Analysis of profit model of commercial websites

traditional enterprise sales can not meet the needs of users, so the network marketing boom triggered, the network began to popular commercial websites, but the Internet competition is intense, the profit pattern of commercial websites has become a headache problem, as a commercial web site, if you want to make money is nothing less than to buy products and buy services, what how profitable business website.

number 1: ad mode. Method of advertising profit is the most Adsense will go with the advertising alliance is now also a lot of, for the webmaster choice is also a lot of advertising, the profit model has a lot of, click on the ads, royalty paid ads, text ads, image ads, the webmaster can according to their actual situation select the appropriate website advertising model. After Chinese market exit from Google, Google Adsense users is relatively small, but Google Adsense benefits are many, in this case, the webmaster can choose a plurality of advertising alliance cooperation, multiple methods and advertising model to do advertising profits. No website wants to gain future through advertisement, it is estimated that it is necessary for webmaster to optimize their website first, so as to achieve the purpose of advertising profit.

second: website order optimization. The traditional enterprise website on-line marketing, but not by the enterprise executives will understand the search engine marketing, so the third industry website optimization appeared. Webmaster can build their own enterprise website, the main business source is the order optimization, help other enterprise website to do search engine optimization, enterprise website CEO or long-term website consultant. Was your main source of other web site consultant, on the industry information that you want to have certain knowledge to do so, now the site is also a lot of consulting enterprise, competitiveness is great, but the demand is also a lot of, as long as you insist on doing their own brand, understand the search engine optimization knowledge, want to profit in the in this regard, the outlook is very good.

third: pay navigation website. By hao123’s success, the navigation web site also rolled up a gust of wind. Web site navigation station can improve the user’s weight, traffic to the user site, submit web site navigation station sites are numerous, want to through the examination of the webmaster, would be willing to spend a penny to quickly review website. Therefore, this has become a profitable business site, creating their own navigation URL station, the use of quick review function, charge a certain amount of money, the use of members of the site to earn money will operate for a long time. But now the competitiveness of the navigation station is also very strong, want to make this a money first, their website weight is the most important, to operate the site, improve the site weight, in order to attract users to submit.

fourth: electricity supplier model profit. Online consumption has become the new trend of Internet users. If you want to make a long-term profit, the website sells products as the front end of many profit models. There are many ways to buy products: B2C, B2C and other methods for webmasters to choose, the development of the electricity supplier is also the future of the station are visible, >