WATCH Greek Orthodox baptism goes viral priests technique dubbed violent

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram A video of an Orthodox priest baptising a baby has sparked outrage around the world, after his technique was perceived to be very abrupt.The footage taken at a Greek Orthodox church in Ayia Napa, Cyprus captures the priest dunking the baby in the baptismal font vigorously three times, before handing them back to what appears to be either the godparents or parents of the child.For those unfamiliar with the process, Orthodox christenings can appear confronting at the best of times, but online commentators have highly criticised the approach.Posted on Twitter by @Miss_Patriciah with the caption ‘IS THIS YOUR PRIEST!!!?????’, one Twitter user likened the priest’s technique to “child abuse”, while another went as far as to say “Baptism?? More like attempted murder.”Another said “Disgusting behaviour. Not funny! If he did that to my child I’d knock him out”.However others who viewed the video, came to the priest’s defence, claiming the actions were not dissimilar to that seen at other Greek Orthodox baptism services.“I went to a Greek baptism last year an this is genuinely what it’s like, thought the guy was gona [sic] drown the baby haha,” wrote one Twitter user.The sentiment was shared by others also, another stating: “That was a Greek baptism and very custom. It also wasn’t just water, but olive oil in that said water.”Watch the video below and be the judge. Was the priest out of line? IS THIS YOUR PRIEST!!!?????— T’Chelah (@Miss_Patriciah) May 8, 2018last_img

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