Strangers can help you choose better profile pictures

first_imgWant a new Facebook profile picture? Let a stranger do the choosing, say scientists who found that people are not good at picking out flattering pictures of themselves for online profiles.In the first study to investigate the process by which people choose their profile pictures, researchers from University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia found that images selected by strangers convey more favourable first impressions than images people select for themselves. The findings which were published in the journal Cognitive Research appear to contradict previous research which showed that people tend to portray themselves more favourably than others. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”Our findings suggest that people make poor choices when selecting flattering images of themselves for online profile pictures, which affects other people’s perception of them,” said David White, from UNSW.”This effect is likely to have a substantial impact on online interactions, the impressions people form and the decisions they base on them, including whether to employ, date, befriend or even vote for someone,” White said.”Previous work has shown that people make inferences about an individual’s character and personality within a split second of seeing a photograph of their face, so our results have clear practical implications,” he said. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive”If you want to put your best face forward, it makes sense to ask someone else to choose your picture,” he said.To find out whether selecting one’s own profile picture might have a positive or negative effect on first impressions, the researchers asked 102 students to select two out of 12 photos of their own face that they were most or least likely to use as a profile picture in three online network contexts: social networks, dating sites and professional networks. Participants were then asked to do the same for 12 images of a randomly selected stranger who had participated in the study previously.The researchers found that people tend to select images that highlighted positive personality traits in line with the context of the website that the image was for.”Our results demonstrate that people know how to select profile pictures that fit specific networking contexts and make positive impressions on strangers: dating images appear more attractive, and professional images appear more competent,” said White. However, when researchers showed these images to strangers they had recruited via the internet and asked them to rate how attractive, trustworthy, dominant, confident or competent the person in them appeared, they found that the images people had selected for themselves made a less favourable impression than images selected by others.last_img

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