The gift will also respond to the founder layoffs layoffs to spend one hundred million to do incubat

in the open letter Wencheng Fai in the venture from the company’s point of view to present said layoffs provide a reason, but why should the gift of layoffs, but did not mention.

had received a total silver phone, that I would throw my ginkgo, very excited: I do like my total silver point? In fact, I just know later, silver in circle of exceptional professional investment. It’s normal to be dismissive of small projects in his position, but he remains highly sensitive to investment opportunities, regardless of size.

regrets late,

March 28th, on the issue of layoffs, "world network operators" exclusive interview with the 93 years of entrepreneurs, he said, "regret late, and then will be cut, independent electronic business platform has no growth."." Wencheng Fai said the layoffs of about 50 people, accounting for 1/3 of the total number of companies, the main technology and business platform operation, "the technology is too expensive, the gift had been want to add more features in App, but the user actually wants to watch the content."


will be laid off? Gift to say future vision is what? "The world of Wencheng Fai in an exclusive interview with the network", the first phase of layoffs of 50 people, accounted for 1/3 of the employees of the company, is the main technology and platform operation, and then presents said will continue to lay off.

regrets late." Wen Chenghui said that the gift is undergoing a transformation, then, the gift shopping guide business will continue to operate, in addition, the gift will invest one hundred million yuan to do "craftsman incubator", trying to find the company’s profit from the content point of the target business.

for insurance, I’ve got a senior to consult. "If you’re sure the ginkgo will vote for you," the senior looked suspicious, "everybody else’s money is off.". But I have to remind you that you’re probably going to be tossed about at the end of the day. It’s better to ask them for a $5 million deposit. If he doesn’t give you the vote, you don’t give it to him."

"joining a startup is not a bag of money, it’s the highest risk of legal gambling.". In the gift said, no day will be stable, and want to smooth to the big company."

is the label of 90 entrepreneurs, enjoy "behind the aura of blessing" also means that each time will be interpreted, pay attention to wind sways grass. Although Wen Chenghui in the open letter in advance of a shot, "said the gift is a start-up company, love is love adventure, love and please bypass, and media propaganda," welcome the media to give us negative reports".

this step as early as the end of 2015. That began to test the water, after the internal hatch, gift to say have included the taste buds of the poetry, 6 craftsmen brand line.

ginkgo didn’t appear on your VC list. You can think of it as an omission, or you can think of it as an alias for one of your lists or some VC. It doesn’t matter to me. Ginkgo biloba as the mainstream of VC, total silver as investors in investment circles illustrious. Entrepreneurs are proud of the money they can get and the total investment they own – not literally, it’s a dream for Chinese entrepreneurs at the moment.

Wen Chenghui is considered to be a typical representative of the success of the 90’s, the gift said that in 2015 has won B round of financing $30 million, valued at $200 million.


finally, at the urging of my nearly impatient, ginkgo asked me to sit in his office again. This is the last time, I’ll remember it forever. "This item >

on March 27th, the gift said that an open letter from founder Mr Wen has blown the pot in the corporate circles and media circles: "today gifts say layoffs begin.".

the predecessors did with Ginkgo you see, the older face of temptation. However, it is said that the final investment did not succeed, the total silver lawsuit, but also the deposit to go back. Predecessors but I have sincere words and earnest wishes, blood boiling: ginkgo’s 5 million what? That several investment institutions also anger against pleased: Ginkgo proved their eyes take away other’s woman by force. They all request "leave five points for me, leave a point", "as long as let me share with the ginkgo, the price doesn’t need to talk about. What price is the ginkgo? What’s my price?"".

Term Sheet investment letter of intent signed, due diligence also quickly completed, professional and meticulous. For the next month and a half, I had enough time to appreciate the style of ginkgo.


then I saw him very quickly. "Stop talking to them," he told me. "I’ll vote for you. The price is OK."." At that time there have been several investors decided to invest jointly to me, of course, although they are not pushovers, but compared with ginkgo, fame is not so big. Is there any small entrepreneur who can resist this temptation? I’m not holding it anyway.

, but once the layoffs were announced, 90 entrepreneurs whether reliable topic is still the focus of discussion.

"I’m abroad."." "I’m not at home."." You can find someone like that." To put it simply, I can’t find the silver. For me, the ginkgo has become a legend, can not be expected. I can’t sit still. I was completely unprepared for the situation. Term Sheet asked me not to give up, he cares for or to investors eclectic. I can only wait alone and suffer silently.

he said that layoffs reason for three considerations, one is the flow become more expensive, gets a new App users is difficult; two is Taobao’s business is too strong, independent electricity supplier platform difficult to survive, "Taobao is too strong, we hide."

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