Security guards owed in Region Two

first_imgSecurity guards attached to the Integrated Security firm’s operations in Region Two (Essequibo Coast) have disclosed that they have not been paid for their services for now some three months. They, however, continue to work with the hope of soon receiving their outstanding payments.Speaking with the media, several frustrated guards related that despite making contact with the firm’s Georgetown offices, no positive answer was given them. The guards related that they have families to maintain, and are therefore calling on Government to intervene and have the firm pay them.One guard who is stationed at the Agriculture Ministry’s Fisheries Pond at Anna Regina told this newspaper that he has not received any payment for the past three months.The guards say that every time they call the firm, they are given different answers; and as such, they have reported the matter at the Department of Labour in Region Two. The Labour Officer within the Region is reportedly not getting on to the firm, and this is causing the guards more frustration.Several guards explained that the issue of their not being paid commenced with the resignation of a supervisor in June. There now is no one to record their time or to bring their payments on the Essequibo Coast.One guard, Deonarine Lilman, explained that the supervisor would usually ensure that they are paid.When contacted, Jhalle Khan, a representative of the security firm, told this newspaper that, from his understanding, the real issue is not the guards not receiving their payments, but rather the difficulty of transferring the cash to the workers. He explained that the firm has the money to pay the guards, but arrangements have to be made to get same to the Essequibo Coast.last_img

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