DEBATE: Will owning status symbols become a thing of the past?

first_imgWhereas cars and houses were the ultimate status symbols a decade or two ago, today’s society is looking elsewhere to discern wealth. Non-tangibles, such as wellness qualifications or membership at a fashionable members’ club, have become the modern status symbol. While not physical products, these new age symbols of status portray a glaring message of wealth and ambition. But that’s not to say old-fashioned status symbols are dead and buried. As the prospect of homeownership becomes less and less likely for younger generations, the appeal of abandoning personal fiscal responsibility and deploying disposable income towards the purchase of luxury watches, designer clothes, and the latest pair of Yeezy trainers is all the more tempting. NO, says Leon Emirali, an entrepreneur and investor. Despite the fashionable scepticism of capitalism, society’s appetite for consumerism is more rampant than ever. Yes, the technological revolution has seen demand for the subscription economy sky-rocket, but the lure of ownership remains strong. Share whatsapp Can we really foresee a time when owning status symbols will be a thing of the past? YES, says Mark Davis, co-founder and creative director of property branding agency me&dave. DEBATE: Will owning status symbols become a thing of the past? Where and how we’re living is changing too. By 2025, 60 per cent of Londoners will be renting, so the rabid pursuit of homeownership will naturally fade and people will start to embrace this new “subscription” lifestyle model. Being free to up sticks and work remotely, or move to a build-to-rent development in any city unburdened by “stuff” – covetable or otherwise – will become the new symbols of success. It’s all about experience, rather than tangible things.  It’s already happening. The way we live is changing, as are the things we care about, and this is affecting our attitudes to the old trappings of success. center_img whatsapp Main image credit: Getty NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 11: Social media bloggers listen as Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announces that the online streaming music service will expand to 20 new markets around the world and that it has worked out a deal with Led Zeppelin, which had so far refused to license its catalog for streaming on the service on December 11, 2013 in New York City. The new markets will include a number of countries in Europe and South and Central America and the music service will now allow free streaming to mobile devices. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Tuesday 8 October 2019 11:07 am Mark DavisMark Davis is co-founder and creative director of property branding agency me&dave. and Leon EmiraliLeon Emirali is an entrepreneur and adviser. Follow him on Twitter @LeonEmirali Opinion City A.M.’s opinion pages are a place for thought-provoking views and debate. These views are not necessarily shared by City A.M. Today, for example, we stream music on Spotify rather than curate record collections. Furniture subscription services offer flexible and sustainable alternatives that appeal more than owning a classic Eames lounger. We’re becoming less focused on what the material objects we own say about us.  The experiences you have will be the new markers of success and wealth. Tags: Spotifylast_img read more

For Juneau, it’s a good time to fly

first_imgEconomy | Juneau | TransportationFor Juneau, it’s a good time to flyFebruary 10, 2016 by Lisa Phu Share:A Delta airplane at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in November. (Photo by Jeremy Hsieh/KTOO)Travelers in Juneau are seeing extremely low flight prices to destinations in the Midwest and East Coast, many available through the summer.Travel analyst Scott McMurren gave some examples of roundtrip fares offered by Delta Air Lines.“Juneau to Minneapolis for $361. New York for $365, which is insane. The fares dropped by $100 to $200 overnight. And adjusted for inflation, really, Juneau has never ever seen these exceptional rates,” McMurren said.McMurren said Alaska Airlines has matched Delta’s fare between Juneau and Seattle at $208. To most other destinations, Alaska prices are at least $100 to $200 higher.McMurren said Delta is hoping to convert Alaska fliers.“What they’re trying to do is leverage their global network. Alaska doesn’t fly between Juneau and Richmond, Virginia. They don’t fly from Juneau to Indianapolis. They don’t fly from Juneau to Sioux Falls. Now, Alaska has added 26 new destinations from Seattle, so they fly to a lot more destinations than they used to, but they do not fly to all destinations that Delta does,” McMurren said.These low rates are Juneau specific, said McMurren. Out of Anchorage and Fairbanks, fares have fallen but not to the same level.Delta recently cut two weekly flights out of Juneau, but will resume daily coverage in May.While some Delta fares are lower than Alaska, McMurren reminds travelers of other differences to consider when booking flights, like baggage fees, mileage programs and dependability. Delta still does not offer any in-state flights.Share this story:last_img read more

Independent Senate candidate visits Haines: ‘I’m all work, no party’

first_imgFederal Government | Politics | SoutheastIndependent Senate candidate visits Haines: ‘I’m all work, no party’October 20, 2016 by Emily Files, KHNS-Haines Share:Margaret Stock, who is an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Lisa Murkowski, makes a campaign stop in Haines on Oct. 8. (Photo by Emily Files/KHNS)Margaret Stock says if she is elected to office, she’ll be “all work and no party.”No party as in no political affiliation and the distractions, she says, that come with it.Stock is an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Lisa Murkowski.She made a campaign stop in Haines in early October.Stock thinks her status as an independent will be one of her strongest assets if elected senator.“What’s happened in Washington, D.C., is that senators who are members of national parties now spend the majority of their time raising money rather than doing their jobs,” Stock said. “They raise money primarily from corporations and powerful special interests. Because they’re spending all their time asking outside groups for money, they’re not doing things their supposed to do as legislators.”Stock thinks incumbent Murkowski is guilty of shirking some of her duties as a legislator.She points to Murkowski, like many other GOP senators, refusing to hold a hearing on President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland.“The Senate is supposed to hold hearings and give the nominee an up or down vote,” she said. “They don’t have the option of just not doing their job and not holding a hearing. But that’s what’s happened in the polarized political climate in Washington.”Stock has not served in elected office before.She touts the varied experience she does have on her resume.After a challenging childhood that included a period of homelessness, Stock went to college and joined ROTC.Later, she was later commissioned as an Army Reserve officer, which brought her to the 49th state – Stock was stationed at Fort Richardson.“By the end of it two things had happened, I fell in love with Alaska and I had fallen in love with an Alaskan,” she said. “So I got off active duty. I ended up going to law school.”In 2013, she was awarded a MacArthur Foundation genius grant for her work as an immigration attorney.The MacArthur Foundation chose Stock partly because of her work on the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest program.The recruiting program enables immigrants with in-demand skills to gain U.S. citizenship through military service.Immigration has become a hot topic during this year’s presidential election. Stock says the U.S. should have a “robust system” for screening immigrants.“But at the same time we don’t want to be afraid of foreigners because our nation is a nation of immigrants,” she said. “We’re strongest when we welcome the best and the brightest from all over the world.”Another aspect of Stock’s experience could play into her decisions as a senator: her military career.She says she is familiar with the Veterans Affairs health care issues that Alaskans experience.“I do hear from a lot of veterans in Alaska because they’re my friends and colleagues, and I’m a veteran myself, and people are generally pleased with the level of care they get at the VA facility once they get into it,” Stock said. “There are significant transportation problems and there have been problem with bureaucrats in the Lower 48 devising solutions that don’t work for Alaska.”Alaska’s two current senators, Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, have introduced legislation to give land to Alaska Natives in communities that were left out of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.The Chilkoot Indian Association in Haines is one of the so-called “landless” tribes.Stock says she supports the concept of giving lands to Natives who were left out of ANCSA, especially Vietnam vets. But Stock says she would need more information before supporting a land transfer.“We’re going to have to be creative in trying to figure out what land people are gonna end up getting. And the calculation might involve consideration of what uses they’re going to put the land to, what are they going to be doing with the land? Some people say they want a short-term cash payment. Others say ‘wait a minute, I’m very connected to the land, I want to be on the land that my ancestors inhabited.’ So we’re going to have to take all that into account. It’s going to take a lot of creativity.”Stock says her biggest challenge, if elected, will be hearing the voices of all Alaskans. She says balancing time between Washington and her vast home state might be difficult, but she’s up to it.Stock will be on the ballot with Republican Murkowski, Libertarian Joe Miller, Democrat Ray Metcalfe, and other independents Breck Craig and Ted Gianoutsos.Share this story:last_img read more

The Vampire Western Noir Set in Iran and Filmed Near Bakersfield

first_imgFilmThe Vampire Western Noir Set in Iran and Filmed Near BakersfieldAna Lily Amirpour creates a fairytale Iranian town in A Girl Walks Home Alone at NightBy Daniel Schindel – November 21, 20141429ShareEmailFacebookTwitterPinterestReddItWhen director Ana Lily Amirpour wanted to make a vampire western noir romance crime movie set in Iran, she knew that she couldn’t actually film it there. Fortunately she had the perfect setting in mind. “I grew up in Bakersfield,” she says. “I went to high school there, so I knew of all those shitty little oil towns in the California desert. That’s how we got Taft.” Located on the edge of the San Joaquin Valley about 30 miles southwest of Bakersfield, Taft stands in for Bad City, Iran, the setting of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Amirpour’s first feature. The offbeat film has drawn accolades since it premiered at Sundance this year; it opens theatrically this weekend.The Iran of the film isn’t meant to resemble the “Iran Iran,” Amirpour explains. “I think of it as a fairytale Iranian town. Like how Gotham is a New York of the mind. It’s a comic book kind of Iran.” The cast of characters also fits into that mold, starting with its title character. The eponymous “girl” (played by Sheila Vand) is in fact a vampire who skateboards along the streets of Bad City searching for victims while sporting a billowing chador that, as Amirpour puts it, makes her look “like Batman, like a stingray, like a creature of the night.”Vampires have been enjoying a major pop culture moment for the past couple of years, but Amirpour doesn’t think of Girl as a vampire film: “I think of it as a film with a vampire in it. This movie is more of a dream.”Besides a skateboarding vampire girl, Bad City is also home to a young man trying to manage his father’s debts, a “super gangster” ruling the roost, a middle-aged prostitute trying to make her way, and many other fascinating characters. “You know how your dreams make sense to you, even though if you were to describe them to other people, they’d be all over the place?” Amirpour says, “It’s like that. These characters all fit into this stylized, archetypal world. If I really liked a certain thing, I’d just chuck it in this stew.”Adding to the dreamlike atmosphere is the film’s black and white color scheme. Amirpour actually doesn’t fixate on vintage black and white movies the way many cinephiles do. “But when I first had the chador,” she explains, “I saw its black shape against a white wall. I was into the idea that the film could look like Rumble Fish. The town itself has this starkness to it: the oil rigs with the black oil and black structures with white sand and white smoke. [Black and white] just fit.”Reversing the usual trend of comic-to-film adaptations, Amirpour is currently expanding on the film with a comic book series that lays out the backstory of her bloodsucking protagonist. That’s in addition to traveling at home and abroad to promote the movie. She doesn’t know what elements she’ll be tossing into her next stew, but the result will likely be well worth checking out. TAGSWesternVampireTaftNoirFilmCrimeBakersfieldAna Lily AmirpourA Girl Walks Home Alone at NightIranPrevious articleNasty Gal’s First Brick-and-Mortar Is Open For BusinessNext articleAt Grand Central Market, a Historic Taco Stall ExpandsDaniel Schindel RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORA New Episode of ‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ Is a Call to Action in Another Unsolved MurderHollywood Is Embracing a Post-Vax Slate Made to Fill TheatersYoung Filmmakers Set Out to Capture the Complexity of L.A. and the Results Are Beautifullast_img read more

News / Conversions will maintain LATAM Cargo capacity after sale of freighters

first_img LATAM has sold its last two B777 freighters to Atlas Air, but their departure will not leave a gap.The ACMI provider will deploy them through its Southern Air subsidiary for DHL. Atlas has already used one under a lease agreement with Latin America’s largest cargo carrier. The second will leave LATAM’s fleet in May.LATAM Cargo chief executive Andres Bianchi (pictured) said the 777 had turned out not to be the optimal choice for his airline.It was originally ordered to strengthen LAN Cargo’s capacity in the transatlantic market and to deepen the trunk routes in Latin America. However, two subsequent developments undermined its efficiency. First, the merger of LAN with TAM brought in a lot of belly capacity and, secondly, the key Brazilian market suffered a severe recession that resulted in a dramatic decline in inbound volumes. As a result, the role of LATAM’s freighters shifted to a larger focus on feeding the belly network.But the departure of the 777s will not entail a reduction of LATAM’s capacity, Mr Bianchi said. The airline is to take delivery of a B767 freighter in May, and it just moved to line up further maindeck capacity, signing an agreement with Boeing to convert three of LATAM’s passenger B767-300ERs into all-cargo configuration.The first of these is expected to enter service in November, and the remaining two will follow in 2019 and 2020.Management’s strategic review found that the 767 freighter is best suited for LATAM’s cargo business.“The 767 is great for our core markets. It is a great plane for an eight-hour segment, and it is great for cargo that is less dense,” Mr Bianchi said.This should work well for LATAM’s routes within Latin America and to the US. According to Mr Bianchi, it is also well suited for the carrier’s European freighter flights routed from South America over Miami to Amsterdam and Frankfurt, returning via Dakar and Viracopos to Santiago.In lieu of three B777 flights, LATAM will operate five weekly B767 frequencies, so capacity will be roughly equal, Mr Bianchi said.LATAM is currently using eight B767Fs, one B777F and one MD-11F, which has been leased-in for back-up and supplementary work. At its peak, the freighter fleet stood at four 777s and 12 767 cargo aircraft.The expansion of the 767F line-up indicates that freighters continue to play a role for the airline. Mr Bianchi said a fleet of 10-12 767 freighters constituted the right mix for the carrier and if further cargo planes were needed, the parent airline had a good feedstock of conversion candidates.He remained upbeat on market trends – the Brazilian economy had turned the corner, which had pushed up inbound volumes, he noted, adding that demand into Latin America had been going strong. He is also expecting growth in exports, noting that some perishables from the region were affected by adverse weather last year.Meanwhile, LATAM’s belly network is growing. This year the carrier is opening routes to Lisbon, Rome, Tel Aviv and Boston. By Ian Putzger in Toronto 12/03/2018last_img read more

Premium / Supply chain radar: Targeting Toll Group – it’s the Stone Age over again, damn it!

first_img Email* Reset Forgotten your password? Please click here Email* I’ve been busy over the last few days digesting the feedback from trusted Toll Group insiders to understand how precarious the situation is at the Australian logistics firm following the latest ransomware hacking. Lucky me.The good news first: three months after the first cyber attack “the company is definitely more prepared this time round, in terms of their response. More structured,” one source, Mr Gloom, noted.If that is encouraging, it’s also helpful to understand that Toll must again deal with … LOGIN New Premium subscriber REGISTER << Go back By Alessandro Pasetti 06/05/2020 Reset Your Password Please Login Password* Please either REGISTER or login below to continue Subscription required for Premium stories In order to view the entire article please login with a valid subscription below or register an account and subscribe to Premium Premium subscriber LOGINlast_img read more

The aging of the population with Down syndrome is a positive sign

first_imgFirst OpinionThe aging of the population with Down syndrome is a positive sign Previous work by others estimated that 250,700 people with Down syndrome were living in the United States as of 2008. Our estimate, published earlier this year in the journal Genetics in Medicine, was considerably lower: 206,366 people living with Down syndrome as of 2010. That included individuals born outside the US but now living here. We used a more precise accounting for selective abortions and for long-term survival rates for children born with Down syndrome, which both influence the size of the population. Estimates of percentage of people with Down syndrome by age in the US, 1950–2010≥6050–5940–4930–3925–2920–2415–1910–145–90–41950195519601965197019751980198519901995200020052010020406080100YearDown syndrome by age group* (%)0–45–910–1415–1920–2425–2930–3940–4950–59≥60195030.619.713108.–4 My sister, Kristin, and I grew up splashing together in swimming pools, delighting in ice cream cones, and singing along to movie musicals. We were very much alike, with what we saw as a small difference: She was born with Down syndrome and I wasn’t.We’ve grown together into the people we are today, learning from each other and supporting one another. Kristin has become the checks and balances of my personal and professional lives. Whenever I am frustrated or tired by life’s hassles, Kristin’s can-do spirit reminds me that my struggles will not only be OK, but they will be worth it.Kristin, now age 36, has inspired my life’s work — caring for individuals born with Down syndrome, working with their families, and furthering our community’s understanding of this genetic condition.advertisement Newsletters Sign up for First Opinion A weekly digest of our opinion column, with insight from industry experts. Brian G. Skotko By Brian G. Skotko Jan. 4, 2017 Reprints Ben Majewski (right), pictured with mentor Janene Davis, is a resource specialist in the Mass General Down Syndrome Program. Massachusetts General Hospital Privacy Policy That understanding begins with better knowing the size of the Down syndrome population. Nearly every book, webpage, and research article about Down syndrome starts with information about the number of people living with it. But those estimates have been quite inaccurate.Working with Gert de Graaf of the Dutch Down Syndrome Foundation and Frank Buckley of Down Syndrome Education International/USA, we stitched together expansive databases spanning six decades to create what we believe are more accurate estimates of the number of people living with Down syndrome.advertisement Tags geneticspatients Please enter a valid email address. About the Author Reprints Talia Bronshtein/STAT *Includes foreign-born people with Down syndrome who immigrated to the US. | Source: Genetics in Medicine In a study published last year in the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A, we observed that in recent years 30 percent fewer babies have been born with Down syndrome than there would have been if elective terminations were not available. In the US, almost three-quarters of expectant parents who learn prenatally that their child has Down syndrome choose to terminate the pregnancy. We estimated that about 3,100 fetuses with Down syndrome are terminated each year. That translates into 19 percent fewer people living with Down syndrome in the US as of 2010.Babies born today with Down syndrome and their families can expect a lifetime of possibilities and potentials. The life expectancy for people with Down syndrome continues to rise — the median lifespan is now 58 years. Heart conditions, which can accompany Down syndrome, have been routinely and easily corrected by surgery since the early 1980s. Medications can solve co-occurring thyroid problems, and sleep apnea can be stamped out with good surveillance and treatment options.These and other advances in caring for individuals with Down syndrome make it possible for people like Ben Majewski to lead thriving and healthy lives.Ben is a well-known fixture for his role as a resource specialist in the Mass General Down Syndrome Program, which I co-direct. In between greeting and escorting patients from the waiting room to the exam room and monitoring the daily clinic schedule, Ben shares his experience as an individual with Down syndrome. Celiac disease is a common concern among patients and their parents, according to Ben, who is armed with his own background in managing that condition and an iPad full of reference material and presentations that he developed. @brianskotko Leave this field empty if you’re human: At 26, Ben has a lifetime of personal knowledge to share. But he’s also a snapshot into the future for families. In addition to his work at Mass General, Ben is also employed through the Boston Red Sox and by an Irish restaurant in Newton, Mass. He’s spoken in front of the United Nations on Down Syndrome Day. He lives independently from his family and dreams of getting married someday. In essence, he’s like anyone else.But Ben knows there are challenges ahead, just as I know from my clinical experience that not all people with Down syndrome are alike. Adults with Down syndrome often develop medical conditions like obstructive sleep apnea and Alzheimer’s disease. Some can live independently, others need more assistance. Programs like ours provide multidisciplinary approaches to these medical and psychosocial issues to help our patients maximize their life potential. Culturally appropriate guidance is also essential to help individuals with Down syndrome with everything from feeding techniques to step-by-step transition planning and the challenges of safely riding a public transit system as confusing as Boston’s.The most valuable resource that programs like ours have for improving the lives of people with Down syndrome are individuals like Ben and Kristin. No one can completely attest to a life with Down syndrome unless they are actually experiencing it. Ben and Kristin demonstrate each day that, with support, people with Down syndrome can lead healthy, happy lives.Brian G. Skotko, MD, is co-director of the Mass General Down Syndrome Program and assistant professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.Disclosures: Dr. Skotko occasionally consults on the topic of Down syndrome through the Gerson Lehrman Group. He receives remuneration from Down syndrome nonprofit organizations for speaking engagements and associated travel expenses. Skotko receives annual royalties from Woodbine House Inc. for the publication of his book, “Fasten Your Seatbelt: A Crash Course on Down Syndrome for Brothers and Sisters.” Within the past two years, he has received research funding from F. Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. and Transition Therapeutics to conduct clinical trials on study drugs for people with Down syndrome. Skotko is occasionally asked to serve as an expert witness for legal cases in which Down syndrome is discussed. He serves in a non-paid capacity on the Honorary Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress, the Board of Directors for the Band of Angels Foundation, and the Professional Advisory Committee for the National Center for Prenatal and Postnatal Down Syndrome Resources. [email protected] last_img read more

Multi-Million Dollar Children’s Village to be set up in Clarendon

first_imgMulti-Million Dollar Children’s Village to be set up in Clarendon UncategorizedSeptember 18, 2006 RelatedMulti-Million Dollar Children’s Village to be set up in Clarendon Advertisements RelatedMulti-Million Dollar Children’s Village to be set up in Clarendoncenter_img FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail Eden’s Valley Children’s Village, a $25 million facility, which will cater to the health, education and developmental needs of orphaned or underprivileged children across the island, is being established in the parish of Clarendon.Ground was broken yesterday (Sept. 18) for the facility, which will be situated on 18.8 hectares (47 acres) of land in Four Paths.The village is being set up by the Educational Foundation for Children’s Care Incorporated (EFCCI), a non- profit, public educational and charitable organization. The Seventh Day Adventist charity is based in Florida.Marston Thomas, Chairman of the local branch of EFCCI, told JIS News that the village, the first of its kind in the island, would target children, whose parents were in prison, or have died.“These are just disadvantaged children, who really do not have a home, so we’re hoping to provide a home for them and these homes will be staffed with house parents.and we’re hoping to target 120 children at the initial stage,” he informed.He said that the village would comprise 10 to 12 separate homes, a church, a school, and a clinic, and a farm for fish and agricultural produce.Anthony Williams, Acting Executive Director of EFCCI International, said that the project came through the efforts of President, Hugh Creary and Inter American Vice President, Leon Wellington, who had initially wanted to construct a children’s hospital, but later decided to build a village for orphaned or underprivileged children.“Today is really a proud moment in the life of EFCCI because this is the culmination of lots of planning and hard work and to see this project come to the position, where you can actually break ground, is really a happy moment for us,” he said.In his remarks, Mayor of May Pen, Councillor Milton Brown, said there was “great need (for this service) in the country and in the parish. On behalf of the people of Clarendon, I say thanks and may this project bring the joy and happiness that we seek for the children we seek to serve”.The Seventh Day Adventist Church International is providing financing for the project, while a number of private organizations have given their support in terms of providing building material.The Ministry of Education and Youth has also expressed support for the venture and will assist with the educational needs at the village.Eden’s Valley Children’s Village will be among 19 such facilities set up by EFCCI around the world. RelatedMulti-Million Dollar Children’s Village to be set up in Clarendonlast_img read more

NYC Councilman Pledges Help for Jamaica

first_imgFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail New York City Councilmember, Leroy Comrie has pledged support for the recovery and relief effort now underway in the wake of Hurricane Dean, which lashed Jamaica on August 19.Addressing a reception for a visiting team of Little League Baseball players from Portland, Jamaica at City Hall, Lower Manhattan, on August 21, Mr. Comrie, who was born in the USA of Jamaican parents, told Consul General, Dr. Basil K. Bryan that his Council District office in South Jamaica, Queens, NY, would serve as a collection point and that he would assist in whatever way possible at this time.Both Mr. Comrie and Dr. Bryan welcomed the team of 10 players and 3 coaches from the West Portland/Buff Bay Little League programme, who are visiting the USA at the invitation of Pastor Ed Moore and the parishioners from the Northshore Baptist Church in Bayside in Queens.The team was given an educational tour of the landmark City Hall building and presented with certificates of appreciation as sporting ambassadors. The team will play a series of exhibition games against their host, the Bayside Little League division, until August 27. They will return to Jamaica on August 29.Dr. Bryan used the opportunity to encourage the youngsters to seize the moment to grow and to go to greater heights by building character and worth by combining courage, determination with discipline.The Consul General said it was his hope that before long the country could capture the imagination of the world in baseball, in the same way it did with the Reggae Boyz at the l998 World Cup and the Bob Sled team at the Winter Olympics. RelatedNYC Councilman Pledges Help for Jamaica RelatedNYC Councilman Pledges Help for Jamaica Advertisementscenter_img RelatedNYC Councilman Pledges Help for Jamaica NYC Councilman Pledges Help for Jamaica UncategorizedAugust 23, 2007last_img read more

Moira Community Satisfaction Survey under way

first_imgMoira Community Satisfaction Survey under way The annual Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey has now commenced with Moira Shire residents invited to share their views on Council’s performance.The survey is commissioned by the Victorian Government on behalf of Victorian councils including Moira Shire.Mayor Libro Mustica urged community members to participate in the telephone survey program that will capture the views of 500 Moira Shire residents and ratepayers.“Over a three week period, your household may receive a call from an independent market research agency, National Field Services who have been commissioned to undertake the survey,” Cr Mustica said.“It is important to note these phone calls may come on the weekend or after hours in order to capture the views of our diverse community.“The survey provides a snapshot of views on our performance across a range of measures.“It helps us identify ways to improve our service delivery and plan for the future.“We appreciate your anticipated participation to assist us with your valuable feedback.”Individual responses will remain confidential and only the overall results are shared with Council.“The survey results will be published on our website and reported through the Know Your Council website,” Cr Mustica said. /Public Release. This material comes from the originating organization and may be of a point-in-time nature, edited for clarity, style and length. View in full here. Why?Well, unlike many news organisations, we have no sponsors, no corporate or ideological interests. We don’t put up a paywall – we believe in free access to information of public interest. Media ownership in Australia is one of the most concentrated in the world (Learn more). Since the trend of consolidation is and has historically been upward, fewer and fewer individuals or organizations control increasing shares of the mass media in our country. According to independent assessment, about 98% of the media sector is held by three conglomerates. This tendency is not only totally unacceptable, but also to a degree frightening). Learn more hereWe endeavour to provide the community with real-time access to true unfiltered news firsthand from primary sources. It is a bumpy road with all sorties of difficulties. We can only achieve this goal together. Our website is open to any citizen journalists and organizations who want to contribute, publish high-quality insights or send media releases to improve public access to impartial information. You and we have the right to know, learn, read, hear what and how we deem appropriate.Your support is greatly appreciated. All donations are kept completely private and confidential.Thank you in advance!Tags:community, council, future, Government, local council, Local Government, market, Moira, Moira Shire Council, research, survey, Victoria, websitelast_img read more