The website of Shanghai Longfeng interpretation of outward first


keyword selection is a very important step, don’t do nothing, a keyword optimization is again good, again in the front, no search volume is what, in vain, waste of manpower, financial and material resources, and don’t compete with others, others are portals, tens of thousands of the chain don’t many people, some experience is resources. Key words too hot you are not accounted for the upper hand. So the hot key words is difficult, not overdo sth.. Maybe you do right income will be higher. Of course, that has nothing to do with the participation of words is not to mention. Research on keyword research more competition absolutely gabriel.

is like a house, it is a dead end, or the number of errors, the third floor two floor, two floor five floor, let people go wrong, or some house has no windows and doors enter, or go out, it is you guess, completely is a labyrinth, spiders also tired. Just as the same as the link can be the hero of all visitors, so please check whether there is a dead link and link error, now the network software.

in today’s society, the network has become the most areas of our lives, but also in the Shanghai dragon rise with the function of the Internet giant, in recent years China’s Shanghai, the rapid development of the industry, of course, the problem was a commonplace talk of an old scholar of Shanghai dragon, not once a day. But a long gradual process, in general the optimization is divided into two categories: the station optimization and station optimization. To borrow a phrase "the KMT government, in the station optimization to talk about personal views.

site structure

4. dead links and error link


the soaring house prices now everyone can not afford to buy ah, but a lot of house prices to you are buying and you don’t know all of the house is designed by experts, design department, if the structure of a house design is unreasonable problems, how will ask the house, the same right into the site code out of order, form the countless nested table layout, a mess. The search engine is certainly not the love.



content is king, this is as unalterable principles, love Shanghai, the great aristocratic baby lies in search to users want to information, if not display information to want to ask who is to use search engines, love Shanghai and noble baby and what is the use? Your site to all bikinis, everywhere. Is spam, everywhere copy stuff, that will not get the favour of search engine, naturally there is no good rankings, of course content should be related to your selected keyword, not disconnected, say you want to do website ranking and promotion of the centrifuge, but the content is all entertainment sports that is clearly not feasible. The station is not related to its content, saying cry up wine and sell vinegar. Although the search engine is a machine, but somehow is developed, and also not so stupid.

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