Grassroots webmaster to the Shanghai dragon Er on several methods of stable website ranking

when we design the site code optimization, try to set up a simple code. The website code simple and smooth can facilitate the search engines continue to grab included, enhance the citation rate of the site as a whole, improve website page keywords ranking, the stability of the overall site keywords ranking. The site at the beginning of the line, the best website program of generating static, optimization function like this, can reflect our optimization effect.

we all know that the high quality of the chain can be brought to the site high weight of the vote, so as to promote our website keywords good ranking in search engines, but everyone in the choice of the high quality of the chain, the Shanghai dragon Er generally choose forum signature and classification of information, you can not imagine, when one day the search engine to cancel the forum signature and forum website cancel do signature? At that time our website keyword must have plummeted, here I suggest you find other resources outside the chain! Now I give you some chain place (for reference only) the first blog editor: my first choice is Sina. read more

How to write the best title and description

for some auxiliary words, is not possible to have on the tit>

4, Title is not only write keywords. In fact, this is not very good, although we are only write a few words of trouble, but in most cases, if a natural word write in title, the effect will be better. For example, A5 Title: "| stationmaster net will be on the site admin5贵族宝贝 webmaster webmaster information and service center", a total of 55 characters, three main keywords, but also appears to be very natural.

2, Title should be the most important keywords on the front, which is best not to put more than three of the main keywords, read more