WatchDont relax too much Finance Minister Bill Morneau doesnt rule out future

Ottawa made no changes in the federal budget to the way capital gains are taxed, but Finance Minister Bill Morneau isn’t completely ruling out changes in the future.When asked about possible changes to the way profits from selling off personal assets are taxed in the future, Morneau left the door open.Why capital gains tax changes would be bad, but dividend tax changes would be worseOntario urges Ottawa to change tax rules in bid to curb house flipping in hot marketsStephen Jarislowsky: Canada’s capital gains tax is already highly unjust. Raising it will make that worseIn an interview, the minister would only say that the government decided not to make changes in this week’s budget.Rumours about a possible increase to capital gains taxes were widespread on Bay Street ahead of the budget on Wednesday.Under the current rules, half of investors’ capital gains are included when calculating their income taxes.Speculation had suggested that rate could increase to as much as two-thirds or three-quarters. read more