Poland Closes Its Doors to Refugees After Paris Terrorist Attacks

New York – Poland’s European Affairs Minister said in a statement on Saturday that his country would close its doors and will no longer accept any refugees.The Polish government made this decision as a response to the terrorist attacks that shook Paris on Friday night, killing nearly 150 civilians and injuring over 200 others.“After the tragic events of Paris, we do not see the political possibility of respecting the plan,” the minister said referring to the European Union’s resettlement agreement for refugees. The refusal of Eastern European countries to host refugees prompted the EU to adopt the refugee resettlement plan among its 28 member states, last September.Poland adopted the plan and agreed to resettle 5,000 immigrants within its borders. The decision was condemned by the country’s ruling nationalist party.According to several media reports, one of the perpetrators of the ISIS-claimed terrorist attacks in the French capital was a refugee, after a Syrian passport was found near one of the bombed areas.“We announce that the passport holder has passed Leros on 3/10/2015, where he was identified based on the EU rules, as these were established on the Summit Meeting about the refugee issue,” Alternate Minister of Citizens Protection in Greece, Nikos Toskas said in a statement Saturday.However, many social media users have questioned its authenticity, “[some] editions of the new Syrian passport [were] produced in France. Why [would] a terrorist [be] carrying his passport, especially if real?” a Twitter user said.“Why would a terrorist, who is going to blow himself up, have a passport on him?” another user posted.“Can we say definitely that the passport belonged to the terrorist, though” a third user said implying that the found passport could be someone else’s or part of a setup.Regardless, Poland is using the unconfirmed news of the Syrian passport in Paris as an excuse to deny any further entrance to refugees.According to a report by U.S. online magazine Slate, members of the EU’s resettlement plan are not legally allowed to restrict access to refugees.A similar move from other European countries could destabilize the “union’s entire governance system” and create a bigger challenge to the current refugee crisis.Innocent victims of warfare and violence carried out by terrorist groups pay the price of criminals that hide their identity and pretend to be refugees in order to enter host countries and perpetrate attacks. read more