ASK A COP: What’s the limit on passengers?

first_img Reminder! Law enforcement agencies will be out in force to keep our roads safe as you travel. AAA estimates a record setting 39.8 million Americans will chose automobiles as means of transportation during the 4th of July holiday travel season. National Safety Conference estimates that nationally between July 3-7, which is the 4th of July holiday, that 565 lives will be lost and another 64,500 people will receive serious bodily injuries from traffic crashes on our roadways. Keep in mind as you celebrate and if you’re going to consume alcoholic beverage that you do so responsibly.Never take a chance: As you plan to drink adult beverages, also plan for a responsible, sober driver to transport you home. Also, with celebrating the 4th of July, there’s a tradition of popping fireworks. The popping of fireworks in the city limits of Port Arthur is illegal; even the mere possession of fireworks in the city of Port Arthur is illegal! Fireworks are very dangerous and should not be handled by unskilled pyrotechnic workers.Why would municipalities like Port Arthur have such an ordinance prohibiting people from celebrating with fireworks? It’s because fireworks in the hands of the unskilled are dangerous and deadly. In 2017, eight people were killed and apparently 13,000 injured to the degree that they sought emergency care for the use of fireworks, and 66% of those deaths and injuries are during the 4th of July celebration. Having knowledge of this beforehand makes it seem like we need to find a different way to celebrate. Do not be dismayed. The city of Port Arthur along with neighboring municipalities will have a fireworks display on the 4th under the control of professional pyrotechnics that can be viewed over the city but is enjoyed much more if you gather near the seawall in Port Arthur.Mable from Port Neches asks: Officer Antoine, thank you for this column. I can’t express my gratitude to you, PAPD and The News for educating the public on driving laws. Officer Antoine, the other day a co-worker and I were enjoying some retail therapy (shopping) when we observed a small four-door vehicle with two adults and five children crammed in the back seat. Officer Antoine, I’m sure this vehicle couldn’t seat more than five people, but they were surely sitting on top of each other inside that car. Officer Antoine, is it illegal to have more people in a vehicle than what it’s designed to accommodate?Answer: Good question, Mable! I can imagine the shock that you experienced witnessing all of the passengers, especially the children in such a small vehicle. Mable, it only makes sense that if a vehicle is equipped to accommodate five passengers that no more than five passengers can legally ride in said vehicle.But according to state law, we do not enforce seatbelt laws on private property and if all seatbelts in the vehicle are properly used securing passengers, then additional passengers can ride in the same vehicle without being secured by a seatbelt. From the desk of the Chief of Police Tim Duriso and all of the proud, hard-working men and women of the Port Arthur Police Department, we extend a happy Independence Day, 4th of July to all of our Port Arthurians and neighboring communities whom we serve daily. We hope everyone is able to come together and join our nation as we enjoy a safe and peaceful 4th of July celebration. Also we all know that popping fireworks is illegal in Port Arthur, but we still will have some of our citizens ignite fireworks and our dispatch department becomes flooded with such calls. Please understand that we’re not ignoring your call; be patient with us as we still have other calls for service that may have a greater need of response!center_img So the number of passengers a vehicle is equipped to hold doesn’t necessarily mean all the passengers that vehicle can legally transport on the road. Mable, of course this means transporting passengers is dangerous but legal. I guess the question is, who’s volunteering to be the unsecured passengers?Chris from Port Arthur asks: Officer Antoine, this blew my mind. I saw a car on the road while I was in Humble with no doors, no hood or trunk cover! It appeared that this car surely shouldn’t be on any road legally in Texas. This car looked like it should be in the junkyard. What’s even more shocking is that a police officer pulled up next to the vehicle and just shook his head. Now, Officer Antoine, is this legal to drive on the roads of Texas without any doors, hood or trunk cover? Thanks for all you do.Answer: Good Question Chris! As strange as that vehicle may have appeared to be on the roadway without doors, hood or trunk cover, there’s nothing in the Texas Transportation Code that prohibits such operation. I’m sure that’s why the officer did not take any action because there was nothing illegal about the vehicle. Chris, I would agree with you that this car probably looked like it was ready to be sent to a salvage yard but as long as it was inspected with current registration and insured it was no fault for this vehicle to be on the roads of Texas.Join Officer Antoine for Ask A Cop Live, on KSAP 96.9 FM, “The Breeze” radio station every Tuesday from 1-2 p.m. Tune in and listen as Officer Antoine discusses in detail the newly released Ask A Cop article that printed in The News. You can also tune in via internet at Feel free to call in and ask your question live to Officer Antoine at 409-982-0247.Remember to email your questions to [email protected], or call 409-983-8673 and leave a message or voice mail question, or mail them to: Ofc. Rickey Antoine, 645 Fourth St., Port Arthur, Texas, 77640. If you happen to see me in public you can Ask A Cop!last_img read more

Leahy rips GOP over fast-track plan to repeal Obamacare

first_imgVermont Business Magazine On the Senate Floor this afternoon, Senator Patrick Leahy addressed the Senate on the pending Republican-authored legislation to enable and facilitate repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), popularly known as Obamacare.  The vehicle being used by Republican leaders for this is a budget resolution, S.Con.Res.3, “To Instruct Committees To Draft Legislation To Repeal The ACA.”Floor Remarks Of Senator Patrick LeahyOn The Budget Resolution, S. Con. Res. 3 (To Instruct Committees To Draft Legislation To Repeal The ACA)Senate FloorTuesday, January 10, 2017The 115th Congress convened just last week, and instead of beginning the year with a renewed sense of cooperation, Republicans in Congress have chosen a different path.  The very first thing on the agenda is to press forward with a sham budget – the only purpose of which is to set up a process to repeal the Affordable Care Act with a simple majority vote.Why?  Because they know such a repeal would never pass otherwise.  Instead of working to finalize appropriations bills for this year – already more than three months in – or to invest in our nation’s critical infrastructure, or to truly bolster our nation’s cybersecurity, or to improve the Affordable Care Act to ensure more people can receive affordable coverage, Republicans are recklessly rushing forward solely to fulfill an ill-considered campaign promise.  They are pushing American families over the cliff with the vague ‘promise’ that eventually they will come up with a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.  Jump first, plan later is anything but a responsible formula for sound decisions, and all the more so when the health insurance of tens of millions of American families is at stake.The Majority Leader and others have said that a repeal of the Affordable Care Act is “only the first step.”  They say that a full repeal is necessary to pave the way for a replacement.  “Let’s leave Obamacare in the past,” they argue.  When you strip away the rhetoric, the only alternative being offered to the American people by advocates of a repeal is: Don’t get sick.The American people have the right to know what a vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act really means.  A repeal of this law would not just take away the rights and care of millions of patients and their families; it would eliminate insurance coverage for millions more, from the aging and elderly, to men and women with preexisting conditions, to the most vulnerable children. A repeal of the Affordable Care Act would turn back the clock to a time when, once again, women would have to pay more for health insurance than men, insurance companies could rescind a health insurance policy because someone gets sick, and coverage could forever be denied to someone born with a disease or ailment.In Vermont, the Affordable Care Act has reduced the number of Vermonters without insurance by 53 percent.  Tens of thousands have gained coverage under the expansion of Medicaid.  And because the Affordable Care Act closed the prescription drug “donut hole,” more than 10,000 Vermont seniors saved $12 million on drugs in 2015 alone.I have heard stories from many Vermonters about how vital this law is to them and their families.  I have heard from family doctors, like one in Bennington who remembers when his patients couldn’t afford treatment because of lifetime and annual limits on health care coverage.  Or a woman from Westminster whose family hit hard times and moved from job to job but could afford to keep continuous health coverage because of the plans offered through the Affordable Care Act.  Other young Vermonters are able to pursue careers in public service or the arts because they can stay on their parents’ health insurance until age 26.  Countless others have underscored that because of previous health issues such as diabetes or cancer, health coverage would be unaffordable without the guarantees and subsidies provided by the Affordable Care Act.Opponents of the Affordable Care Act have gone to new lengths to repeat and prolong this political battle.  And that’s all this is.  They have had six years to propose a better alternative but have failed to do that.  Instead, Congressional Republicans and the President-elect have decided to put the cart before the horse and dismantle our health care system before figuring out how to fix it.  The American people rightly expect us to work together to make progress on so many challenges that we face today.  Instead, we are engaged in dangerous political gamesmanship.   I will not support a return to less protection, less coverage, less fairness, and higher costs.  That’s what repeal means.  The Affordable Care Act extended health insurance to millions of families in Vermont and across the country.  Those who represent the American people in Congress should stand ready to get to work for their constituents.  I will not support an effort to reverse the many reforms and achievements we made through the Affordable Care Act, and instead cobble back together a broken system that for too long burdened most American households with health coverage uncertainty and crippling costs.Source: Leahy 1.10.2017last_img read more

Researchers use 3D-printed models to study women’s penis size preferences

first_imgResearchers at the University of California–Los Angeles and University of New Mexico have found that women prefer a penis that is larger than average — but only slightly larger.“Since context matters, men should be thinking ‘fit’ rather than ‘fat’ with respect to their penis size,” researcher Nicole Prause told The Daily Beast. “In other words, women may prefer different sizes for different reasons at different times, so chances are very good any guy is someone’s ideal for the relationship type they are seeking.”The study, published September 2 in PLOS One, found that women tend to pick a slightly larger-than-average penis for one night stands, while their preference is about average when considering a long-term partner. Previous studies that examined women’s preferences regarding penis size have mostly relied on abstract ratings or used two-dimensional images of flaccid penises. To obtain a more accurate rating of women’s preferences, the researchers used a 3D printer to create 33 plastic penis models. The models were cylindrical, representing the shaft, and topped with a dome, representing the penis head. They ranged in length from 4.0 inches to 8.5 inches, and ranged in circumference from 2.5 inches to 7.0 inches. The models were blue to minimize racial associations. Seventy-five mostly white or Asian California women, who ranged in age from 18 to 65, used the models to answer 15 questions about their penis size preferences.The researchers found that 25 percent of women reported having ended a relationship due, in part, to their partner’s penis size. Having a penis that was too small, rather than too large, was more often cited as the problem.“Women preferred a larger penis size (especially a larger circumference) for one-time partners as compared to long-term partners. While this preference for a larger phallus is above the average penis size, it is only very slightly above the average,” the researchers wrote.The average American erect penis length is about 6 inches long, with a 5 inch circumference. On average, the women in the study preferred a penis that was 6.4 inches long and had a 5 inch circumference in one-time partners. They preferred a penis that was 6.3 inches long and had a 4.8 inch circumference in long-term partners.“Since women’s preferences for both relationship types were slightly larger than the average male, the preferred size for the one-time partner was farther from the average. Novelty itself contributes to pleasure, so seeking a more novel-sized penis may be consistent with a goal to pursue pleasure primarily in one-time partners,” the researchers wrote. “Given that women typically experience more pleasurable and orgasmic sex in longer-term relationships, they might prefer a larger penis for short-term sex partly so the increased physical sensation compensates for the reduced psychological connection.”The researchers also found that the women in the study could often accurately recall the size of a penis model, but tended to slightly underestimated penis length.“Women may misremember specific partners penis attributes as smaller than they really are. This may exacerbate men’s anxieties about their penis size,” the researchers said.But the study leaves a number of questions unanswered. The researchers did not investigate individual differences among the women, such as vaginal depth. In addition, 15 women in the study indicated “no answer” for their penis size preferences. Fifteen women also reported never having intercourse, which could have skewed the results. Share LinkedIn Share on Twittercenter_img Share on Facebook Pinterest Emaillast_img read more

Posts From The Road: Fish Creek Falls

first_imgFish Creek: Farther down stream from the water fall Fish Creek levels out somewhat as it flows toward town and eventually flows into the Yampa River. Photo by Gary Warren/ By GARY WARRENPhotographerFormerly of Los AlamosWhen visiting Steamboat Springs, Colo., it is easy to be drawn to the many downtown activities, shops, and restaurants. In the winter, life centers around skiing and snow boarding in this mountain town.However, Steamboat Springs  is also known for its natural beauty. There are miles of trails for hiking and biking and the Yampa River running just a block off of the main street through town offers fishing and other water activities.Fish Creek Falls less than five miles from downtown up a paved road and is perhaps the most popular hike in town. We have visited the area several times but had never taken time to view the falls until a recent visit. There are two falls, a lower falls and upper falls. On this visit, we chose to view the lower falls and we were not disappointed. The ideal time to view a water fall in this part of the country would be early summer shortly after the snow melts but Fish Creek Falls flows year-round.Editor’s note: Longtime Los Alamos photographer Gary Warren and his wife Marilyn are traveling around the country and he shares his photographs, which appear in the ‘Posts from the Road’ series published in the Sunday edition of the Los Alamos Daily Post. Fish Creek Falls: This view of the 280 foot Fish Creek Falls in Colorado is one of several viewpoints across the canyon. Water from several mountain lakes in the Rabbit Ears Range flow into Fish Creek. Photo by Gary Warren/ River and Falls: From river level looking up towards the water falls visitors get a different view and perspective of the falls. The river also reveals thousands of rocks and boulders, which have traveled through the creek carried by the rushing waters. Photo by Gary Warren/ Downstream: A view of the river looking downstream still shows the fast flowing river waters over rocks and boulders but this view is more calming than seeing the water rushing at you. Photo by Gary Warren/ladailypost.comlast_img read more

Play that funky music

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Nailsea and Backwell RFC camp sold out!

first_imgIncluded are two of the ever-popular ‘girls only’ camps at Avonmouth Old Boys RFC and Weston-super-Mare RFC, as well as a first trip to Wellington RFC.The Foundation will also visit Dings Crusaders, Old Reds, Hornets and Old Bristolians throughout the summer holidays – and you can book your place now by clicking here.The camps consist of a games-based combination of technical input and fun and incorporate a level of contact progress through touch, grab and full contact.Away from the playing field, the camps also offer rugby lifestyle workshops, including nutritional and fitness advice.Each and every camp is evaluated and fully endorsed by coaches at the very top of the sport.  All coaches hold PRL Minimum Standards qualifications – including minimum RFU Level 1, Enhanced DBS, Safeguarding & Protecting Young People, and First Aid. Nailsea & Backwell RFC – SOLD OUTDate: July 24th-26thTime: 10am-4pmDings Crusaders RFCDate: July 29th & 30thTime: 10am-4pmEarly-bird codes: U8s-U11s: DCEB8 U12s-U16s: DCEB12 (valid until June 29th)Avonmouth Old Boys RFC (girls only)Date: August 1stTime: 10am-4pmEarly-bird codes: U8s-U11s: AVEB8 U12s-U16s: AVEB12 (valid until July 1st)Wellington RFCDate: August 5th & 6thTime: 10am-4pmEarly-bird codes: U8s-U11s: WRFCEB8211 U12s-U16s: WRFCEB12216 (valid until July 5th)Old Reds RFCDate: August 7th & 8thTime: 10am-4pmEarly-bird codes: U8s-U11s: OREB8 U12s-U16s: OREB12 (valid until July 7th)Hornets RFCDate: August 12th & 13thTime: 10am-4pmEarly-bird codes: U8s-U11s: HRFCEB8211 U12s-U16s: HRFCEB12216 (valid until July 12th)Old BristoliansDate: August 14th-16thTime: 10am-4pmEarly-bird codes: U8s-U11s: OBEB8 U12s-U16s: OBEB12 (valid until July 14th)Weston-super-Mare RFC (girls only)Date: August 19th & 20thTime: 10am-4pmEarly-bird codes: U8s-U11s: GIRLSEB8 U12s-U16s: GIRLSEB12 (valid until July 19th) The camps consist of a games-based combination of technical input and fun and incorporate a level of contact progress through touch, grab and full contact.Away from the playing field, the camps also offer rugby lifestyle workshops, including nutritional and fitness advice.Each and every camp is evaluated and fully endorsed by coaches at the very top of the sport.  All coaches hold PRL Minimum Standards qualifications – including minimum RFU Level 1, Enhanced DBS, Safeguarding & Protecting Young People, and First Aid.Click here to book.last_img read more

How the Eagles let defense ruin their season: 7 steps to Philadelphia’s failure

first_imgThe schedule ahead offers a few breaks with games against the Bears, Dolphins and Redskins, but over the next four games, with a bye in between, the Eagles also need to face the Bills in Buffalo and both the Patriots and Seahawks at home.Both the numbers and the eye test suggest the Eagles’ defense isn’t just disappointing in 2019 — it’s just plain bad and getting worse. They might be able to sneak back to 9-7 with offense, but in a loaded NFC, that won’t make the cut for a playoff berth.Consider the Eagles’ season ruined, and they should be ruing their defensive mess above all else. The Eagles’ slow starts. Doug Pederson’s silly guarantees. Carson Wentz’s efficiency struggles. DeSean Jackson’s abdomen injury. Zach Ertz’s diminished role. The running game’s general ineffectiveness. The offensive line’s gross underachieving. The locker room’s rumored dissension. The team’s fading chemistry. Heck, Sporting News’ has even laid out some of these overall fundamental problems, not just once when the Eagles were 1-2, but once again going into the Cowboys game.But none of the above really matters, because it’s the defense continuing to dash all hopes and dreams of returning the team to that Philly Special glory of Super Bowl 52. Even more troubling is the fact that the defense also was largely responsible for the Eagles falling from 13-3 NFL champions to a 9-7 NFC wild-card team last season.WATCH: How Dak Prescott roasted Eagles on SNFBelow we deconstruct the latest defensive debacle with a detailed look at the seven biggest reasons for it.The Eagles are simply allowing too many points.After giving up 38 points to Vikings and 37 points to the Cowboys in back-to-back weeks, the Eagles’ scoring defense is down to No. 24 in the NFL at 26.6 points allowed per game, tied with the winless Bengals. They keep digging big holes by spotting teams big leads; according to Sharp Football, the 2019 Eagles are the first team to allow 20 or more first-half points in five games since the 2002 Bengals.The Eagles are the only team in the NFL to allow 20+ points in the first half in 5 games.First half points allowed by the Eagles defense, by week:Week 1: 20Week 2: 10Week 3: 20Week 4: 20Week 5: 0*Week 6: 24Week 7: 27*vs Luke Falk— Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) October 21, 2019In that Week 5 game against the Jets, the Eagles allowed only six points to a Sam Darnold-less team down to its third-string quarterback. Take that outlier away, and the Eagles have given up 30 points per game.The Eagles are not getting to the quarterback.The Eagles have 17 sacks. That’s a relatively low number, and it’s also inflated by the Jets game, in which they had 10 sacks combined against Luke Falk and David Fales. Another three came Sunday night against Dak Prescott and the Cowboys, and that burst in pressure didn’t have any impact on the final outcome.It’s not like the Eagles don’t have talent up front. They’ve invested plenty in ends Brandon Graham and Derek Barnett, and especially in tackle Fletcher Cox, to help them put heat on the pocket with only four so they can consistently drop back seven.Because of that deficiency, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz has tended to blitz more than usual to generate some kind of pressure. Of course, that doesn’t work when the team has cornerbacks who keep getting roasted one-on-one.The Eagles’ secondary somehow has gotten worse.The Eagles entered Sunday’s game optimistic with the starting cornerback combination of Ronald Darby and Jalen Mills back healthy. But they didn’t help much at all against Prescott, because the problem runs deeper than the perimeter, and the burying of ineffective Sidney Jones on the depth chart was meaningless. Avonte Maddox remains out, and Rasul Douglas, Craig James and Orlando Scandrick don’t scare anyone in coverage.Starting safeties Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod are showing diminishing skills with age, and backups Rudy Ford and Andrew Sendejo have provided no support. The Eagles are basically scrambling to find bodies who can make plays and not get burned outside-in.The lack of pass rush from players who aren’t blitzing from the secondary also has put a group limited on talent in bad positions. No wonder they were so desperate to trade for Jalen Ramsey before the Rams made the better offer. What’s most to blame for the Eagles falling to 3-4 after Week 7 for a second straight season? In one word, defense.After Sunday night’s listless, 37-10 loss to the NFC East-leading Cowboys in Dallas, fingers are being pointed, and a few notable pundits are screaming from just about every direction toward Philadelphia during the NFL’s typical weekly hot-take circus.center_img The Eagles’ linebacker corps is slow and doesn’t recover well.They were without middle linebacker Nigel Bradham against the Cowboys, and earlier in the season, they were without outside linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill. It’s also clear the Eagles made a mistake by not re-signing Jordan Hicks, who has been balling out for the Cardinals. Nathan Gerry is an active tackler, but he is often out of position and caught chasing.While all the focus has been on how bad the Eagles are on the back end, when these linebackers aren’t filling downhill against the run, the entire defense suffers.The Eagles have a bottom-half red zone defense.The Eagles’ red zone defense ranks 18th in the league, allowing teams to score touchdowns at a 56 percent clip inside the 20. But in the past three games, that’s up to 70 percent, mainly with the way the Vikings and Cowboys finished drives with balanced attacks.So on top of giving up long scores downfield, they also aren’t positioned to bend without breaking in the shadow of their own end zone.NFL POWER RANKINGS:Eagles’ slide continues into Week 8The Eagles are forced to compromise their run defense.Going into Dallas, Philadelphia could at least hang its helmet on stuffing teams in the power running game. But the Eagles had to soften up their coverage against the Cowboys so they weren’t burned downfield by Prescott and big-play wideouts.That whack-a-mole attempt opened huge lanes for Ezekiel Elliott, and the Eagles also couldn’t handle the changes of pace from Prescott, Tony Pollard and Tavon Austin running the ball. So while the Eagles succeeded in taking away the back-breaking shot plays, they traded for a more painful slow bleed.The Eagles have no easy defensive answers in sight.The biggest game-changing pieces at corner, Ramsey and Marcus Peters, were traded to other teams, and the Cardinals are not likely to deal Patrick Peterson. The combination of Schwartz’s shaky scheming and the team’s glaring personnel weaknesses suddenly can’t be fixed no matter how many more defenders the Eagles bench.last_img read more

Achieving Greatness Car Show Sept. 23 at Savoy! (Bill Neal’s Column Sept. 20)

first_imgBILL NEAL:10—I know, I know, I know…you hate to say it. Hey, for that matter you even hate to think it, but what you gonna do. Oh stop it. You know what I’m talking about. Once again the words “Bill Neal was right” have to burn their way out your mouth. I told “ya’ll” Martavis Bryant didn’t shoot the sheriff or the deputy. It was just weed, people. And it’s legal in some states. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone the habit and those who know me know I don’t know a doobie from the Doobie Brothers, but the problem was fixable. And now, boys and girls, judging by this past Sunday’s game against the Vikings, you see why the Steelers didn’t send him packin’. The man has “Super Bowl” skills!:09—In case you’ve been asleep at the wheel, your two-time, Back-to-Back, Lord Stanley Cup Penguins started training camp. That’s all I got. Move along, people. Nothing else to see here.:08—The tuff time Pittsburgh Pirate pitcher Trevor Williams is having is no reason to throw him to the wolves. Truth is, the first six seasons of the great Sandy Koufax were nothing to write home about. But the second six years…LEG—EN—DARY!!!:07—The car show is back up. The Achieving Greatness Car Cruise and Show is re-set for Saturday, September 23 in the parking lot of the fabulous Savoy Restaurant. New time, 12 noon until 4 p.m. First, second and third place large trophies—two categories —Corvettes, and all other cars, bikes, SUVs—trophies for each category.:06—Tickets are now available for the 4th Annual Pittsburgh City League High School Hall of Fame Awards. Saturday, October 7 at the August Wilson Center. 6 p.m. reception, 7 p.m. showtime. Only 500 will be sold. Remember the last 3 years were sold out. Tonja Stevens, Kevan Barlow, Vaughn Rivers, Eddie Benton, and Lauren and Christina Neft lead the group this year. Call my number for information. 412-628-4856.last_img read more

For these ‘Old Timers,’ competitive basketball never stops

first_imgLike us at @NewPghCourier on Twitter ALLEGHENY OLD TIMERS head coach Al Smith, middle, with players Marlin Kimbrew and Floyd Means. (Photo by Rob Taylor Jr.)MCKEESPORT—The “Old Timers”—a term of endearment for these basketball stars who flooded basketball gymns across the Pittsburgh area this past weekend, providing a competitive, yet respectful product for all to witness.Here at the historic Neenie Campbell Memorial Gym, the Allegheny Old Timers faced a team from Westerville, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus.“This league is all about fellowship and friendship,” Allegheny Old Timers head coach Al Smith told the New Pittsburgh Courier in an exclusive interview. “It’s a fraternity. When the game’s over, it’s over, (and) we party together.”The American Old Timers basketball league, founded in Ohio, sports upwards of 12-16 teams in cities such as Cleveland, Dayton, Columbus and Detroit. There are three age divisions (35+, 45+ and 50+). The season begins in October, and a particular city gets to host a number of games on a particular weekend, every two weeks. Pittsburgh, more specifically “Allegheny,” hosted 14 games on Oct. 21—five in the 35+ category, five in the 45+, and four in the 50+. Many of the Oct. 21 games were played in McKeesport.“I’ve been coaching for 40 years,” Smith said, including St. Mary’s in Sharpsburg, under legendary Peabody High School head coach Norman Frey, and under Matt Furjanic of Robert Morris fame. “So, just like the (players), I’m still having fun.”Many of the league’s players spent time in Division 1 college ball, the NBA and overseas. The league holds their “Final Four” playoffs in April. Smith said the Allegheny team has won “five or six” championships since becoming a team in the 1980s.“They’re all competitors, but we still joke a lot. These guys never stopped playing,” Smith said. “To me, it’s just a great atmosphere and that’s why I coach.”last_img read more

Harrison thriving in his new role with the Patriots

first_imgIn this Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018, file photo, New England Patriots linebacker James Harrison (92) pushes Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Hurns (88) out of bounds during the first half of the AFC championship NFL football game in Foxborough, Mass. Harrison has six tackles and a quarterback hit in the Patriots’ two postseason wins. (AP Photo/Steven Senne, File) FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) — James Harrison is headed back to the Super Bowl.And he says the only thing he’s focused on is winning a third championship.Everything else is secondary for the 39-year-old Patriots linebacker, who is thriving in his new role with the team that was once his rival.“That’s the goal. To win the Lombardi (Trophy). There’s only one winner,” Harrison said as he prepared to make his first trip to the Super Bowl since the 2008 season, when he captured his second ring with Pittsburgh.He’s done talking about his abrupt departure from the Steelers last month and the suggestions from his former teammates that it was Harrison who asked to be released after complaints about playing time.In a lengthy post on Instagram days after joining the Patriots, Harrison responded directly to his critics, writing: “If anybody thought I signed a two-year deal with a team in the NFL at age 39 to sit on the bench and collect a check and a participation trophy, they’re mistaken. I didn’t sign up to sit on the bench and be a cheerleader.”What’s not in dispute is that Harrison’s playing time decreased significantly this season with the Steelers.The Steelers’ sack leader with 80½ in 14 seasons in Pittsburgh, Harrison appeared in just five games and played a total of 38 snaps for them this season. He had only one sack. His five appearances were his fewest since his first season in Pittsburgh in 2002.After being released on Dec. 23, Harrison signed with New England in time to play in the Patriots’ regular-season finale against the Jets. He had three tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble in his debut.In one regular season and two playoffs games with the Patriots, he’s already been on the field for 89 snaps.“I’m doing whatever they ask me to do,” Harrison said. “I’m getting more snaps than I had (in Pittsburgh), and I like that.”As to whether he has something to prove at this point in his career, he said that has always been his mindset.“Anything people say I can’t do, I want to prove them wrong,” Harrison said.He says it would be impossible for him to feel truly acclimated after just three games, but he has an appreciation for the way the Patriots approach things.Safety Devin McCourty said Harrison’s work ethic has been noticeable.“I think younger guys, a lot of younger guys on the team compared to him, can learn from him,” McCourty said. “I think we all saw that from Day 1 when he came in here bright and early getting whatever he needs done.”Coach Bill Belichick praised Harrison’s ability to handle the different things they’ve asked of him.“This guy is a professional. He’s into football. He’s into his job and wants to do it well,” Belichick said. “I, 100 percent totally respect that. That’s what you want from everybody.”Harrison started at outside linebacker in the AFC title game against Jacksonville and is in line to start again alongside Kyle Van Noy and Elandon Roberts against the Eagles.Whatever happens, Harrison is secure in the decisions he’s made.“It feels good, but like I’ve said before, this is all God’s plan,” he said. “This is all his doing. I’m just reaping the benefits of it right now.”___More AP NFL: and Kyle Hightower on Twitter at read more