‘Student nurses and midwives are being taken advantage of’

first_img ‘Student nurses and midwives are being taken advantage of’ Electric Picnic RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WhatsApp By Steven Miller – 5th December 2020 Pinterest The motion was defeated by 77 to 72 votes with Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Greens all voting against it.Solidarity-People Before Profit (PBP) brought forward a Dáil motion calling on the government to pay student nurses who are working on the frontline. Stephen Tynan, who is the PBP spokesperson in this area, slammed local TDs Barry Cowen, Sean Fleming and Charlie Flanagan for voting against the motion. “We should be doing all we can to help the healthcare service but instead student nurses and midwives are being taken advantage of,” he said. “This will send the signal to any prospective nurses to not take up work in this field and cause more damage down the road. They are keeping people safe while risking their own lives, it is a big task for any young person to make. “We should be ensuring they can at least afford to pay their rent, but after all the applause the government has chosen to abandon them.”“People have had enough of this double standard in society; the government’s refusal to pay student nurses is in stark contrast to the huge pay hikes they choose to give themselves earlier in the year. “And when the majority of us abided by the public health guidelines, government officials chose to break the rules by dining at the Oireachtas Golf Dinner. Enough is enough.“The refusal to pay student nurses is another sign of the contempt the government holds towards workers. The vast bulk of those on the front line are already low paid, Ireland is also one of the only EU countries without mandatory sick pay.”The Aontú Portlaoise Local Area Representative, Úna Doogue, has also strongly criticised Laois Offaly government TDs who voted against a motion on pay for student nurses and midwives.Ms. Doogue said “In a shameful tactic, Minister of State Sean Fleming, Charlie Flanagan and Barry Cowen chose not to recognise the valuable contribution of student nurses and midwives by voting against a motion to ensure an end to the exploitive conditions that students nurses have to endure while propping up an already dysfunctional health system”.“ As Parliamentary Assistant to the Aontú Leader, Deputy Peadar Tóibín, who voted in favour of the motion, we have been contacted by several student nurses during the course of the past few days and after the vote providing their personal testimonies of the 1500 hours or more they have to work unpaid during their placement”.Meanwhile, local Fianna Fail senator Fiona O’Loughlin has welcomed the news that all student nurses and midwives who can show previous income during the relevant period, and who are now not earning, will be entitled to the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) for the duration of their placements. Senator O’Loughlin said; “Nurses and midwives, including students, have made an exceptional contribution to the Covid-19 pandemic response. “This was particularly important during the first wave of Covid-19 as there was a high number of hospitalisations and workforce pressures, due to high rates of absenteeism.  Their work deserves to be recognised financially. “During the first wave of Covid, the previous government moved to temporarily suspend clinical placements with students becoming healthcare assistants and paid accordingly. “This was because these placements were no longer protected for educational purposes. “Now, due to much lower hospitalisations from Covid coupled with a larger workforce (reduced absenteeism and recruitment of more staff), the educational clinical placements can be protected. “There are student nurses and midwives on placement who cannot work part time as they would have previously in nursing homes or as agency healthcare assistants. “They will now be able to avail of PUP, once they can show previous income for the period used to consider PUP eligibility and these payments will be backdated to the start of their placements from September 2020.”SEE ALSO – Mary Lou requests Brian Stanley to take week off and Taoiseach rows in as Twitter controversy drags on Electric Picnic The Laois man who was Solidarity-People Before Profit candidate in this year’s General Election has hit out strongly at the Laois-Offaly TDs that voted against restoring payment to student nurses and midwives in the Dail this week.Stephen Tynan, who finished with 2,273 votes and was eliminated on the fourth count, said that the refusal to refusal “to pay student nurses is another sign of the contempt the government holds towards workers”. The Solidarity-People Before Profit motion brought to the Dail this week had called to “immediately reinstate the payment of student nurses and midwives who are on placement”. It had also called to “abolish all fees for students who are training to work on the frontline of the health service”. Electric Picnic organisers release statement following confirmation of new festival date Laois Councillor ‘amazed’ at Electric Picnic decision to apply for later date for 2021 festival Previous articleThe Week that Was: Our most read stories of the past seven daysNext articleWarm welcome for new fund that can be used in Laois for walking and cycling paths Steven Millerhttp://www.laoistoday.ieSteven Miller is owner and managing editor of LaoisToday.ie. From Laois, Steven studied Journalism in DCU and has 14 years experience in the media, almost 10 of those in an editorial role. Husband of Emily, father of William and Lillian, he’s happiest when he’s telling stories or kicking a point.center_img Pinterest Facebook Twitter Facebook Twitter TAGSAontúFiona O’LoughlinPeople Before ProfitStephen TynanÚna Doogue Home News ‘Student nurses and midwives are being taken advantage of’ NewsPolitics Electric Picnic WhatsApp Electric Picnic apply to Laois County Council for new date for this year’s festivallast_img read more

The U.S.-North Korea summit and the path to be taken by…

first_img RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Facebook Twitter AvatarJo Hyon, PhD, Kyungnam University Kim Jong Un takes a tour of downtown Singapore in the afternoon of June 11th. Image : Rodong SinmunNorth Korea’s Korean Central News Agency reported in an article entitled ‘US-NK joint declaration adopted at US-NK summit’ that Chairman Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump met in Singapore on June 12 for the first time in a historic US-NK summit, and adopted a joint declaration.Questions remain as to the relevance of the specifics in the joint agreement signed by the U.S. and North Korean leaders. It is noteworthy that the leader of the free world met with the leader of the most oppressive nation on Earth, and bonded with each other. It is more noteworthy that North Korea stepped out of the shadow of a pending nuclear war toward peace. The fact alone that Kim Jong Un stepped foot in Singapore is remarkable.The Supreme Leader in SingaporeThe way Kim Jong Un behaved during his visit to Singapore was enough to put a question mark on his image as a “dictator,” “murderer,” and “cold-blooded animal.” His statements including “wanting to learn from Singapore’s knowledge and experience,” and photos of him taking selfies and waving at the crowds made him appear humble, honest, and “human.”On this trip to Singapore, Kim did enough to give the world the impression that although he inherited power from his father and grandfather, he was dreaming of a new “North Korea.” He spoke with Trump about how difficult it was to overcome past wrongdoings and break away from conventional politics in order to reach this point.The young leader of the so-called “hermit kingdom” portrayed himself as being under quite a bit of mental stress due to the continuation of past evils. As the leader of a nation boasting of “achieving power through its own strength,” he nonetheless used a plane not his own, and let the world know that he was willing to show himself in public and accept new cultures.On June 10, Kim Jong Un arrived in Singapore for a three-day visit to engage in dialogue with President Donald Trump of the United States, the world’s only superpower. It was a bold decision for Kim to make, and he followed through.Kim wore a big smile as he took a selfie with Singapore’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan and Ong Ye Kung, a prominent member of the ruling party who serves as Minister of Education, in Marina Bay, southeast of Singapore.On December 12, ahead of the one-on-one meeting with President Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un said, “We have a past that is holding us back, and at times misguided prejudices and practices covered our eyes and ears, but we overcame everything and made it here.”Although this is likely a statement made bearing in mind the history of conflict and animosity between the U.S. and North Korea, where North Korea saw the U.S. as a “hundred-year foe” and “sworn enemy,” it is also a suggestion of willingness to part with the past. It seemed like an attempt to start anew, leaving behind the ways of the inherited regime which had fallen into poverty and isolation due to his grandfather’s “socialist benevolence politics” and “self-rehabilitation” policy, as well as his father’s Juche ideology and “Songun (military-first)” policy.During his late-night stroll in Singapore, Kim revealed his desire to break away from North Korea’s past. According to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim walked onto the Marina Bay Sands Hotel’s observation deck, a famous Singaporean landmark, and said, “Singapore is as clean and beautiful as I have heard, and every building is stylish. I hope to learn much from your country’s knowledge and experience in various fields in the future.”A North Korea without Kim?While the young leader was abroad, North Koreans at home were put in a state of battle-readiness. According a source in North Korea, the Workers’ Party sent out instructions nationwide to “stay vigilant during the Great Eternal Leader’s overseas visit by giving your best loyalty,” and all military units were on emergency alert, while high-ranking inspectors were dispatched to guard posts near the borders, coasts, and Military Demarcation Line (MDL).A teaching outline including Edition 33 (“Leading the war for the liberation of the fatherland to victory, liberation of a large area of the South”) and 34 (“Leading a revolutionary force for a counterattack, establishment of revolutionary regulations within the Party”) of Kim Il Sung’s heroic records, which praises Kim Il Sung’s achievements during the Korean War, were distributed across North Korea, and intensive lectures on the superiority of socialism were delivered nationwide.While Kim Jung Un was busy being escorted by an entourage, visiting attractions, and having food delivered to his luxurious hotel, ordinary North Koreans had to go on with their daily lives under greater stress than usual.This exemplifies North Korea’s duplicity in a nutshell. What kind of regime does Kim Jong Un want to be guaranteed? Singapore, which has maintained its dictatorship and authoritarian rule politically but has a per capita GDP (Gross Domestic Product) that ranks 10th in the world (USD 61,766), may be seen by North Korea as a role model.On December 12, Kim Jong Un’s desire to become a member of the international community became more apparent, as he met with Trump at the summit. Kim signed a joint statement with Trump, saying, “Today we will sign a historic agreement which declares a departure from the past and the beginning of a new era. The world will undoubtedly see great change.”In his opening remarks at the summit’s expanded bilateral meeting, Kim also said, “I would like to take advantage of our new start. I am also determined to initiate large-scale projects together.” Kim hinted that he intends to create a new North Korea, which is different from the country he inherited from his predecessors.There is much focus on what Kim will do when he returns to North Korea.The 68th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War is in a few days. North Korea has designated the period of June 25 to July 27 each year as the “Struggle Against U.S. Imperialism Month” and has been delivering material through various events that espouse the brutality of the barbaric Americans. I hope that North Korea, after it has promised a new start, will no longer drag innocent people out to the plazas in the midsummer heat for such propaganda.I truly wish that the North Korean leader will establish a genuinely democratic rule which will support the 25 million North Koreans in living free and happy lives. Tracking the “unidentified yellow substance” being dried out near the Yongbyon Nuclear Center Analysis & Opinion Analysis & Opinion By Jo Hyon, PhD, Kyungnam University – 2018.06.16 3:30am center_img Is Nuclear Peace with North Korea Possible? Analysis & Opinion SHARE The U.S.-North Korea summit and the path to be taken by Kim Jong Un Analysis & Opinion Pence Cartoon: “KOR-US Karaoke”last_img read more

Market volatility to drag on U.S. banks’ securities revenue: Fitch

James Langton Keywords Banking industry Share this article and your comments with peers on social media Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Fitch says that it doesn’t expect material inventory losses, even if volatility rises for prolonged periods. “Nevertheless, there is likely to be pressure on capital-market earnings from the uncertainty about the timing and speed at which the Federal Reserve tapers its quantitative easing program,” it says. “Also, reduced investor confidence in the US budgetary process and in the prospect of the debt ceiling being raised in a timely manner could result in increased market volatility, which would be likely to be negative for the [banks’] earnings.” Some banks will be less affected, depending on business mix, it says; noting that it expects equity trading revenue to be more resilient in the second half, “provided there are no major shocks.” Additionally, Fitch says that earnings from non-securities businesses, including commercial banking, and wealth and asset management, should support bank profits. High debt levels threaten banks’ strong results: Fitch U.S. action on climate benefits banks, asset managers: Moody’s G7 tax pledge may be upstaged by CBDC work Increased market volatility, particularly in fixed-income, likely means that securities revenue for the big Wall Street banks will be weaker in the second half of 2013, says Fitch Ratings in a new report. The rating agency says that securities revenue at the 12 big global trading and universal banks declined in the second quarter “as market dynamics deteriorated at the end of the quarter with a rise in interest rate expectations and credit spreads, and fixed-income market conditions have remained challenging since then.” Related news read more

Focus on best interests raising expectations for dealer conduct

first_img FPSC proposes “duty of loyalty” for financial planners “These actions have captured the full attention of senior management at sell-side firms, as regulators globally, and especially in the U.K., seek to hold senior management personally liable for the behavior of the staff in their organization,” Greenwich notes. To address these issues, firms need to establish a culture of compliance, and that this inevitably starts at the top of the organization, the report says. “It is neither practical nor desirable to have a compliance officer watching over the shoulder of every employee all the time,” says Greenwich Associates consultant Thomas Jacques. “Firms need to foster a strong culture, based on a set of clearly defined values and principles, ensuring that their workforce understands and embraces these values and integrates them into everything they do on behalf of their firm.” Responsibility for nurturing this sort of culture starts with a firm’s board, which has a duty to ensure it is transmitted throughout the organization, the report says. “An effective way to ensure culture remains strong is to measure conduct based on objective feedback from clients, as demonstrating good conduct will not only reduce regulatory risk, but will be an important differentiator when competing for client business,” it says. “Sell-side firms are concluding that developing a reputation for the highest standards of conduct is a good way to win business,” Jacques says. FAIR Canada seeks clarity on client-focused reforms Related news Keywords Best interest standard U.S. firm offers training for meeting DOL fiduciary standardcenter_img James Langton Share this article and your comments with peers on social media Regulators’ increased focus on ensuring that dealers act in clients’ best interests is starting to be felt in traditional wholesale markets, says a new report from Greenwich Associates. According to the report, players in the fixed-income, currency and commodities (FICC) markets are seeing the effects of a new regulatory emphasis on tightening standards of conduct. While these markets have traditionally worked on the assumption that participants are sophisticated professionals in little need of investor protection, Greenwich notes that recent efforts in the U.S. and the U.K. in particular are changing that view and raising expectations for dealer conduct. Facebook LinkedIn Twitterlast_img read more

No dividend hikes, share buybacks for banks and insurers until lockdowns end: OSFI

first_img How should banks allocate capital for crypto? “We would need a substantial reduction in the uncertainty…and we would want to be confident that there is not a second, pandemic-induced setback for the economy before we could give serious consideration to lifting the restrictions.”Rudin’s remarks come as the globe marks one year since Covid-19 was detected and identified in China, eventually leading to worldwide spread and economic turmoil.At the onset of the pandemic, OSFI banned executive compensation hikes, dividend increases and common share buybacks in an effort to keep banks and insurers stable even as other companies declared bankruptcy, resorted to mass layoffs and contended with lockdowns that left their businesses closed for long periods of time.While many sectors have continued to struggle, the major banks and insurers posted a profit in their most recent quarters, prompting questions around whether it’s time to loosen the rules.While OSFI debates the future of the restrictions, it is watching what approach other countries are taking, said Rudin, while speaking at the Royal Bank of Canada’s Canadian bank CEO conference on Monday.Regulators in Europe, for example, forced banks to reduce or suspend dividends, he said.“The restrictions that we brought in at the onset of the pandemic were much less severe than those of most regulators and supervisors around the world,” he said.Canadian banks have yet to push the regulator to ease up.Bank of Montreal chief executive Darryl White told the RBC conference that he is “sympathetic” to a longer period of restrictions.“When you lift restrictions the dividend question is different from the buy back question because buy backs get turned on and off pretty easily, but dividend increases don’t get reversed pretty easily,” he said.White said he will leave it to regulators to decide when it is appropriate to change the rules, but BMO will be ready to contend with policy shifts whenever they arrive.When he was asked if the regulations should be eased in December, RBC chief executive Dave McKay said, “caution still should rule the day.”“I wouldn’t push the regulator right now, but as things progress, as we start to see more stability and clarity in a normalized world, then it would be appropriate.” The head of Canada’s federal banking regulator won’t consider lifting restrictions that have kept banks and insurers from hiking dividends, offering share buybacks or increasing executive compensation until Covid-19 lockdowns have subsided.“When we see a clear path to a durable recovery then that becomes possible, and that is certainty not the circumstance in which we find ourselves today,” said Jeremy Rudin, the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, on Monday. Keywords Dividends,  Banking industry,  Insurance,  CoronavirusCompanies Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Insurance regulators consult on conduct principles Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Canadian Press FSRA reviews 57 life agent reporting forms Modern urban skyscrapers in downtown Chicago from below to the blue summer sky. Sun reflecting in the glass facades of the urban futuristic buildings. Chicago, Illinois, USA iStock Share this article and your comments with peers on social media Related newslast_img read more

Housing Ministry Seeking Land in Hanover

first_imgRelatedHousing Ministry Seeking Land in Hanover RelatedHousing Ministry Seeking Land in Hanover Housing Ministry Seeking Land in Hanover EnvironmentMarch 15, 2010 Advertisementscenter_img RelatedHousing Ministry Seeking Land in Hanover FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail The Ministry of Water and Housing and the National Housing Trust (NHT) are urgently seeking to identify land in Hanover for housing projects.The move comes against the abandonment of planned developments at Point and Industry Cove by the NHT, as, according to portfolio Minister, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, the character of the land made the properties unsuitable for housing.“Generally, we would like to do some more housing in Hanover. Our interest right now is to find some lands,” he stated at a meeting of the Hanover Parish Council in Lucea on Thursday (March 11).“We badly need additional lands that are appropriate in Hanover, anywhere along the coastline that we can acquire. We are willing to look at it and seek the funding to acquire it,” he pointed out.According to Dr. Chang, the expansion of the tourism sector in the parish has created an urgent need for more housing solutions, especially for low-income groups. The provision of affordable housing, he argued, will reduce the need for informal settlements, which have become a problem across the island.He informed that discussions are underway to acquire the Cousins Cove property, which he said, has capability for the kind of development that will cater to multiple economic levels based on the amount of land available.“It seems quite reasonable and we should have some space there for some development,” he stated, noting that the owners seem “quite willing” to dispose of the property.The Housing Minister told the parish councillors that discussions are also being held to establish joint venture partnerships and other approaches towards the provision of housing solutions in the parish.last_img read more

City hopes new Owl system will gather local wisdom

first_imgHomeNewsCity hopes new Owl system will gather local wisdom Sep. 06, 2016 at 7:45 amNewsCity hopes new Owl system will gather local wisdomMatthew Hall5 years agocity of santa monicaclimateclimate changeglobal warmingNewsSanta Monicasanta monica californiasanta monica daily presssanta monica newsSanta Monica Pier  Santa Monica is turning to the virtual world to help residents understand a very real problem: climate change.City Hall will install a pair of digital viewfinders on the Santa Monica Pier this month that will project images of sea level rise and storm surge onto the Santa Monica Landscape. The devices, known as Owls because they resemble the popular bird’s face, will also gather data from users to help officials with planning decisions.The Owl looks similar to traditional viewfinder/binoculars that you’d find in a public space. However, when users look through the device, they’re seeing a digital, 360-degree image of the area. By rotating the device, users can look up, down or side to side to explore the image.By using the controls on the side, users can manipulate that image to see the impact of rising tides, storm surges, potential solutions being considered by the City or to interact with a survey. The device also contains a microphone to record verbal answers that will be sent to City Hall.According to a press release issued by the city, by 2050, sea level rise in Southern California could increase by 5-24 inches and by 17-66 inches by 2100. As the sea level increases, the water line will move up the beach, permanently eroding the beach. While the day to day impact may be mild, a further inland tide line can mean more impacts from major coastal storms, according to research being conducted by the City’s project partners, USC Sea Grant and the US Geological Services.“Sea level rise is a slow moving crisis that’s hard to see, and harder to get people energized around, but this technology will help bring it home in a very tangible way,” said Dean Kubani, Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Santa Monica in the release. “Seeing firsthand how the change will impact us will be a very powerful experience for all of our beach lovers.”Nate Kauffman, project director for Owl, said the Owl’s interface has a powerful effect on users.“It’s very visceral experience when they look through the Owl and recognize they are in the same space but something is different, something has been added or subtracted,” he said. “It’s a much more effective way of capturing those folks in that space.”Owls are equipped with controls that will let users take a survey and a microphone to record verbal feedback. Kauffman said the device democratizes the planning process by allowing anyone to participate on their own time and in the actual space being discussed.“Planners find this a very useful tool to be able to put into the environment and let it gather data for you instead of doing a good old fashioned public planning meeting,” he said.Kauffman said that over the months of installation, the device will be able to record thousands of answers and provide a far larger data set than could be gathered from traditional meetings.Signage will accompany the Owls to explain what they do and why the survey is important.The installation has been postponed due to a last-minute software malfunction announced by the manufacturer, Owlized, Inc.  The unanticipated software problem will set the Owl’s launch back by up to two months, according to Owlized. The planned Sept. 19 inaugural event has also been postponed.Elizabeth Bar-El, City of Santa Monica Senior Planner, is the project manager for the update of Santa Monica’s Local Coastal Program, which will incorporate future sea level rise into coastal zoningShe said the device has been used in some places to show what a specific project would look like once complete but Santa Monica will use it to educate residents on the impact of climate change.“What we’re going to use this for is to show what the science is saying on the Santa Monica Beach about sea level rise,” she said.While the devices will be open to anyone, the City specifically chose to install them in September to maximize the percentage of local respondents.“Hopefully, there’s a lot of people, we really want local people come out,” she said. “We planned to have it out and starting it in early September because we didn’t want it to be part of the summer rush.”For additional information about the Owl and the City’s efforts to prepare and adapt to sea level rise, visit www.sustainablesm.org/[email protected] MATTHEW HALL Tags :city of santa monicaclimateclimate changeglobal warmingNewsSanta Monicasanta monica californiasanta monica daily presssanta monica newsSanta Monica Piershare on Facebookshare on Twitteradd a commentSanta Monica Classic adds High School ChallengeShots fired during fight on PicoYou Might Also LikeFeaturedNewsBobadilla rejects Santa Monica City Manager positionMatthew Hall12 hours agoNewsCouncil picks new City ManagerBrennon Dixson23 hours agoFeaturedNewsProtesting parents and Snapchat remain in disagreement over child protection policiesClara Harter23 hours agoFeaturedNewsDowntown grocery to become mixed use developmenteditor23 hours agoNewsBruised but unbowed, meme stock investors are back for moreAssociated Press23 hours agoNewsWedding boom is on in the US as vendors scramble to keep upAssociated Press23 hours agolast_img read more

Woods (65) leads McIlroy, Rose by 3 after 54

first_imgATLANTA – Tiger Woods is three shots ahead and one round away from capping his comeback season with a moment that has defined his career. Winning. Woods played the most dynamic golf he has all year Saturday with six birdies in his opening seven holes to build a five-shot lead. He cooled from there with a few mistakes and had to settle for a 5-under 65 and a three-shot lead over Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose in the Tour Championship. He has the 54-hole lead for the first time since his last victory in 2013 at the Bridgestone Invitational. He has never lost an official tournament when leading by more than two shots going into the final round, and his closing record with the lead is 42-2 on the PGA Tour. Woods has never been in better position to show he’s all the way back from four back surgeries that once made him fear he might never play again. ”I’ve gone through a lot this year to get myself to this point, and understanding and fighting my way through it,” Woods said. ”I’m certainly much more equipped than I was in March because of what I’ve gone through.” Projected FedExCup standings Full-field scores from the Tour Championship Tour Championship: Articles, photos and videos Wood was at 12-under 198 and will be paired for the first time in final group with McIlroy on the PGA Tour. McIlroy birdied two of his last three holes for a 66. ”It’s obviously exciting for the golf tournament. It’s exciting for golf in general that he’s up there,” McIlroy said. ”But for me, all I can do is concentrate on myself. The game is hard enough without looking at other people. Go out there, take care of my business, and hopefully that’s good enough.” Rose started the third round tied with Woods, but not for long. Rose opened with two straight bogeys before battling back, but the world’s No. 1 player already was four shots behind after four holes. He narrowed the gap with a birdie on the 16th as Woods had to scramble for bogey, a two-shot swing. ”In some ways, it felt like a Sunday just with the energy,” Rose said after a 68. ”But I knew that it was halfway through a Saturday. Just wanted to sort of chisel a few back and give myself a chance going into tomorrow.” There used to be no chance against Woods when he was atop the leaderboard going into the final round. His only losses with the 54-hole lead were the Quad City Classic in 1996 when he was 20 and making third start as a pro, and the 2009 PGA Championship at Hazeltine against Y.E. Yang. He also lost a two-shot lead to Lee Westwood in Germany at a European Tour event in 2000. Now? Woods has gone more than five years without winning. He also has won enough times – 90 tournaments around the world – to remember how to do it. ”It’s a little more unknown now,” Rose said. ”Obviously, his history, his statistics from this point are impeccable. They’re incredible. But he’s human, and there’s a lot on it for him tomorrow, as well as the rest of us.” The start was simply mesmerizing. Woods poured in a 20-foot birdie putt on the first hole. His wedge settled 8 feet below the hole on No. 3. His 20-foot birdie putt on No. 4 tumbled into the center of the cup with perfect pace. Two short birdies followed. And when he finally missed a fairway at No. 7, Woods hit a 9-iron from the bunker that hopped out of the first cut to about 5 feet for a sixth birdie in seven holes. The cheers were endless, and there was no doubting what was going on. ”I’ve heard the roars all day, and it’s been phenomenal,” Paul Casey said after his 66. ”What an atmosphere it is out there this week.” Woods, however, made only one birdie over his last 11 holes, a wedge to 7 feet on No. 12. He missed badly on his tee shot at the par-3 ninth, and the shaggy rough to the right of the 16th fairway caused the face of his club to open, missing to the right. His flop shot didn’t get up the hill and rolled back toward him, and his next pitch was a bump-and-run played to perfection that kept him from another double bogey. McIlroy also started strong, and being in the group ahead of Woods, he knew exactly what was happening. On Sunday, he get a front-row seat. The only other time they were paired together in the fourth round was at the 2015 Masters, when both were 10 shots behind Jordan Spieth. Rose won’t be in the final group, but he has plenty on the line even if he doesn’t catch Woods. He likely needs to finish in the top five to be assured of winning the FedEx Cup and the $10 million bonus. Doug Ferguson is a national golf writer for The Associated Press.last_img read more

Trina Solar supplies 7 MW of modules to UK project

first_imgTrina Solar supplies 7 MW of modules to UK projectLoad and wind bearing capacity of Trina modules prompts Belgian installer Ikaros Solar to use the Chinese modules for the first time. Goose Willow Farm scheme will use 24,000 Trina panels. July 12, 2013 Max Hall Finance Installations Manufacturing Markets Markets & Policy Share Chinese solar manufacturer Trina Solar has supplied 24,000 of its PC14 modules for a 7 MW project in the UK. Installer Ikaros Solar turned to Trina in part because of the modules’ ability to perform in low light as well as having high wind load and snow load bearing ability. The 7 MW scheme at Goose Willow Farm in Abingdon, Oxfordshire will feature modules with power outputs between 290 Wp and 295 Wp and marks the first collaboration between Trina and Belgian installer Ikaros Solar. The announcement of the supply deal, in a Trina Solar press release comes on the same day the UK solar trade body the Solar Trade Association (STA) revealed the UK government plans to introduce standards for large-scale solar farms amid concerns over ‘irresponsible developments.’Popular content Enabling aluminum in batteries Mark Hutchins 27 April 2021 pv-magazine.com Scientists in South Korea and the UK demonstrated a new cathode material for an aluminum-ion battery, which achieved impressive results in both speci… ITRPV: Large formats are here to stay Mark Hutchins 29 April 2021 pv-magazine.com The 2021 edition of the International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaics (ITRPV) was published today by German engineering association VDMA. The re… Solar park built on rough wooden structures comes online in France Gwénaëlle Deboutte 26 April 2021 pv-magazine.com French company Céléwatt energized its 250 kW ground-mounted array, built with mounting structures made of raw oak wood.April 26, 2021 Gwénaëlle Debo… Spanish developer plans 1 GW solar plant coupled to 80 MW of storage, 100 MW electrolyzer Pilar Sánchez Molina 22 April 2021 pv-magazine.com Soto Solar has submitted the project proposal to the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (Miteco). The solar plant could start produc… We all trust the PV performance ratio test Dario Brivio, Partner 20 April 2021 pv-magazine.com The performance ratio test is at the core of the handover from EPC to owner. Yet sometimes, even when best practice is applied – and without particul… The Hydrogen Stream: 20 MW green hydrogen plant in Finland, two Australian projects move forward Sergio Matalucci 20 April 2021 pv-magazine.com Storegga, Shell and Harbour Energy want to set up a 20 MW blue hydrogen production facility in the U.K. Australia’s Origin Energy wants to build a hy… iAbout these recommendations Share pv magazine The pv magazine editorial team includes specialists in equipment supply, manufacturing, policy, markets, balance of systems, and EPC.More articles from pv magazine Related content Submarine cable to connect 10.5 GW wind-solar complex in Morocco to the UK grid Emiliano Bellini 22 April 2021 pv-magazine.com UK-based Xlinks is planning to build 10.5 GW of wind and solar in Morocco and sell the power generated by the huge plant in the UK. SEIA releases tool aimed at increasing solar supply chain transparency David Wagman 30 April 2021 pv-magazine.com The document is written to have “universal application” across product lines intended for export to the U.S. market, and… Meyer Burger unveils 400 W heterojunction solar module Emiliano Bellini 28 April 2021 pv-magazine.com The solar module will be available in three versions – white, black, and glass-glass. The products have an output of up … Optimization algorithm for vertical agrivoltaics Emiliano Bellini 30 April 2021 pv-magazine.com Developed by Swedish scientists, the proposed algorithm is said to calculate a project’s ideal design by combining clima… Germany installed 548.6 MW of PV in March Sandra Enkhardt 30 April 2021 pv-magazine.com In the first three months of 2021, newly installed solar capacity reached 1.42 GW.April 30, 2021 Sandra EnkhardtMarket… The smarter E Europe postponed to October Emiliano Bellini 27 April 2021 pv-magazine.com Due to the Covid-19 crisis the organizers of Intersolar and ees Europe, the largest photovoltaic and storage trade fairs… iAbout these recommendations Elsewhere on pv magazine… Cracking the case for solid state batteries pv magazine 29 April 2021 pv-magazine-australia.com Scientists in the UK used the latest imaging techniques to visualize and understand the process of dendrite formation an… MIBEL alcanzó nuevamente los precios más bajos de Europa mientras subieron en el resto de mercados eléctricos pv magazine 23 March 2021 pv-magazine.es En la tercera semana de marzo los precios de la mayoría de mercados eléctricos europeos subieron, mientras que MIBEL mar… Tasmanian Labor installs solar at the top of its campaign promises Blake Matich 8 April 2021 pv-magazine-australia.com Tasmania (TAS) is going to the polls on May 1, and the opposition Labor Party has put forth a $20 million plan to fund l… India closing in on 7 GW of rooftop solar pv magazine 13 April 2021 pv-magazine-australia.com India’s cumulative installed capacity of rooftop solar stood at 6,792 MW as of December 31, 2020, with 1,352 MW having b… Spotlight on Australian solar Bella Peacock 21 April 2021 pv-magazine-australia.com Calculating the average sunlight hours data from the Bureau of Meteorology from January toDecember 2020, Darwin was cro… Q&A: EEW’s $500 million Gladstone solar to hydrogen project is just the start Blake Matich 18 March 2021 pv-magazine-australia.com pv magazine Australia: Australia is the testing ground for a lot of different aspects of the future green hydrogen market. Cracking the case for solid state batteries pv magazine 29 April 2021 pv-magazine-australia.com Scientists in the UK used the latest imaging techniques to visualize and understand the process of dendrite formation an… MIBEL alcanzó nuevamente los precios más bajos de Europa mientras subieron en el resto de mercados eléctricos pv magazine 23 March 2021 pv-magazine.es En la tercera semana de marzo los precios de la mayoría de mercados eléctricos europeos subieron, mientras que MIBEL mar… Tasmanian Labor installs solar at the top of its campaign promises Blake Matich 8 April 2021 pv-magazine-australia.com Tasmania (TAS) is going to the polls on May 1, and the opposition Labor Party has put forth a $20 million plan to fund l… India closing in on 7 GW of rooftop solar pv magazine 13 April 2021 pv-magazine-australia.com India’s cumulative installed capacity of rooftop solar stood at 6,792 MW as of December 31, 2020, with 1,352 MW having b… Spotlight on Australian solar Bella Peacock 21 April 2021 pv-magazine-australia.com Calculating the average sunlight hours data from the Bureau of Meteorology from January toDecember 2020, Darwin was cro… Q&A: EEW’s $500 million Gladstone solar to hydrogen project is just the start Blake Matich 18 March 2021 pv-magazine-australia.com pv magazine Australia: Australia is the testing ground for a lot of different aspects of the future green hydrogen market. Cracking the case for solid state batteries pv magazine 29 April 2021 pv-magazine-australia.com Scientists in the UK used the latest imaging techniques to visualize and understand the process of dendrite formation an… 123456Leave a Reply Cancel replyPlease be mindful of our community standards.Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By submitting this form you agree to pv magazine using your data for the purposes of publishing your comment.Your personal data will only be disclosed or otherwise transmitted to third parties for the purposes of spam filtering or if this is necessary for technical maintenance of the website. 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For more information please see our Data Protection Policy. Subscribe to our global magazine SubscribeOur events and webinars Insight @ Energy Storage North America 2020 11 November 2020 pv-magazine.com Developed and moderated by pv magazine, the panel sessions address a hot topic within the industry, from multiple angles. Grid code compliance in megawatt projects 27 April 2021 pv-magazine.com Discussion participantsEhsan Nadeem Khan, Grid Code Compliance Engineer, meteocontrolModeratorsMarian Willuhn, Editor… Reducing solar project risk for extreme weather 20 April 2021 pv-magazine.com Discussion participantsDaniel H.S. Chang, VP of Business Development | RETCGreg Beardsworth, Sr. Director of Product M… iAbout these recommendations pv magazine print Battery testing builds certainty pv magazine 7 April 2021 pv-magazine.com Owners and operators of energy storage systems, as well as investors, need transparent ways to evaluate battery performance. Dynamics driving insurance costs pv magazine 7 April 2021 pv-magazine.com While utility-scale solar assets are surging in popularity with investors, there are a number of emerging challenges tha… When quality meets quantity Jonathan Gifford 7 April 2021 pv-magazine.com As 2021 progresses, the signs of it being (yet another) banner year for PV deployment become clearer. An increasing numb… Time to standardize pv magazine 7 April 2021 pv-magazine.com Not all quality control plans, processes and agreements are created equal, writes Frédéric Dross, the VP of strategic de… China’s push for decarbonization Andreas Walstad 7 April 2021 pv-magazine.com The carbon market is finally a reality in China. After 10 years of delays, regional pilot schemes and general uncertaint… Australia’s next wave of large-scale solar development pv magazine 7 April 2021 pv-magazine.com Call it “latent energy” – Australia’s renewable resources are expected to help some of the world’s greatest polluters to… iAbout these recommendationslast_img read more

Disability Services Coordinator

first_imgDemonstrated ability to perform and coordinate administrativefunctions and provide general program support.Demonstrated excellent written and verbal communication skills,including presentation skills.Demonstrated interpersonal skills including working withindividuals from diverse backgrounds.Demonstrated organizational skills and experience workingindependently and accurately.Demonstrated experience taking initiative and exercising soundjudgment when making decisions and meeting deadlines.Proven experience working well as part of a team.Knowledge of disability laws and implications for higher educationincluding Section 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, WCAG,Americans with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act.Proven ability to safeguard sensitive and confidentialinformation.Familiarity with FERPA regulations.Proficiency using and experience in accessibility features of MSWord, Excel, and PowerPoint, PDF and AT hardware and software (JAWS, ZoomText, Duxbury, Dragon). Vacancy Number:S-00701 The Coordinator assists in serving the entire Auburn University atMontgomery ( AUM ) campus community, in coordination with theDisability Services Director and staff, (students and visitors withdisabilities, as well as departments needing, or seeking, toimprove the physical and programmatic accessibility of theirprograms) by leading AUM’s efforts to respond appropriately tonon-discrimination and accommodation services requirements of theADA Amendments Act of 2008, and Section 504 and 508 of theRehabilitation Act of 1973.The Coordinator will provide assistive technology (AT) services onbehalf of the Center for Disability Services ( CDS ) to includeassisting staff with AT request and questions relating to AThardware and software; complete alternative format request such asbrailling, captioning, visualdescriptions and electronic text (e-text); scan documents forconversion into alternativeformats.Responsibilities:• Provide intentional services that support academic success, thisincludes digitizing classroom materials and texts, captioning ofvideos, coordinating transcription and/or interpretation servicesfor students to include Braille, and exam proctoring.• Manage online accommodation request service delivery system,Accommodate, and provide IT and AT support within CDS office andfor hybrid and online classes.• Train academic and administrative personnel, and students withdisabilities on the proper use of AT; conduct on-campus in-servicetraining and at off-campus agencies. Represent CDS at community,state, professional conferences and meetings.• Assist in the implementation and evaluation of alluniversity-wide policy, contract, and procedure reviews, as well asassessment efforts pertaining to access and student disabilityservices.• Maintains CDS website and assists with gathering data on programservices and CDS students using Accommodate, Argos, Qualtricssurvey software, and Student Banner.• Assist with caseloads of students with disabilities whichincludes maintaining accurate and confidential records for eachstudent related to eligibility, provision of services, andaccommodation decisions and recommendations.• Assist maintaining disability records management with attentionto the protection of confidentiality of all student records (e.g.,disability documentation, database, case notes) and in accordancewith FERPA regulations; ensure accountability of the office throughpreparation and maintenance of administrative records andreports.• Collaborate with instructors to identify volunteer note takers.Provide training and materials for note takers and otherindividuals selected to assist students receivingaccommodations.• Assist with supervision, ongoing development, and performanceevaluation for student workers, consisting of student note takers,and office staff. Classification Title:Coordinator Quick Linkhttps://www.jobs.aum.edu/postings/4633 Position Title:Disability Services Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities: Position Profile Link Employment Type:Full-Time Position Information Minimum Qualifications: This posting will remain open until closed:Yes Bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services, Education,Administration, Psychology, Counseling, or related field AND three(3) years of experience in disability services. A Master’s degreein a related field may be substituted for up to (2) years of therequired experience. Salary Band:105 Auburn University at Montgomery is an equal opportunity employercommitted to excellence through diversity; therefore, we encourageapplications from historically underrepresented groups, veterans,and individuals with disabilities. Additionally, the safety andsecurity of our campus community is a top priority. All employeesat AUM are considered to be Responsible Employees and have the dutyto immediately report information that has the potential toadversely impact safety or wellness on our campus.Auburn University at Montgomery reserves the right onceinterviewing has begun to stop accepting applications. Department:Center for Disability Services About the University/College Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Special Instructions to Applicants: Located in Alabama’s vibrant state capital, Auburn University atMontgomery is a fast-growing university on the rise. Don’t justtake our word for it: The Princeton Review rates us as one of thebest colleges in the Southeast, while U.S. News & World Reportrecently ranked us No. 22 among regional universities in the Southfor the quality of undergraduate teaching and 38th among all publicinstitutions in the region.Auburn University at Montgomery is an equal opportunity employercommitted to excellence through diversity; therefore, we encourageapplications from historically underrepresented groups, veterans,and individuals with disabilities. Additionally, the safety andsecurity of our campus community is a top priority. All employeesat AUM are considered to be Responsible Employees and have the dutyto immediately report information that has the potential toadversely impact safety or wellness on our campus Applicant DocumentsRequired DocumentsResumeCover LetterProfessional Reference SheetOptional Documents Posting Specific QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). Job Close Date: Job Open Date:03/04/2021last_img read more