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on the eve of Spring Festival in 2010, China minon attack has already begun, including the Spring Festival Gala, some words registered will feel the fire, do not know if you remember there is a little girl named Wang Xianni in the spring of 2010, the surname is wangxianni back, corn, Amoy small mall in February 10, 2010 Knight dress the query the domain name that has not been registered, when the spring festival day look has been discovered in 2.12 to be registered.

as e-commerce matures, more and more enterprises have realized that in the fierce competition in the international market in an invincible position and sustainable development, development of electronic commerce is the best choice and the only way which must be passed. Of course, it is far from enough for enterprises to develop e-commerce, and only by establishing a website for product promotion and publicity. Then, how can the enterprise succeed in the actual combat of e-commerce? Below is the actual combat experience from the forefront of e-commerce:

A, high quality and inexpensive products information

released product quality must be excellent, also have certain advantages in price. Because there must be a similar product on the market. In the commodity economy developed to the present level, the unique products are almost No. Therefore, in the competition of similar products to win, the quality must pass, and at the same time in the price to be attractive. Only the products with high quality and low price can stand out in e-commerce and network marketing and win the market. For the production of electronic products manufacturing enterprises, the domestic market of domestic products if obtaining CCC certification China mandatory certification, also referred to as the "3C" logo; the international market of export products such as to achieve some international certification, such as ISO9000 series, ISO14000 series certification certification, UL into the North American market permits CE open, and enter the European market CSA, in the United States and Canada market permits, GS German products quality and safety certification, as well as VDE, KEMA and other international certification, and SA8000 social responsibility standard, the new standard of international buyers, more strength and competition of similar products.

two, real details to meet customer needs

released information product information, business information, etc. must be true and reliable, at the same time as detailed as possible, and starting from the customer demand angle, put yourself in for the sake of customers; if at the same time with some pictures, the effect is better, after all illustrations will give you a true and sincere feeling. After the release of such information, it will convey to the potential customers a good faith business attitude, business and life is the same, sincere in order to win goodwill. The chances of success are greatly increased only if they feel that each other is doing business in good faith. The popularity of the network to the present situation, any online customers can search engines or web search function to find similar products, therefore, goods than three, product information only details caused by the customer’s attention and learn. Otherwise, after customers browse a number of company’s product information, the product description is not exhaustive, or lack of physical photos, and even contact is inconvenient, in a flash, business opportunities will be lost in the fingertips.

three, control information release frequency


have been registered

pure man chunyemen

Tian Wa tianwa

but did not think of this essay and later did not intend to in the Spring Festival Gala, now replaced pieces "donor", "bad money" finally also arranged to Liaoning Spring Festival Gala, the domain name will also lead to "investment mistakes", which is accompanied by the sketch "donor" registered, Amoy Knight at the end of the women’s Mall small pieces, after seeking lists the following registered domain name:

Spring Festival this year, may have been influenced by the Spring Festival, a new high ratings, the ratings of over 95%, but the show was not the last high satisfaction survey, now of course is also about the Spring Festival evening raise a Babel of criticism of the topic of the advertising copy forcibly implanted, CCTV with a sketch of Zhao Benshan profit 15 million, of course, the most happy is CCTV and Zhang, also become the biggest winner of the Spring Festival, Spring Festival and so on who the people who make money? Of course, of which there are some speculative sale! 09 years show Xiao Shenyang with "not bad money" became a hit, and the Spring Festival Gala,


is bad money, jiuchaqian

and the "Big Dipper" touch performer Jia Ling and Kennan white, spelling the domain name has been registered, ha ha, is really to be registered have been registered first. We are looking forward to their registered domain names can be like last year Xiao Shenyang did fire up! But registered the most serious or the essays of Zhao Benshan, before the Spring Festival gala will spread out in the "bad money", a time, a ripple, the comedy actor and other information is also not registered after the new disciple Tian Wa will hold. Liu Xiaoguang, so

and other domain names have been registered, Xiao Shenyang’s pure Pinyin domain name asking price is as high as 50 thousand yuan, but the fact proved that the value is not only this number!

Liu Xiaoguang liuxiaoguang

Xiao Shenyang xiaoshenyang

donate juanzhu

Wang Xiaoli wang>

Bi grandpa bilaoye

not bad money, buchaqian

Yu Yang yuyang

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