My career as a webmaster might end up here

these days, the mood is very heavy, because the family has something to contribute to, so plan 2 server will be sold, I 2 years of effort, our webmaster career, perhaps, has this to an end…… .

I admit my own laziness, to do stand 2 years did not score, has been half-dead, in fact the beginning from the motivation, because it was a love called "reversal" of the rock station (last year have been closed, many people dream of their own spiritual pillar), also do the same with a wind station, but then I do the movie, because the movie feel silly some good money, ha ha, the ideal and the reality, there are so many contrary to the


is just beginning to turn a ASP book, a few articles have seen the Pacific Tang Hua, DIY will own the first server (statement: I have been engaged in the computer industry), from the Internet COPY film, installed a cracked version of the ancient inside. In the first year, the switch was stable during the first year except that the restart point was turned off. When it hosted the surge in the chassis on the back cover, write a "Nirvana" – I love the most of the band’s name. Managed well, the application domain, because the start is going to do local movie station, here is Wujiang, on the application of the meter, then several friends say this one meter like a dumpster – they really said, now I really feel him into a dumpster!

said the truth began to have never heard of SEO, didn’t do publicity, not long, staring at the server begins depressed, how to upload all the day is so high? Depressed for a long time, let me know, Ya hotlinking! Here are deeply grateful to do the ancient time has no claim to help me big brother is old male, he has helped me solve hotlinking problem ancient, and his family’s small BB is really super cute. Slowly, many local Internet cafes are my station built a shortcut to the desktop, you work in a computer company friend installed is my station into a home, in the local minor celebrity, but too thin skinned, not to run ads, then hung up the little league advertising, do half year first, receive Baidu sent me a 114 dollar remittance, have begun to do so confused, confused the future, the first year of the mandate expires. The first year did not feel something, but also can not be reconciled, stop a while with the students to borrow money with a server, change to a friend over there to start hosting Telecom, P2P film and thunder download, use BOBO to despise BOLOSO, as if to others, others are now directly home chain station.

stop and go, now a more than 1000 IP, and if you do a good job, may not want to sell the server now, ha ha, wry smile. In retrospect, a lot of things are clearly visible, although 2 years, but still a rookie, as if learning a lot of East

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