The dark history behind the high sales of the US group a feather in the 46 billion place

Abstract: 16 billion, 46 billion, 100 billion…… In fact, behind the numbers of the American group, it may not be exactly what Wang Xing described as positive energy. Recently, the "conspiracy" behind the high sales of the US group opened the dark history of the US group in order to hit the high sales volume.

16 billion, 46 billion, 100 billion……

even in the Internet industry growth, U.S. sales growth speed can be seen as a small miracle, behind this, Wang Xing portrays a professional and efficient for us, both technical and humanistic beauty group. read more

Why is there so little traffic on enterprise websites

network wide publicity, many audiences, has become everyone’s consensus.


, but many enterprises built website found that the site and not so beautiful as legend! The role of Marketing Co., just play a more inexpensive brochure, instead of what do not have to spend salary salesman


, what’s the problem? Why hasn’t there been our ideal state,


problem is at both ends: the web site built by the enterprise itself and the site builder.


1. site has less content and does not update read more

QQ webmaster brother occupation personal webmaster to remember all the barbecue

Recently, Baidu

and Google AdSense of neurological disorders, price decline, let this God of the individual owners miserable, has been more and more owners choose the "half" leave! There are good friends, QQ friends in similar characters, today I will choose a maybe many webmaster familiar people talk about the so-called

webmaster story!The

QQ class webmaster circle maybe a lot of people are familiar with the name of a cricket: brother, who is common in a variety of elite and non elite types of non mainstream or QQ webmaster exchange group met with the brother of cricket! Very accidental, is inevitable, it was two years ago, the QQ website development, in order to make a living, with this type of Web "gold rush tide"! When my website has been a little when I searched for the link, at this time, I met all brother. read more

Sandbox effect of Google

in the past two years, one of the hottest topics about Google is the Google sandbox effect (Sandbox Effect).

"sandbox effect" means that the new site in Google, it is difficult to get a good ranking, no matter how you optimize the site. In other words, a new website can have a wealth of related content, and can have a large number of high-quality links, the site is both search engine friendly, and user friendly, everything is optimized very well. But for a while, it’s hard to get a good ranking in Google. read more

Several practical methods for effective promotion of Sports Websites

I do sports website promotion, met some sports website webmaster friend. Because a few days ago sent two websites to promote the article, there are some sports website webmaster friend asked me to write about sports website promotion method. In fact, the promotion of sports websites is not very different from those promoted by the websites I wrote before.

first of all, when you do promotion plan, you should make sure your website’s market positioning and user positioning. What kind of user groups are appropriate to understand where these users are clustered?. Then work out your promotion plan. Sports websites are different from other types of websites, and his users are some sports fans and some fans. Unlike those entertainment sites, their user groups are more extensive, do not carefully analyze the user groups, can get good promotion effect. Let me just say I’m a part of the WSN- World Wide Web promotion. read more

The webmaster should also respond to the go out strategy

in recent years, the country has been calling the enterprise out of the door, but also a large number of enterprises have gone out, such as HUAWEI, such as Haier. In the light of the current situation, individuals feel that we should respond to the "going out" strategy of our country. Now the domestic circle has been killed in a foreign environment utterly routed, is not good, it is also a blue ocean compared to us. And sit still here, let’s take a fight, adhere to the strategy of going out. read more

Games such as SNS but do not drink too much wine.

today, a member of the website greeted me and said, "I’m a new player on the site."……". At this point, I suddenly realized that the direction of the development of the website seems to be a little offset. A local website, originally supposed to be based on local information and information, is now a platform for games.

games here refer to various applications developed by third parties in SNS. This article takes UCenter Home 1.5RC3 program platform as an example. read more

How to evaluate the efficiency of website form filling and use KLM-GOMS to analyze the efficiency of

editor: S++ group

most of the time the user tests are very difficult to test the form efficiency, the usual practice is to form, on-line users later statistics or stay time to consider the efficiency of the form, but this approach only to have after the line form to consider. So, in a form, in the design process, is there any scientific way to evaluate the efficiency of the designed form?

In 1983

Card, Moran & Newall in "human-computer interaction" (The Psychology of Human psychology Computer Interaction) the first mention of the GOMS model, in the early stage of human-computer interaction design has also launched a gust of wind. read more

Grasp the characteristics of the media, out of the blog title difficult bottleneck

now many bloggers feel that blogging is too difficult to choose from, and reflects the fact that blogs cannot find content to write".

many bloggers reflect: "you can’t find what you can write on your blog" (web photo)

yes, blogging is easy now, but stick to it, and keep the high quality of blog, write their own style is not really easy, almost all industries have been the topic of other people to write.

how to do? I think, the key is to seize the blog from the media — is now a self shared media age self experiences, thoughts and emotions, should write your own blog (you can feel interesting to write their own unique characteristics, and the reader) help. read more

Halfway out of a strong opponent Netflix, content eating HBO also panic

Abstract: in March 2015, HBO and Apple launched the HBO Now line streaming media platform, officially opened with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other online platform showdown prelude. By content eating HBO, in the streaming media era, encountered such a strong opponent Netflix, how to deal with


March 2015, HBO and Apple launched HBO Now line streaming media platform, officially opened with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other online platform showdown prelude.

a few days ago, the current CEO of HBO Richard Plepler said that HBO Now subscribers about 800 thousand, while the same period of Netflix subscriptions for the growth of more than 10 million. This is how many people feel some disappointment, in the Internet era, the old TV network is faced with the decline cannot be controlled? Or HBO, accumulate steadily, is brewing a new round of read more