Hasbro hyped up Captain America Civil War with a big box of

first_imgHasbro sent us a huge box of toys to promote Captain America: Civil War (specifically, the Captain America: Civil War licensed toys the company is selling). It included some rad Captain America and Iron Man role-playing items, and a sense of action-figure-collector lamentation. Warning, this post and video will make me sound at least slightly crazy.First, the good. Hasbro made yet another Captain America shield that fires Nerf darts, and it’s the best one yet. The shield springs open to reveal the blaster when you press the star, and it snaps closed with a lever on the back. It’s also properly Nerf gun-powered, firing darts the distance of our lab with ease (a problem the Captain America: Winter Soldier shield had). It’s really neat. The Cap and Iron Man masks are fun, but they don’t come close to the full-head Iron Man helmet Hasbro released for The Avengers. And Iron Man has his own armored blaster thing that amounts to a tiny two-shot Nerf gun attached to a telescoping half-tube that extends like a bracer. Cool idea, but too small for adult hands. Yes, I know these toys are for kids. That’s not important.Hasbro also threw in a ton of action figures for Captain America: Civil War, and here’s the problem: They’re almost all (with the exception of two huge Titan figures, which are basically poorly articulated dolls with sound chips for really young kids) 2.5-inch figures. The 2.5-inch figures are pretty terrible.  They’re poorly articulated and detailed, and the paint jobs are completely uneven (Scarlet Witch’s face looks fine, Winter Soldier’s face is literally a lump of black unpainted plastic with a splotch of pink). The accessories are even worse. They’re almost all completely unpainted clip-on weapons and shells for the figures. Iron Man has a dull gold Hulkbuster armor accessory that’s a single color and, when put on Iron Man, makes him look like a Monster in My Pocket. Sure, the figures come in two-packs, but they just look and feel really cheap.I know how crazy I sound as a toy collecting nerd about this, but it’s because I know Hasbro can do much better. Previous Marvel tie-ins had 3 3/4-inch figures, the same scale as GI Joes. They were much better detailed, with much more interesting accessories, and they worked universally with GI Joe and Star Wars 3 3/4-inch figures. These smaller guys look like they belong on a model train layout, not part of a sick superhero fight.It’s a particularly sore spot because GI Joe seems to be in limbo. It’s been a great toy line for over 30 years (the 3 3/4-inch ones; I know the 12-inch, Kung Fu grip GI Joes date back to the ’60s), and after the colossal flop of GI Joe: Retaliation, Hasbro seems to have dropped the entire line. This is the property that made the 3 3/4-inch figure scale, and if the Civil War box is any indication, I fear we’re going to see the very scale itself start to dwindle. And if the 2.5-inch figures are what will replace it, that’s gonna be disappointing for collectors and kids alike.Also, Captain America: Civil War was one of the very first Loot Drop videos, so I really want to be optimistic about Hasbro’s toys. Nerf is still great, though.last_img

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