Quebec government MONTREAL – The Quebec government is enthusiastically endorsing the idea of opening up public-works contracts to European companies in the wake of corruption scandals in its construction industry.The province’s international-relations minister said opening the door to foreign competition could help solve Quebec’s problem.There had been speculation about whether the newly elected Parti Quebecois government would support or fight efforts at a Canadian free-trade deal with the European Union. It was energetically touting Friday some of the benefits of a possible agreement.“If we want to extract the cancer that is collusion and corruption — is more light and more competition part of the answer? You bet it is,” Jean-Francois Lisee said in Montreal, following an information session on Canada-EU negotiations.“Of course, more competition and more players in a small market can only help in giving us more bang for our buck, and so, that’s good news.”Lisee’s comments come as Quebec holds an explosive inquiry into corruption and collusion in its construction industry.He noted that Quebec spends about $5 billion per year on infrastructure projects of which, according to inquiry testimony, between 15 and 30 per cent has been funnelled to criminal organizations or gobbled up through rigged bids and kickbacks.The proposed Canada-EU agreement, which Ottawa hopes to sign by the end of the year, is due to give European companies more opportunities to bid on certain public contracts here.In return, Quebec companies are expected to benefit by offering their goods to Europe’s enticing market of 500 million consumers at reduced prices of between seven and 16 per cent, Lisee said.But the new PQ government has indicated that there are grey areas in the negotiation that need to be clarified before the province signs on, such as its concerns about energy and cultural policy along with some other economic sectors.“A free-trade accord, evidently, contains positive points and less-positive points,” Finance Minister Nicolas Marceau said Friday, following the session.“We have the belief, the conviction, that there’s a way to reach a deal that will be advantageous for Quebec.”The government has also been critical of the lack of transparency in the negotiations and says people deserve to know more about what might be in the deal — which is why it organized Friday’s conference.Around 100 industry, union and civil-society groups attended the session to learn more, and voice their concerns, about the ongoing trade talks.Quebec’s chief negotiator for the EU deal told the room that many sectors will be excluded from the accord, including health care, education, social security, public transit, daycare and aboriginal affairs.Former PQ premier Pierre Marc Johnson said Canada’s fresh water will be protected, and municipalities will not be forced to privatize water distribution.Johnson also told the audience that boosting competition for public contracts here would help stamp out corruption.“Competition’s not a bad idea; it prevents collusion,” he said before noting how attractive Canadian procurement opportunities are for Europe.“It’s certainly a market that interests numerous European companies.”Doubts about the trade deal’s corruption-limiting potential were also raised during the conference, most of which was closed to journalists.The co-leader of the province’s fourth party, the left-wing Quebec solidaire, warned that adding more companies to the bidding mix wouldn’t necessarily eliminate corruption.Amir Khadir cautioned that illegal activities have also been blamed on multinational firms, which are often more difficult to bust than small, local entrepreneurs.“So, it’s wrong to think that this accord is a tool to fight corruption,” Khadir told reporters after the event.“The tools against corruption are the ethical rules that we apply, the rules that eliminate conflicts of interest.”An expert in international trade said European companies already have access to some public contracts in Quebec and this deal would open the door even wider.“Yes, there’s an attraction,” Universite du Quebec a Montreal’s Christian Deblock said of the interest by European businesses in making bids here.But Deblock has concerns that, once signed, the deal could stumble at the start as municipalities learn the new rules for awarding their contracts.“It could eventually cause harm because there might be awarded contracts that could have to be cancelled,” said Deblock, who believes there’s a widespread lack of knowledge among municipalities about the proposed deal.“They’ll have to wake up and adjust quickly.” read more

In the world of Highland cattle she is regarded, one might say, as the reigning champion. The Queen has been proudly raising Highland cows at her Balmoral estate for 65 years – and has repeatedly won prizes across the country for the quality of her livestock.But this year, Her Majesty’s animals have been conspicuous by their absence, as none of them has appeared at any of this year’s Highland shows.And the reason why is that the Queen is afraid that her beloved herd might become infected by disease. The stockman responsible for the royal herd has revealed that the queen’s cows have been kept away from the shows amid health fears – as she feels the risks of mingling with other livestock is simply too great this year.Dochy Ormiston said: “We have not entered any shows this year. We are a closed herd and we are very frightened over its health status.”–– ADVERTISEMENT ––The Queen founded the Balmoral fold of Highland cattle in 1953 and is considered one of the country’s top Highland breeders, with more than 50 animals on the estate.Winning prizes with individual cows and bulls attracts prestige, prize money and can increase the value of an animal enormously. One of the most famous royal bulls, named Coirneal, won the overall champion at Oban’s annual Highland cattle show in 2016, and was later sold for 7,000 guineas.The Queen also claimed the top spot at the Royal Highland Show in 2014. She won £75. The monarch, who is patron of the Highland Cattle Society (HCS), has been a regular prize winner with her cattle. Former HCS president Angus MacKay said it was ‘a bit sad’ that the monarch’s cattle were missing from this year’s show. The Queen and Prince Philip with cattle at the Balmoral Estate He added: ‘I can understand why. She is extremely knowledgeable about the breed and about her own fold and how it developed. She would have certainly been involved in the decision not to show them.”Breeders can take advantage of the demand from overseas if they have a high health herd.”Mr Mackay, who lives at Achnagoul in Argyll, said Balmoral had exported regularly over many years – including to Germany, Austria and even Australia, decades back. The Queen and Prince Philip with cattle at the Balmoral EstateCredit:Getty Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “There will be offspring from bulls bred at Balmoral at this month’s national show in Germany. It is all about prestige and the Balmoral fold is going to have a premium,” added Mr MacKay, who has judged the breed internationally including in the USA, Finland, Denmark, Australia and the prestigious Royal Highland Show.”The way to maintain such a fold like Balmoral is to have a closed herd and if you show your animals they risk being exposed to animals of lesser health quality.”Mr MacKay, 69, an official HCS field officer with nearly 50 years’ experience of Highland cattle, added: ‘Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis [a respiratory disease] is especially a problem. Another problem with maintaining a high health herd is that after each show your animals have to be isolated from the main fold for three weeks, and then re-tested by a vet before being allowed to return to the herd.’ read more