Theres No Reason To Think Barry Bonds Can Coach Like He Could

Barry Bonds is back in baseball. The Miami Marlins announced Friday that Bonds will become their hitting coach, joining new manager Don Mattingly’s staff.1Since retiring, Bonds has worked as a spring-training guest instructor for the San Francisco Giants, but not on a full-time basis. So now we’ll get to obsessively analyze Bonds’ proportions all over again, this time in arguably the majors’ worst uniform.Bonds is a lightning rod because of his role in MLB’s steroid era, but I’m not here to re-litigate how much he cheated or what his punishment should be. The guy was pretty terrific at hitting a baseball long before we knew what BALCO was.My question is simple: Does a good hitter make for a good hitting coach?Not necessarily.To find out, I looked at every hitting coach going back to 19732The year the designated hitter was introduced. using data from, and for those who played in MLB, I gathered their Weighted Runs Created Plus (wRC+, a per-plate appearance measure of offensive production that we’re quite fond of at FiveThirtyEight) and the number of wins above replacement (WAR) that can be attributed to their offensive contributions.3For sticklers, this means I removed both positional defense and the overall position adjustment from a player’s WAR. But I did leave baserunning in offensive WAR, as is the custom for the statistic, even though that aspect of the game is often managed by instructors other than the hitting coach.But how does one go about quantifying coaching performance? It’s a complex question that I’ve struggled with over the years. One simple way to judge a hitting coach’s effectiveness is how well his hitters outperformed their expectations. To that end, I used a historical database of Marcel projections — named for the pet monkey from the show “Friends” because they’re so basic a monkey could compute them — and measured the degree to which a hitting coach’s pupils performed better in the batter’s box (according to Weighted On-Base Average, or wOBA) than they were projected to.Armed with all this information, we can see the (non-)relationship between a hitter’s offense and his coaching talents. Whether we make the comparison using the hitting coach’s career WAR, as in the chart above, or using a weighted average of his lifetime wRC+, the correlation between hitting well and coaching others to do the same is effectively nonexistent.While Bonds may have been second only to Babe Ruth among career hitters — ignoring steroids — we have no idea what that means for Giancarlo Stanton, Dee Gordon and the rest of the Marlins hitters. So while the thought of Stanton becoming even more Bonds-like has pitchers everywhere reconsidering their chosen profession, it’s still anyone’s guess whether Bonds will be able to communicate to others just what drove his preternatural plate discipline and freakishly fast reflexes at the plate. read more

Charles Oakley Strikes Deal to Avoid Trial for Fracas

Former New York Knicks player Charles Oakley leaves Manhattan Criminal Court, in New York.  (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)NEW YORK (AP) — Former New York Knicks star Charles Oakley has reached a deal with prosecutors who charged him with striking a security guard at Madison Square Garden.The Daily News ( ) reports that charges against Oakley will be dismissed and sealed after six months of good behavior.Oakley said Friday that a trial would waste time and money that should be used to “keep the streets better for kids.”His lawyer says Oakley didn’t need a trial to prove his innocence.Oakley was a Knicks fan favorite from 1988 to 1998. But he’s had a falling out with the organization since. On Feb. 8, he sat a few rows from Knicks owner James Dolan at a game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Security approached and a fracas ensued. Oakley was ejected and handcuffed. read more

Are The Cavs Overrated Or Underrated

1999Bulls13-37-8.6Missed playoffs1355—— 1983Lakers58-24+5.1Lost Finals16051606+1 2009Cavaliers66-16+8.9Lost Conf. Finals17251742+17 2017Cavaliers51-29+3.2TBD1566TBDTBD 1982Celtics63-19+6.4Lost Conf. Finals16861703+17 2008Spurs56-26+5.1Lost Conf. Finals16621678+16 2014Heat54-28+4.2Lost Finals15811604+23 1985Celtics63-19+6.5Lost NBA Finals16681685+17 2003Lakers50-32+2.7Lost 2nd Round16551651-4 2008Cavaliers45-37-0.3Lost 2nd Round15061562+56 1988Lakers62-20+4.8Won Title16431662+19 2009Celtics62-20+7.4Lost 2nd Round16931653-40 1979Bullets54-28+4.8Lost Finals15811554-27 2017Cavaliers51-29+3.4TBD1566TBDTBD Forget looking at defending champions, though. The more important variable, as far as sports bettors are probably concerned, is LeBron. Between his experience, his toughness, and his ability to thrive in crunch-time situations, he has a game well tailored to the playoffs. And that shows up in the data: 1993Bulls57-25+6.2Won Title16791726+47 1990Pistons59-23+5.4Won Title16661716+50 2001Lakers56-26+3.7Won Title16471779+132 ELO RATING IN PLAYOFFS 1986Lakers62-20+6.8Lost Conf. Finals16521647-5 16351669+34 YEARTEAMRECORDPOINT DIFF.PLAYOFFSSTARTENDDIFF. Average* 2011Heat58-24+7.5Lost Finals16721702+30 1997Bulls69-13+10.7Won Title17661802+36 2010Lakers57-25+4.8Won Title16131695+82 1995Rockets47-35+2.3Won Title15311665+134 2006Spurs63-19+6.7Lost 2nd Round16851675-10 ELO RATING IN PLAYOFFS YEARTEAMRECORDPOINT DIFF.PLAYOFFSSTARTENDDIFF. 1980SuperSonics56-26+4.2Lost 2nd Round16391614-25 2013Heat66-16+7.9Won Title17571754-3 2015Spurs55-27+6.3Lost 1st Round17331721-12 Average* 2013Heat66-16+7.0Won Title17571754-3 2006Cavaliers50-32+2.2Lost 2nd Round15621564+2 2010Cavaliers61-21+6.5Lost 2nd Round17011646-55 How defending NBA champions fared the next season 1998Bulls62-20+7.2Won Title17281785+57 1996Rockets48-34+1.6Lost 2nd Round14851497+12 2004Spurs57-25+7.5Lost 2nd Round17341719-15 2016Warriors73-9+10.4Lost NBA Finals17881756-32 1978Trail Blazers58-24+5.9Lost 1st Round15581551-7 LeBron James’s teams usually find a higher gear in the playoffs 2000Spurs53-29+5.9Lost 1st Round16371625-12 2005Pistons54-28+3.3Lost NBA Finals16131689+76 2011Lakers57-25+6.0Lost 2nd Round16591624-35 2014Heat54-28+4.8Lost Finals15811604+23 1992Bulls67-15+10.1Won Title17691762-7 1991Pistons50-32+3.1Lost Conf. Finals15521535-17 1989Lakers57-25+6.4Lost NBA Finals16371677+40 * Average excludes 2017 Cavaliers.Source: 2015Cavaliers53-29+4.4Lost Finals16311692+61 2016Cavaliers57-25+6.0Won Title16421759+117 198476ers52-30+2.4Lost 1st Round15871572-15 The Cleveland Cavaliers haven’t been any good lately. And I don’t just mean their loss Sunday against the Atlanta Hawks, in which they became only the third team in NBA history to blow a 26-point fourth-quarter lead. They’re 12-13 since the All-Star break. They have one of the NBA’s worst defenses, having allowed 107.9 points per 100 possessions — in the same territory as the Orlando Magic and the New York Knicks. They haven’t won a road game against a Western Conference playoff team all season. But handicappers think LeBron James and company have a pretty good chance of winning their second-straight NBA title anyway.Their view depends on their belief in the existence of Playoff LeBron, a superhero that transcends his already-formidable regular season form to carry his team to ever-greater heights. The good news for Cavs’ fans is that Playoff LeBron exists. He just might not be mighty enough to drag this team to a title.On the basis of their regular-season record and point differential, this season’s Cavs have been in the same general vicinity as teams such as the Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and Utah Jazz. Those teams are variously 30-to-1 to 100-to-1 longshots to win the title, according to Vegas bookmakers. But the Cavs are nonetheless the second-favorite team to win the championship, with a 20 to 25 percent chance according to bookmakers.Computer systems disagree. All of them have the Warriors as odds-on favorites to win the title, with the San Antonio Spurs as the next-best bet, and the Cavs as part of an undistinguished mass of teams beneath them. ESPN’s BPI puts Cleveland’s chances at just 4 percent. Basketball-Reference’s playoff odds also have them at 4 percent. And FiveThirtyEight’s Elo-based ratings1In this article, I’m mostly ignoring the difference between Elo ratings and “CARM-Elo” ratings, which are Elo ratings adjusted for our pre-season CARMELO projections. Our forecasts are based on Carm-Elo ratings, but the Cavs’ Elo rating is 1566 and their Carm-Elo rating is 1562, so this makes little difference at this stage of the season., which heavily weight recent play, have them even lower at just 2 percent.Usually, Elo-type ratings mimic betting markets fairly well. We give the Warriors a 65 percent chance of winning the title, for instance, and the San Antonio Spurs an 11 percent chance — right in line with where markets have them. So what accounts for the huge difference on Cleveland?One explanation is that this is all just sort of irrational: the Cavs are a marquee team and bettors just can’t stomach the idea that they’re just the Raptors with better uniforms. But I’m not sure I totally buy that; NBA betting markets are usually fairly sharp.Instead, bettors expect the Cavs to find a higher gear in the postseason. This isn’t an idea they just came up with; it was already priced into their assessment of the Cavs before the year began. At the start of the NBA season, FiveThirtyEight’s projections forecast the Cavs to win 57 regular-season games. (They have 51 now, so they’ll finish with no more than 53 wins.) That forecast was almost the same as what Vegas gave them, which put their over-under at 56.5 wins. But we also gave the Cavs only an 11 percent chance of winning the title whereas Vegas put them at 5-to-2 against, or a 29 percent chance. In other words, handicappers and the computer models agree on “regular-season Cavs.” It’s just that Vegas thinks that “playoff Cavs” are different — and much better — whereas our Elo ratings make no such distinction.But is there good reason to think that Cleveland can turn it up a notch?It’s not hard to recall examples of defending champions that lollygagged their way through the regular season, only to show up as the best version of themselves in the playoffs. In 2000-01, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers finished with a 56-26 record — better than the Cavs this year, but not by that much — before winning 15 of 16 playoff games and repeating as NBA champion. And Hakeem Olajuwon and the 1994-95 Houston Rockets finished at 47-35 before winning the title despite being the No. 6 seed. In his last season in Miami, James and the 2013-14 Miami Heat had an uninspired regular season, going 54-28. But they made the NBA finals before losing to San Antonio.I’ve done a bit of cherry-picking there, however. Overall, it’s not clear if defending champs overperform by much in the playoffs. In the table below, I’ve looked at every defending NBA champion since the ABA-NBA merger in 1976-77. If the “higher gear” theory is correct, then they should systematically beat Elo’s expectations in the postseason, in which case their Elo ratings will rise over the course of the playoffs. On average, however, these teams’ Elo ratings increased only from 1644 to 1658 during the playoffs.2This average excludes the 1998-99 Chicago Bulls, the only NBA champion since the merger to miss the playoffs. So there’s a little something there, but in Elo terms, that’s pretty minor — not much more than a rounding error.3An Elo rating of 1644 is equivalent to 55.5 regular season wins in an 82-game season, while an Elo rating of 1658 is equivalent to 56.7 wins. 2002Lakers58-24+7.2Won Title16761738+62 2007Heat44-38-1.2Lost 1st Round15051479-26 1987Celtics59-23+6.6Lost NBA Finals16761659-17 * Average excludes 1999 Bulls and 2017 CavaliersSource: 2007Cavaliers50-32+3.9Lost Finals15981621+23 2012Heat46-20+6.4Won Title16131712+99 1981Lakers54-28+3.3Lost 1st Round16101595-15 16441658+15 1994Bulls55-27+2.9Lost 2nd Round15751607+32 James’ teams have made the playoffs 11 times prior to this season. And they’ve played really well, both in absolute terms and relative to their regular-season performance. James and the Cavs did have a disastrous postseason in 2010 — when, as the No. 1 overall seed, they lost to the Celtics in the second round — but that’s pretty much the only exception. On average, they’ve gained 34 Elo points from the start of the playoffs to the end. And over James’s past six postseasons, they’ve outperformed their regular-season ending Elo rating by an average of 55 points.So let’s say that Elo has the Cavs’ underrated by somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 points. Call that a “LeBron clutch factor” or whatever else you like. I asked my colleague Jay Boice to add 50 Elo points to the Cavs’ Elo rating and rerun our playoff simulations. Their championship odds rose … but only to 6 percent.Instead, you have to add about 150 points of Elo rating to get the Cavs’ odds in the same vicinity as Vegas has them.4With a 150 Elo-point boost, the Cavaliers’ NBA title probability would be 21 percent. That’s a lot. Elo sees the Cavs’ current level of performance as equivalent to a 48-34 regular-season record. Add 150 Elo points to that total, and they’d project to a 62-20 regular season record. That’s a 14-win gain — about what you’d get from adding someone like Kawhi Leonard or Anthony Davis to the roster.Have no doubt: I’d love to plunk some money down on the Cavs at the odds our forecast and the other computer models give them. Playoff basketball is a pretty different specimen from regular-season basketball, and our model isn’t doing anything to account for that. This is something for us to examine for future iterations of the model, even if the Cavs get bounced in the first round.But I also wonder if the bookies aren’t going too far in the other direction. There are plenty of defending champions — and James-led teams — that underwhelmed in the regular season before going on to win a title or at least reach the finals. But few of them underperformed as much as the Cavs have. They also tended to benefit from down periods in the league, as the 1994-95 Rockets and 2000-01 Lakers did. This year, the Cavs will have to get past the Warriors, who might be even better than last year’s 73-9 version5The Warriors’ point differential is better last year’s — and the fourth-best in NBA history — and they have Kevin Durant., or, failing that, probably the Spurs.Nor will the Cavs’ enter the postseason with much rest. Instead, as the East’s No. 1 overall seed has been up in the air between the Cavs and the Celtics, James has averaged 43 minutes per over the team’s last five games. Kyrie Irving has gotten only two days off since the All-Star break. Kevin Love has played heavy minutes despite missing time in February and March due to knee surgery.James has beaten expectations so many times in the playoffs that transcendent things are almost expected from him. If he leads the Cavaliers to another title this year it really might be his greatest accomplishment yet. 2012Mavericks36-30+1.8Lost 1st Round15471525-22 read more

Opinion Shaun White has something to prove after missing out on Olympic

U.S. snowboarder Shaun White wipes out while attempting to land a trick during the finals of Snowboard Halfpipe during the Sochi Winter Olympics Feb. 11. White failed to medal in the event.Courtesy of MCTIt is fair to call Shaun White the face of snowboarding.The most decorated Winter X Games Athlete in both total medals and gold medals, White had also claimed gold in Snowboarding Halfpipe in Turin 2006 and Vancouver 2010.But in a stunner, White not only missed out on the gold, but he failed to make it to the podium altogether Tuesday in Sochi, Russia. Switzerland’s Iouri “I-Pod” Podladtchikov took home the top honors, while Ayumu Hirano and Taku Hiraoka of Japan snatched silver and bronze, respectively.White’s failure to medal comes days after he surprisingly pulled out of the first-ever Olympic slopestyle event before qualifying, when he decided to “focus solely on trying to bring home the third straight gold medal in halfpipe for Team USA.”White had taken a year to concentrate on slopestyle, hoping to go for double gold. It is speculated that he was worried about picking up an injury during the event, which would have kept him from the halfpipe competition. White and Canadian Mark McMorris both suffered injuries on the Sochi course while practicing two weeks ago.A few of White’s Canadian competitors were none too pleased with his decision to pull out of the event. Max Parrot, who finished fifth in the event Saturday, called White out via Twitter Feb. 5.“Shaun knows he won’t be able to win the slopes, that’s why he pulled out. He’s scared!” the tweet from Parrot’s personal account, @MaxParrot said. The tweet was later deleted.American Sage Kotsenburg took home the gold in slopestyle, Norwegian Ståle Sandbech snagged silver and McMorris won the bronze.Many of the top riders competing this month voiced their concerns with not only the slopestyle course but also with the halfpipe. American Hannah Teter, who won gold on the halfpipe in 2006, suggested that the event be pushed back.“They should push it back is what they should do, and fix it so we can showcase snowboarding the way it needs to be showcased. Not as a junk show, which is what it was looking like right now,” Teter said.White also voiced his disappointment after practice Monday.“It’s hard to get in there and have all the tricks and have everything that you need and not be able to get to the wall,” White said.White failing to even medal is the most surprising result of the Sochi games thus far. He also pulled out of all competition at the X Games in January to concentrate on the Olympic tournament.Tuesday, White earned the highest score of the night in the semifinals with a 95.75, but his highest score on his two final runs was a 90.25, which was only good enough for a fourth place finish. Podladtchikov registered a 94.75, while Hirano received a 93.50 and Hiraoka a 92.25.White is considered the best at his sport, but missing out on a medal on the world’s biggest stage will only make it harder for him to stay at the top.If you want to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best. Now he has something to prove. read more

Football Campbell Baker Worley named to national watch lists

OSU sophomore linebacker Jerome Baker (17) intercepts a ball in the second half of the Buckeyes’ 30-27 overtime win against Michigan on Nov. 26. Credit: Lantern File PhotoOhio State’s wide receiver and punt and kickoff returner Parris Campbell was named to the Paul Hornung watch list Monday, while linebackers Jerome Baker and Chris Worley were put on the Butkus Award watch list.The Butkus Award is given to nation’s top linebacker and was last won by a Buckeye in 2007 when James Laurinaitis took home the award. The Hornung, which a Buckeye has never won in its seven-year existence, is awarded to the nation’s most versatile player in a major college football conference by the Louisville Sports Commission. Baker and Worley were staples of the 2016 linebacking corp and figure to lead a fierce unit in 2017. Baker, a junior from Cleveland, tallied 83 tackles last season, including 9.5 for loss and 3.5 sacks. He started 12 of 13 games for Ohio State and recorded a career high 15 tackles against Michigan.Worley, a senior captain from Cleveland, recorded 70 tackles last season and started in all 13 games. The 6-foot-2, 230-pound linebacker is expected to play the Mike position in the fall.Campbell, a redshirt junior wideout from Akron, Ohio, will be one of Ohio State’s top targets at wide receiver in 2017, as well as its premier return man. Campbell caught 13 passes for 121 yards last season and led the Big Ten in kickoff return average with 27.8 yards per return.Campbell and Worley join 10 other teammates on watch lists this season. For Baker, this is his third watch list nomination having received a nod for the Bronko Nagurski watch list and the Bednarik Award watch list. read more

Dentist whose lax hygiene standards sparked major health scare guilty of malpractice

first_imgWhen the whistleblower’s footage was shown to horrified health bosses, 22,000 patients listed on the practice database were written to and offered blood testing, with around 6,000 coming forward.It is believed to be the largest recall in NHS England’s history, and screenings were offered for blood-borne viruses including HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.Of the patients who came forward, 4,526 patients of Mr D’Mello were tested, five of whom were found to have hepatitis C. None were found with HIV or hepatitis B.Due to the multiple ways in which these infections can be transmitted, however, it is not possible to identify how those with hepatitis C caught it.Ms Surgey spoke of how Mr D’Mello insisted on seeing “massive amounts of patients”, sometimes seeing up to four in the space of 15 minutes.She told the hearing: “We saw a lot of patients so cross-infection control was impossible – he was my boss and I thought my loyalty was to my employer. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. I have let the profession down, I have let the patients down and I have the public down and it will never, never happen againdental nurse Caroline Surgey Mr D’Mello’s actions… were a departure from this duty and, there, constituted a failure to maintain adequate infection controlsGeneral Dental Council panel A dentist whose surgery hygiene standards sparked a major health scare has had a string of malpractice allegations against him proven.Desmond D’Mello prompted a mass blood screening of patients after a whistleblower exposed the poor levels of cleanliness at his practice.More than 22,000 patients were recalled after he was secretly filmed breaching clinical standards at the Daybrook Dental Practice in Gedling, Nottinghamshire, over the course of three days in 2014.A conduct hearing at the General Dental Council in London found scores of allegations against him, included failing to change gloves between patients and not putting on a new surgical mask for each patient. The former Daybrook Dental Practice in Gedling, The former Daybrook Dental Practice in Gedling, Nottinghamshire All but one of more than 50 allegations against him were proved, the panel found. Mr D’Mello, who had been a dentist for nearly 38 years and began his own practice in 1980, still faces a final ruling from the committee.The panel said in its findings of fact: “Mr D’Mello was under a duty to maintain adequate infection control for patients and staff.”Mr D’Mello’s actions… were a departure from this duty and, there, constituted a failure to maintain adequate infection controls.”Dental nurse Caroline Surgey admitted more than 20 allegations which happened when she was working alongside Mr D’Mello.The 43-year-old mother of two told the hearing on Monday she had failed adequately to re-educate herself following a hiatus from the profession and was scared to challenge Mr D’Mello in case she lost her job.An emotional Ms Surgey, who has since received the relevant training, said of her reaction when she re-watched the video of herself: “It was appalling.”If I saw that person doing that I would be horrified, I was ashamed and I could see failures in all of it and if I saw that person I would think they were a really bad person.”She added: “I have let myself down, I have let my family down, I have let the profession down, I have let the patients down and I have let the public down and it will never, never happen again.” “I know that’s not correct, it is to my patients and I should have held the patients first.”She added: “I really did not think I had any place in telling the dentist what to do, but I know now that I can and I will.”One witness had previously described to the panel the “filthy” state of D’Mello’s surgery and how she had been rebuked by him for cleaning too much.The hearing heard on its opening day how an investigation determined there had been “very few glove repurchases” in the surgery and the witness later told how she had once found a soiled glove stuffed into a box for new ones.Mr D’Mello did not attend the hearing, instead opting to write to the committee last week to express his “total shock” at the allegations, the handling of which he said was “humiliating”.The former dentist had a contract for the NHS for the financial year 2014-15 worth nearly £675,000, but was suspended when the allegations were made on June 13 2014.last_img read more

Man charged over theft of Eddie Izzards pink beret

first_imgEddie Izzard and Peter Tatchell Eddie Izzard and Peter TatchellCredit:Eddie Mulholland A Metropolitan Police spokesman said David Czerwonko, 26, of Brentford, west London, has been charged with theft.He has been bailed until September 19 when he is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.Izzard, who spoke to a crowd of several thousand people at the event, retrieved his beret but the hat was then taken away by police as evidence. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A man has been charged with theft after Eddie Izzard’s pink beret was snatched during a pro-EU rally.The comedian gave chase in high heels after the beret was taken during the protest in Whitehall, central London, on Saturday.last_img read more

Gatwick parking firm collapses leaving hundreds of holidaymakers stranded with their cars missing

first_imgDespite being told she would be reunited with her car on Monday it had still not been found by the time she returned to the airport. Border Force check the passports of passengers arriving at Gatwick Airport (stock picture) Border Force check the passports of passengers arriving at Gatwick Airport (stock picture)Credit:Oli Scarff/Getty Images The 30-year-old added: “I had been on a four-hour journey and had to pay around £200 but I still had no car.”Izola’s cerebral palsy means that her limbs stiffen up easily and she gets aching muscles so she must have been in discomfort but can’t tell me.”Our car also has her support seat in it that I use when I’m feeding her so I need that back. I’ve had to cancel three physiotherapy appointments for Izola.”The owner of 1st Gatwick Parking Mark Smith, which is unrelated to the firm, says he has been contacted by people looking for their cars by phone and at the airport. Hundreds of holidaymakers were left stranded at Gatwick Airport after a car parking firm closed down and failed to return their vehicles.Police were called when meet-and-greet parking company Gatwick First Parking ceased trading and people returning to the airport discovered their cars were missing.Officers said around 120 vehicles were found to be parked at various sites in Sussex and Surrey, and keys for cars left by travellers before they flew out were discovered at a Surrey office.A further 30 keys were found at the firm, which is not a Gatwick-approved meet-and-greet parking company and has no relationship with the airport, but the cars have yet to be found.Kyle and Libby Augustin had returned from a family break to Portugal with their one-year-old twins on Saturday night and discovered the company that was looking after their black Audi Q7 had simply disappeared.center_img The couple’s daughter Izola has cerebral palsy and it was close to midnight when they called Gatwick First Parking.After calling police themselves, the Augustins were initially told that it was a matter for trading standards and they were forced to return home by taxi at a cost of £130.Mrs Augustin, from Tenterden, Kent, said: “We had collected our bags and were all tired but we couldn’t get hold of the firm so we went to where we’d dropped off the car but couldn’t see it and that’s when we bumped into another couple who were on the phone to Sussex Police about their missing car.” “I’ve been here for 30 years and I’ve seen this sort of thing happen before. It is very easy to set up here, blast through the summer and disappear without a trace,” he said.A spokesman for Sussex Police said that although the situation was a civil matter it had worked to reunite owners with their cars, although 30 are still to be located.Sergeant Darren Taylor, of the Gatwick Policing Team, said: “It’s essential that Gatwick Airport passengers use official on-airport parking, or companies registered with Gatwick’s off-airport approved parking operators scheme only, to avoid this sort of thing from happening.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Denise Van Outen reveals why she fell out with Johnny Vaughan

center_img Van Outen said: “Obviously I gave it a second go but a similar thing happened again, but it’s hard because I loved him so much and I still do.”I could still be angry about it now but I have seen him since and whenever I see him, because I love him so much and he makes me laugh so much, more than anyone I’ve ever met, I just forget about it.”We were really, really good friends, I just don’t know if it would ever be the same again.” Denise Van Outen has spoken about how her friendship with The Big Breakfast co-host Johnny Vaughan was “tarnished” when they fell out over pay.The pair shot to fame as the presenting double act on the morning TV show but Van Outen has said she quit when she felt like their relationship would not be the same again.The TV star told ITV’s Loose Women: “You put so much trust in a person and I’ve had it in the past in the 90s. I can talk about it because it’s been public, I had a big fall-out with Johnny Vaughan, who I did The Big Breakfast with. “We created it together and not just us, the rest of the team working on the show. I always had that mentality that it’s about all of us.”I know there were other influences involved and agents and everything but he was negotiating separately from me, his contract, which I found out, obviously confronted him and I realised then at that point our friendship had gone in two different directions and for me it was tarnished and that is why I left the show. Denise Van Outen Denise van Outen arrives at the Gala Dinner following The Costa Smeralda Invitational Golf Tournament at Pevero Golf Club, Costa Smeralda on June 27, 2015 in Olbia, ItalyCredit:Gettylast_img read more

Cyclists face ban from Aroad as groups warn decision would set extremely

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Cyclists face being banned from an A-road as lobby groups fear that the decision will spread further across the country. Proposals by Highways England to ban cyclists from a stretch of the A63 near Hull have led to dismay among cycling groups, who say the plan could “set an extremely dangerous precedent”.British Cycling CEO, Julie Harrington, and Welcome to Yorkshire chief executive Gary Verity are jointly opposing the plans, which they say are “deeply concerning”.In a joint statement they said: “If speed and density of traffic was accepted as a reason to ban cycling, cyclists would be banned from the vast majority of our roads.”The only other road with a similar policy is thought to be an eight-mile stretch of the A19 on Teesside, where cyclists were banned in 2015. Highways England said that six accidents in five years involving cyclists, one of which was fatal, had prompted it to look at barring them from using the road. Humberside Police is also supporting the proposal.  The strategy, published in January 2016, commits the organisation to creating new cycle networks, improving conditions for cyclists on roads and taking their needs into account when planning new routes. A spokesman for British Cycling added that Highways England had improved its attitude to cycling in recent years and the A63 proposals appeared to be a “unique situation”.He added: “One fatality in the last five years is actually incredibly low, particularly when you take into account that there have been 300 collisions involving cars on the same stretch of road in the same time period.”Cycling UK also opposed the plan, which they said was “entirely unreasonable and lacks both evidence and analysis”. Duncan Dollimore, the organisation’s head of campaigns, said: “It’s hardly surprising cyclists can’t keep up with motor vehicles on an A-road, but it is ludicrous to use that as one of the reasons for banning them. “If cyclists are banned from the A63 because they’re unable to hit high speeds, then where will it stop? It’s the thin edge of the wedge and shows a complete lack of reasoning.”  The road is popular among racing cyclists as a time-trial route, including Sir Bradley Wiggins, who attempted to set a new British 10-mile record there in 2015.center_img Highways England’s Emergency Planning Manager Andrew Charnick said: “The safety of everyone who uses our roads is our highest priority. “The A63 is a busy road and a large number of HGVs leave the docks and use the route to join the M62. There are alternative, safer routes available for cyclists.“In the last five years there have been six accidents involving cyclists, including one fatality. We have been working closely with Humberside police and the local authority on this issue and both fully support the plan.”A consultation on the plan ends on February 19.  Ms Harrington added: “British Cycling does not, as a matter of principle, believe that the correct way to address the safety of cyclists is by banning the activity altogether, and that the successful implementation of this Traffic Regulation Order could have far-reaching implications for cycling here in the UK which are contrary to Highways England’s own Cycling Strategy.”last_img read more