Alibaba’s stake in Sina micro-blog analysis of motivation and Prospect

last weekend, the market began to rumors that Ali will stake in Sina, micro-blog. The well-known IT commentator said Ali Cheng Ling Feng will account for Sina micro-blog 15-20% shares, which is valued at 20-30 billion dollars. This rumor has not yet been confirmed (according to Cheng Lingfeng’s statement, both sides will certainly rumor), but I am willing to start with this rumor, to analyze the current plight of sina, micro-blog, as well as its possible way out.

first see if there is any basis for the rumor. Two months ago, I had a bet with my friend that Ali would take sina. Then I put this Duyue told the tiger sniffing founder Li Min, she advised me to write a piece of analysis because I won’t say so without any cause or reason and sound judgment is fantastic. In fact, it does not drink nonsense, to see a merger, both with and without such motivation. read more

Do two years experience of industry website clerk

has been working at an Internet company since he graduated in 07, and the name of the website is not mentioned in the company, which operates an industry portal. I have been with this company for over two years, and have been responsible for marketing and website maintenance in the past two years. As an industry portal, the operation of the market is particularly important, plainly, is how to make this platform profitable?.


website was launched in August of 03, showing a strong presence in the local industry portal. Because the client is a real estate developer, so in terms of advertising prices, the profit is still considerable. However, there has been a great difficulty in market operations, that is, business people did not adhere to more than three months. read more

How do SEOer make strategic adjustments to websites

a lot of new webmaster want to know how to adjust their initial site? What routine process can go? I want to say is the hands of every webmaster station is different, so the problems will be different, we only study data analysis hand inside, we can find out the problem of website. The author summarizes the website development experience for the webmaster, provides some website to make the strategic adjustment method, and shares with everybody.

first, check included, adjust website classification page. This is the most simple check included, through the query we will find what website pages included is a problem, the amount collected enough is not the weight of domain name or web content is relatively low? There is a problem, a large number of web content copy others? How to link structure we do? What the chain quality classification page would you like to? Not included full page chain? These all need to consider and adjust their own webmaster. read more

How does a travel website start

, I’m a newbie. I didn’t learn any website production courses. I just trained myself and learned to change some of the content,.

in the process of production encountered a variety of difficulties, art, programming, and sometimes I can not continue to do it, but in order to find out, I stick to it,.

I remember the first time to do, also spent 500 yuan to buy a good source to change. Finally the good after to the server actually does not support static script. I was very puzzled, finally to spend money to buy a static script support space, with his program, less than a week, suddenly found full network is all such programs, didn’t think of what to eat a sealed long Ichishi. I am a novice. Then slowly know some site of the brothers, they slowly taught me at first, or what not, because the terminology makes me feel unable to communicate, I have no contact with them for some time, until I got back to Beijing, go back and I still don’t give up. To do this, or download some of the procedures, to slowly change, at least I know when to change others program where the change, where is not the change, it So slowly change out of a web site, a very ordinary, but I feel very proud, a tourist site, I don’t need his popularity, I just to peer through a network of relay information, in the not so boring to use the telephone and paper to communicate the. read more

Chinese contemporary college education almost ruins the hope of the nternet

has read a well-known industry commentator Mr. Liu Huafang’s "Chinese University contribution to the Internet is not large" article, with deep emotion. As a professional IT practitioner who dropped out of college, I think the current university computer education is not only a little contribution to the Internet, but also a serious step by step to destroy the Internet’s hopes.

learning environment: the sky is no longer pure,

is now the University of what kind of environment? Should the students said now and just out of school to find work students mind more clearly, in recent years the school really learned what. When truancy, night games, gradually become accustomed to fail the exam and even become the capital to show off in front of others, when the frenzy in online games in the PK while yelling at work hard to find, our dear parents still to the huge amount of tuition in the tired. read more

Anhui lecture third fast allusion net GJJ on SEO black hat and white hat

Anhui Internet Union ( organized by the Anhui webmaster seminar third, has today (2008.12.12) 14:30 successful conclusion. This period we have gone to the current high popularity of webmaster Madman: fast code network GJJ, participate in lecture group number: 47065533, at present 500 people in a large crowd, almost full, you can see the majority of webmaster GJJ welcome and support.

GJJ students in the busy finally give me the old K took home a day, invited him in 14:30 published a wonderful speech received wide acclaim in the head of the group, the following is the full text of the lecture notes, are interested in the webmaster review. We also carried on the full text broadcast in the Anhui stationmaster SNS:, uid=1&, do=blog&, id=10442 read more

Do stand, need to adhere to and combine industry


started as a station is interested, then do station money is satisfied, do find this industry is too boring, like disgust as give yellow face, abandoned his station, but later found that this is a big mistake, if God give me a second a chance, I will not put you out, I will carefully stick, and combined with the industry to do station will make my website career more lasting, more and more beautiful.

my site growing experience

I will get some small "from 2001, when the main free homepage of the NetEase on 2003 to play, working in a small company network, responsible for website data update, 2004 truly begins to build their own on a personal website, advertising and advertising to make, then mainly for Baidu SEO mainly, find some popular words put it SEO to the top spot by such flow. By the end of 2006 to the end of 2008, due to the major search engine become mature, so I have to keep pace with the times, Jingxiaxinlai established with real content of useful friends stay visitors at the site, many webmaster keen on QQ website, I also consider the situation, establishes 2 types of site QQ that one is, one is, the two stations were the code in the QQ space, and QQ head have achieved good rankings, IP is also the tens of thousands of. read more