Games such as SNS but do not drink too much wine.

today, a member of the website greeted me and said, "I’m a new player on the site."……". At this point, I suddenly realized that the direction of the development of the website seems to be a little offset. A local website, originally supposed to be based on local information and information, is now a platform for games.

games here refer to various applications developed by third parties in SNS. This article takes UCenter Home 1.5RC3 program platform as an example. read more

How to evaluate the efficiency of website form filling and use KLM-GOMS to analyze the efficiency of

editor: S++ group

most of the time the user tests are very difficult to test the form efficiency, the usual practice is to form, on-line users later statistics or stay time to consider the efficiency of the form, but this approach only to have after the line form to consider. So, in a form, in the design process, is there any scientific way to evaluate the efficiency of the designed form?

In 1983

Card, Moran & Newall in "human-computer interaction" (The Psychology of Human psychology Computer Interaction) the first mention of the GOMS model, in the early stage of human-computer interaction design has also launched a gust of wind. read more

Network video ushered in high-speed growth, innovation and development in order to seize the opportu

June 2nd, the global Internet information service provider comScore released April 2010 U.S. video report, this month a total of 178 million Internet users in the United States watched 30 billion 300 million videos. 135 million 700 thousand of these viewers watched 13 billion videos on Youtube; Hulu viewers watched an average of 24.7 videos each, with an average of 2.5 hours per view. Network video applications in the United States has been quite popular, is replacing television, a deeper integration into people’s daily life. read more

Horse Grassland from the weight of the site to talk about the search engine included

An article "

the horse prairie: after earning 500 yuan of feasibility analysis" spent more than one hour written in the morning, were published in the "read the world step by step – horse prairie forum" and "webmaster nets", "portal website and forum" and "China station". Site: in the evening: Malaysia grasslands: a day to earn $500 in non feasibility analysis. Presents different results on Baidu and Google.

, Baidu can search the search results, only China’s Webmaster Station published two results show. May be due to Baidu’s collection algorithm is more and more strict, and to new station requirements higher. Other sites do not show any signs of collection and display. China Adsense station of the PR value is 6, the weight is higher, included faster, this is natural thing. The author’s personal forum, the PR value of 3, relatively low, there is no update, included shows that it is normal. But the gateway through the web site and webmaster net PR value is 6, but also did not show in time. Therefore, strict requirements on the station in China received and remarkable in website weight of webmaster. read more

A simple assessment of a 03 year old domain name

users in this blog said: Hong Yi brother, to evaluate a Laomi, meters, accidentally shot, found 03 year old site, is a.

simple analysis:

November 2003 site, the domain name of the age of (approximate) 5 years in April. Originally built as a construction software network (built in Shanghai Engineering Software Co., Ltd.), and later on another type of website.

and the following domain names have been registered: read more