Paid Internship – Graphic Design

first_img Reddit LinkedIn 0 ← Scholarships for International Students at University of Messina in Italy 2021 DRAPER HILLS SUMMER FELLOWS PROGRAM IPEX 2017 Advertisement Design Challenge → The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2021 +1 Deadline: 26 March 2017Open to: persons proficient in graphic and photo editing softwareRemuneration: EUR 450 per monthDescriptionUNSSC provides a work environment that reflects the core values of the United Nations: integrity, professionalism and respect for diversity.The United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) with its headquarters in Turin, Italy, is the United Nations institution for system-wide knowledge management, learning and training for the staff of the United Nations system. The College is expected to play a pivotal role in contributing to UN reform, the development of a common culture based on effectiveness, expertise and continuous learning through the development, co-ordination and provision of cross-cutting learning programs which impact on all agencies and staff.EligibilityProficient in main graphic design and photo editing software (Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop);Knowledge of designing for print and digital media, including web design;Familiarity with main social media platforms.RemunerationThe monthly amount of the stipend is fixed at EUR 450. No other payment of any kind shall be made to an intern by UNSSC in connection with an internship agreement.How to apply?Eligible candidates interested in doing an internship at the United Nations System Staff College must submit in English:An up-to-date curriculum vitae (resume);A motivation letter;For applicants who are currently enrolled in a degree program, an endorsement from their University or Sponsoring Institution is required;Applications should be submitted by e-mail.For more information please read the official call. Tweetcenter_img March 21, 2017 Published by sanja Similar Stories Share 0 2021 Senesh Fellowship Pocket Paid Internship – Graphic Design Leave a Reply Cancel ReplyYou must be logged in to post a comment. last_img read more

How a games forum made Farming Simulator real

first_imgHow a games forum made Farming Simulator realSponsored article: On its tenth birthday, we look back at the birth of one of the industry’s most surprising success storiesSponsored articleSaturday 14th April 2018Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareFarming Simulator is a true indie success story.The first game, which launched ten years ago, was created almost entirely by Christian Ammann and Stefan Geiger. Together they handled the programming, the engine, the script, the graphics, level design and even the sound. “It was the only way for us to achieve it, because we didn’t have a company back then,” says Ammann. “We just had time, ideas and passion to do it.”The duo’s desire to make the game as an independent outfit was because they wanted to remain in the video games industry, but also not leave their native Switzerland.”It sounds trivial, but the Swiss gaming industry is sort-of non-existent,” Ammann says.Geiger continues: “Farming was almost a random choice. A friend of mine came to me with the idea. He knew a lot more about farming than we did, but he was able to convince me that there was a market for it. So we started and we built up the forum… for us, the success of the forum was the key point that made us believe in the project.”This was the key moment in the history of Farming Simulator. The game’s name has, for almost ten years, raised a smile from anyone that hears it. A simulator about driving tractors? An international success story? It seems unbelievable, and indeed, that is how the industry felt back in 2007 when Geiger and Ammann (operating under the name of GIANTS Software) tried to find people to work with.What helped them break down barriers was this forum.From left to right, Creative director Thomas Frey, Christian Ammann and Stefan Geiger”When we talked to partners and developers, they all said nobody is interested in farming and simulators,” Geiger says. “So we really had a hard time convincing the industry that it might interest a lot of people.”Ammann continues: “Then we opened up a forum before the game was released and people started signing up. We were talking to them about the game that wasn’t even out yet – we had only shown a short trailer that didn’t even have any gameplay. But they were so passionate, and we had something like between 5,000 to 10,000 people on this forum.”You can convince a lot of people with numbers like that, just like we can today with our sales figures. But, of course, farming is not the sexiest topic on earth. So that is something we had to live with.”Because the firm had these forum fans, Ammann and Geiger spent far longer than originally intended on creating the prototype, to make sure they got it right. This impressed a distributor, who released the game to much success (at least in Germany).Farming Simulator is huge in its native GermanyYet there was still some scepticism around the project. Even their distribution partner thought the game was only being bought by simulation enthusiasts. The belief was that such a project could never appeal to a mainstream audience. But with the second game, the team found out it was appealing much more broadly than expected.”After Farming Simulator 2009 we had to open customer support,” explains Ammann. “It was an email where people could send us enquiries. That is when we saw who our real customers are. At the time, our physical distribution partners, especially in Germany, were saying that all our customers were hardcore simulation players. But through the support system, we saw a lot of parents asking questions on behalf of their kids.”Those fans are hidden, because you don’t see them on the forum. The forum is for the more hardcore people who want to give us their opinions. So the response to the customer support helped a lot in terms of who was playing.”Indeed, the younger fan base kept growing. The company now receives drawings from children requesting new vehicles in the game, and the firm now sends out a fan pack to those who write in. After the second game, the series continued to improve, the team was expanding and its popularity was expanding outside of Germany. Slowly the games industry started to take Farming Simulator more seriously.”The big moment for me came in 2011 when I took a call from Ubisoft, who said they wanted to sign the next iteration,” Ammann recalls. “They liked our numbers, the game and the quality, and they wanted us to sign with them. They made a good offer, but we didn’t end up going with them. But it was still really impressive that such a big publisher was willing to work with us.””The interest from Ubisoft was definitely one of the biggest moments that we have seen.” Stefan Geiger, GIANTS Geiger adds: “It was quite a gradual thing. We saw progress over the years, but the interest from Ubi was definitely one of the biggest steps that we have seen.”The game was getting better, too. Each title would feature three major areas of improvement – such as multiplayer in Farming Simulator 2011, or the physics in Farming Simulator 2015, or the rendering in Farming Simulator 2017. And those were joined by 100 smaller changes with each release.”There is no one point where we made super major changes to the game,” Geiger explains. “There’s a major change for every version we do.”Yet one significant moment for the series came with Farming Simulator 2013, which saw the franchise arrive on consoles.”The Xbox 360 and PS3 version was a big breakthrough,” says Ammann. “That’s when people saw it as not just a simulation game, or a PC/Mac game.”Geiger cuts in: “The consoles really helped us reach the US. And also to show the industry that it is a bigger thing than just a German PC game.”Back to Ammann: “The US was really hard to crack, especially before we had the console version. But now the success in the US is visible.”The console version remains a big focus for GIANTS Software. Indeed, it’s one of the only companies – outside of Bethesda – to feature modding on console – a feat the firm is particularly proud of. And that’s because the modding community is core to the growth and progress of the franchise.”Even before this first game was release, the fans already imagined that they could mod the game and add their beloved brands, or change things,” Ammann said. “As we kept the game very open for modding, this completely took off. It is crazy. Nowadays we have between 20 and 50 mods every single day.”The modding world has been crucial in the growth of the studio, too. Today, around 100 people work on Farming Simulator between the studio and its various partners. GIANTS itself is 45-people strong, and many of those came from the modding scene.”About a third of our employees come from the modding community. For some, it is really there dream coming true.” Christian Ammann, GIANTS”About a third of our employees come from the modding community,” says Ammann. “For some, it is really there dream coming true. We have roughly one third of the team as gaming veterans – developers from other games companies. Then one third of really fresh people, usually out of university. And one third who come from the community. This is a really good mix and balance, to ensure we have a good culture and a good mix of opinions.”Geiger continues: “Generally, the issue with the people that come from the community is that they don’t think on a broader scale. They want some specific features that they like personally, but in the end you need to create a game that a lot of people will like. So it is about finding the balance. The mix is really important. It wouldn’t work to have all of our employees come from the community. Even half would be a problem.”The size of the team is important as Farming Simulator continues to evolve away from its niche. Creating new vehicles in the game can take “several man months” and there are over 140 vehicles in each version.”And that’s just vehicles,” Ammann says. “In terms of items, there’s something like 350 in the game. One tractor has up to 200 moving parts that we have to animate, with hydraulics, suspension… and even in the cabin there are a lot of moving things that need to be animated.”What has made this process a little easier to manage is the relationship with the farming industry. Although it took the games industry a little longer to get on-board, the farming world was far more embracing. GIANTS attends each Agritechnica, a major farming technology show, and creates a tractor installation. It’s been doing that since 2012. And today, there are some 100 farming brands in Farming Simulator. “Among them are the biggest companies in the farming world,” says Ammann. “It is also important for us to get feedback from the pros who build the real machines, and that we can also get access to the machines and record the original sounds. That’s all important for us. So the partnership with the industry is really big. We have one guy here dedicated as a key account guy to work with all of these companies.”Whereas initially, Geiger and Ammann had to build tractors based on videos or images, today they are provided with construction data from the manufacturers, so they can recreate things precisely.However, they need to be careful when it comes to working with so many competitors.”We try to not build up competition between partners,” says Ammann. “We always talk to them and find out what their key areas or developments are, and we try not to have two partners with a similar machine type or size.”Angela Merkel on Farming SimulatorGeiger: “Especially because of the price issue. They may look like identical machines, but the prices could be quite different because of the details. Like how expensive it is going to be to repair and things like that. That’s something we can’t model in the game. So if we have exactly the same machine, but looking a bit different with different prices… that would be bad from a gameplay perspective. So we try to have different machines from different manufacturers.” All of this accuracy makes the game sound like a super hardcore simulation project, but GIANTS is about embracing both halves of its community. Farming Simulator is a mainstream game. It was, after all, the only game that Angela Merkel – the german chancellor – played upon her visit to Gamescom last year.”Nobody was allowed to capture the screen while she was playing, and the only thing she managed to do was drive right into a tree,” laughs Ammann.Ten years in, and GIANTS says its next aim is to make the project look more AAA. The upcoming game will feature a visual overhaul as one of its big changes, but that’s just the start of the journey, Ammann says.Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games “AAA graphics are very expensive and labour intensive. But that is one of our current goals,” he says. “We will not achieve it with our next iteration, but maybe the one after.”Geiger concludes: “We want to expand in every direction. Both into the hardcore simulation area, but also into the mainstream part as well. It still lacks in a lot of areas. The introduction is quite challenging for casual players. It can be quite hard to get into the game.”So there’s still lots to be getting on with.”Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Daily Update and get the best of in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesEA leans on Apex Legends and live services in fourth quarterQ4 and full year revenues close to flat and profits take a tumble, but publisher’s bookings still up double-digitsBy Brendan Sinclair 4 hours agoEA Play Live set for July 22Formerly E3-adjacent event moves to take place a month and half after the ESA’s showBy Jeffrey Rousseau 6 hours agoLatest comments Sign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now.last_img read more

Epic Games store integrates keyless purchasing with third-party platforms

first_imgEpic Games store integrates keyless purchasing with third-party platformsGreen Man Gaming, Fanatical, and Genba Digital join Humble in offering automatic purchases without key entryRebekah ValentineSenior Staff WriterMonday 18th May 2020Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareCompanies in this articleEpic GamesThe Epic Games store has partnered with various third-party platforms to integrate keyless purchases of its games through their storefronts.Green Man Gaming, Fanatical, and Genba Digital have all signed on to offer keyless purchases through select partners, allowing users to buy games and automatically have them added to their Epic Games Store accounts without having to enter a key through Epic’s store.These platforms join Humble Bundle, which has been supporting keyless purchases since last year.Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games Through this method, Epic Games will not receive any revenue share from purchases.”We’re thrilled to continue expanding our partnerships to allow for keyless purchases with third-parties,” said Steve Allison, Epic Games Store general manager.”Continuing to find ways to support developers and offering them ways to reach a wider audience, all while receiving a fair share, is important to us.”Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Publishing & Retail newsletter and get the best of in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesEpic vs Apple – Week One Review: Epic still faces an “uphill battle”Legal experts share their thoughts on the proceedings so far, and what to expect from the coming weekBy James Batchelor 9 hours agoEpic Games claims Fortnite is at “full penetration” on consoleAsserts that mobile with the biggest growth potential as it fights for restoration to iOS App StoreBy James Batchelor 12 hours agoLatest comments Sign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now.last_img read more

Lacking Alternatives, Russia Betting on Armenia’s Embattled Prime Minister Pashinian

first_imgThe top brass of Armenia’s Armed Forces along with a broad coalition of political groups have moved to oust Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian and his government from power, thus far nonviolently (see EDM, February 25, 26). From the first hours of this confrontation (February 25), Pashinian and his key ministers have been telephoning Moscow for support; and Moscow has delivered it thus far, albeit in reserved tones and disclaiming any interference in Armenia’s internal affairs. Russia’s multiple levers of influence within Armenia, however, speak louder than those disclaimers.Conversely, Pashinian’s government makes no attempt to elicit support from Western governments or institutions—not even from those Western democracy-promoting organizations that had hailed Armenia’s 2018 “velvet revolution” under Pashinian and might be willing to condemn a “military coup” against him. Two reasons exist for Pashinian’s one-track Russia policy: he has inherited and fully accommodated himself to Armenia’s Russian orientation, and he is too weak to attempt to shift gears after losing the Second Karabakh War (September 27–November 9, 2020).In contrast to the government, none of Armenia’s many political opposition groups or personalities can expect Russian support. Most of them are nationalist hardliners who oppose the terms of the November 9/10 armistice agreement and condemn Pashinian for signing it alongside Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan.For its part, the Armenian Armed Forces’ command shows no ambition to take power. Moscow would certainly use its influence to block any such attempt (barring, hypothetically, mayhem among Armenian political factions); the Armenian military depends totally on Russia for recovery after the lost war; and the defeat has severely damaged its prestige in Armenian society. What is correctly described as the Armenian military’s common strategic culture and organic ties with the Russian military should act as brakes to any power bid by Armenian generals in Yerevan. If the Armenian generals were to attempt a war of revanche in the coming months or years, this would contravene Russia’s current policy. The latter aims to consolidate the new status quo and manipulate it to Russia’s advantage for the foreseeable future.Prime Minister Pashinian, parliamentary chairperson Ararat Mirzoian, and Foreign Minister Ara Aivazian all telephoned their Russian counterparts to give their view on the events and in quest of support. Russian President Vladimir Putin, Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov all responded with laconic messages in a common key, apparently pre-agreed: These events are Armenia’s internal affair; Russia merely hopes for a peaceful solution within the framework of Armenia’s laws (TASS, Armenpress, February 25–27).Pashinian’s office distorted Putin’s message. While the Kremlin’s readout called for “resolving the situation within Armenia’s legal framework,” Pashinian’s version claimed that Putin “supported the legal authorities.” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov corrected the distortion in a non-polemical way. The main task at hand, Peskov noted, is to fulfill the terms of the November 9/10, 2020, tripartite Declaration (TASS, February 26). Those terms refer to the armistice in Karabakh and region-wide transport projects in the South Caucasus. Implementation is on track thus far, Peskov noted. This observation reflects the fact that Pashinian is delivering compliance to date.In a sycophantic interview of his own, Aivazian offered paeans to the “Russian-Armenian allied relationship, which predetermines the uninterrupted, permanent work to strengthen them further”; strengthen them, moreover, “not just in one sphere [alluding to the military] but systematically in the other spheres of allied relationships” (RIA Novosti, February 27).The two countries’ ministers of defense adopted a more engaged tone. Russia’s Sergei Shoigu initiated the first of at least two calls to his Armenian counterpart, Vagarshak Harutiunian. They issued convergent readouts purporting to discussions about the political situation in Armenia, bilateral military cooperation, and Russia’s “peacekeeping” operation in Upper (“Nagorno”) Karabakh (TASS, Armenpress, February 25, 27). Harutiunian, a retired general now serving as the “civilian” minister of defense, did not sign the active-duty generals’ collective demand for Pashinian’s government to resign and has kept his silence thus far.Armenia’s civilian leadership had also engaged in intensive contacts with Russia’s generals during the days immediately preceding this crisis. On February 24, President Armen Sarkissian received the commander of Russia’s “peacekeeping” operation (see above), Lieutenant General Rustam Muradov, in Yerevan (TASS, Armenpress, February 24). Harutiunian, interviewed on February 22, shortly after his talks with Shoigu, announced that Russia would meet Yerevan’s request to augment the numbers of Russian troops at the 102nd base in Armenia. The main base location is in Gyumri (Armenia’s north), and the supplementary Russian troops would make it possible for a corresponding number to relocate from Gyumri to the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, apparently in the Syunik province (Armenia’s deep south) (RIA Novosti, February 22).On February 25, literally hours before the generals’ demand for Pashinian’s resignation, the embattled prime minister chaired a government meeting on military reform. The government instituted a working group under Haratiunian to work out the reform’s outline. The decision aligns with Harutiunian’s interview (see above), unsurprisingly involving Russian guidance of Armenian military reforms (, February 22).Financing that reform, along with any rearmament of Armenia, will be a serious challenge. The rearmament may cost Russia billions of dollars, on top of—as Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev acidly observes (Azertag, February 28)—losses incurred from Armenia’s certain default on past Russian credits for arms purchases.last_img read more

SEC obtains judgment against $4 million Ponzi schemer

first_imgA Connecticut federal court has entered a final judgment against former investment adviser James T. Booth, who was alleged in an SEC complaint to have operated a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme that bilked more than three dozen retail investors of $4 million. Bitcoin bulls say price volatility is different this year In a parallel action by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, Booth pleaded guilty to one count of securities fraud. [More: Barred former LPL rep pleads guilty to $5 million fraud]On Nov. 18, Booth was sentenced to 42 months in prison followed by three years of supervised probation, and was ordered to pay $4,969,689 in forfeiture.The SEC earlier barred Booth from the securities industry.[More: SEC empowers more staff to launch investigations]last_img read more

Assistant Professor – Industrial Studies

first_imgThe Department of Industrial Studies is looking for a dynamicfull-time, tenure track faculty in Industrial Technology Managementwith emphasis in Manufacturing Technology Management.Responsibilities for this position include teaching the following:AC/DC fundamentals, digital electronics, industrial controls andcomputer integrated manufacturing systems.  This is a uniqueopportunity in that this position will also oversee two brand newautomation laboratories: Electronics and Industrial Control SystemsLab, and Robotics Lab.Course content for this position includes some or all of thefollowing: robotics, industrial controls, electronics, sensors,program logic controllers, hydraulic and pneumatic systems,machining, robotic systems, flexible manufacturing systems, andother related manufacturing courses, depending upon educationand/or experience.Responsibilities for faculty include:oversight of two new automation laboratoriesserving as academic advisormaintaining, purchasing, and preparing equipment for use inlaboratoriesdeveloping curricula that includes the use of laboratoryequipment engaging students in a hands-on settingengaging in scholarly activities, becoming involved (continuedinvolvement) with student and related professionalorganizationsoutreach to industry, undergraduate research and grants,professional development, and service to the university andcommunityprofessional engagement with students in and out of theclassroomability to work with colleagues in a collegial environment toprepare grants, conduct research, and seek external funding.Applicants must respond to all required qualifications.What You’ll Need to Succeed:Masters in: Industrial Technology Management, ElectricalEngineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering,Technology Education, or closely related field with specializationin industrial controls, computer integrated manufacturing and/orrobotics.Applicants with ten years of industrial experience in a closelyrelated field OR five years of teaching experiencein manufacturing and materials processesA Bachelor of Science in; Industrial Technology Management,Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, IndustrialEngineering, Technology Education, or closely related field withspecialization in industrial controls, computer integratedmanufacturing and/or robotics.last_img read more

Director of College Access & Readiness – Title V Grant

first_imgPosting DetailsPlease view posting details below. To apply to this posting, pleaseclick the link above.Job TitleDirector of College Access & Readiness – Title V GrantPosting NumberF003898Position StatusFull TimeAssignment LengthThis field only applies to FacultyGrant FundedYesCategoryAPTClass Code13Pay RateCommensurate with education and experienceLocationDistrictDepartmentDT Exec Vice Chan/ProvostJob SummaryReporting to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, theDirector of College Access & Readiness is the primaryadministrator for the Title V Grant project. The Director isresponsible for leading all activities of the Department ofEducation’s Title V Grant project and oversees the strategicplanning and day-to-day management of the Title V grant to meetproject performance measures and deliverable outcomes in accordancewith federal regulations, program requirements, and Tarrant CountyCollege District policies and procedures.Essential Duties and Responsibilities• Recruits and hires key program personnel for grant project• Establishes, maintains, and communicates mission and objectivesof project to project staff and college personnel• Administer project budget according to Department of Educationregulations and College policies and procedures. Budgetresponsibilities include, but are not limited to predictive budgetanalysis, allocation of grant resources, and ensuring budgetexpenditures align with project scope of activities.• Guides and monitors progress toward achieving project goals andobjectives and meet all required deadlines• Establishes and maintains effective communication to ensureproject remains congruent with overall institutional developmentgoals• Responsible for data collection, analysis, and reportingactivities related to project• Coordinates activities to ensure appropriate use andeffectiveness of project resources• Lead and host Title V Steering Committee meetings• Collaborates with personnel to ensure project activities alignwith and support strategic work of the College• Ensures compliance with Title V and US Department of Educationpolicies and grant terms/conditions• Collaborates with Office of Grants Development and Compliance toensure all reporting deadlines are met• Communicates progress of Title V activities to internal andexternal audiences• Serves as the primary spokesperson for the Title V project• Plans and leads meetings to support planning and operations ofproject• Plans and implements professional development activities forfaculty and staff• Works with Grants Development and Compliance and grantsaccountant to ensure financial compliance and budgetmonitoring• Oversees preparation and monitoring of project reports for TCCDand U.S. Department of Education• Interfaces with Institutional Research to gather and synthesizedata needed for grant reporting• Coordinates and facilitates continued activity planning,management, and evaluation• Authorizes project expenditures, maintains budget, and ensuresappropriate use of funds• Evaluates project activities, performance measures, anddeliverables on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis to benchmarkprogress toward project goals• Collaborates with Office of Grants Development and Compliance toensure proper distribution of and accounting for all Title Vrecords and products• Initiates hiring processes, in collaboration with HR andsupervising department, to ensure project staffing levels adherewith grant requirements• Reports to Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost and (Title VProject Director)• Other duties relevant to Title V project as assigned• Develops and maintains working relations with federal programofficer, external evaluator to communicate project activities andrespond to recommendations for improvement• Attends the workplace regularly, reports to work punctually andfollows a work schedule to keep up with the demands of theworksite• Completes all required training and professional developmentsessions sponsored through Tarrant County College ( TCC )• Supports the values of the College: diversity, teachingexcellence, student success, innovation and creativity and serviceto the College• Supports the mission, values and 3 goals and 8 principles of theCollegeThe duties listed are intended only as illustrations of the varioustypes of work that may be performed. The omission of specificstatements of duties does not exclude them from the position if thework is similar, related or a logical assignment to the position.The job description does not constitute an employment agreementbetween the employer and employee and is subject to change by theemployer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the jobchange.Required Education, Experience, Certifications,Licensures• Master’s degree from an accredited college or university inHigher Education Administration, Educational Leadership,Educational Administration, or similar field• Five (5) years of progressive leadership experience in aneducational setting• Three (3) years designing, managing, or implementing studentdevelopment and/or learning assistance programs and /orprojects• Three (3) years of experience working with educational programssupporting students from low-income/under-served populations• Three (3) years of supervisor experienceDesired Education, Experience, Certifications,Licensures• Doctorate from an accredited college or university in HigherEducation Administration, Educational Leadership, EducationalAdministration, or similar field• Two (2) year of experience working in multi-campus communitycollege systems• Two (2) years of experience working with students from Title Vtarget populations• Two (2) years of experience working to forward values of equityand inclusion in educational settings• BilingualKnowledge, Skills and Ability• Excellent oral and written communication skills• Experience working with and reporting on large data sets• Proficiency with word processing, spreadsheet and presentationsoftware• Excellent customer service and interpersonal skillsAccommodationsReasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals withdisabilities to perform the essential duties andresponsibilities.Special Instructions SummaryPosted04/05/2021ContactJulie Price*[email protected] DocumentsRequired DocumentsResume / Curriculum VitaeUnofficial TranscriptsOptional DocumentsCover LetterCertification / Licenselast_img read more

VIDEO: “Goodbye Hungarian handball queen”

first_imgLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Handball fans decide Women Champions League All-Star team 330 DAYS WITHOUT HANDBALL: Anita Gorbicz is back! ShareTweetShareShareEmailCommentsThe Hungarian handball queen Anita Gorbicz said “goodbye” to the national team jersey with a small ceremony before the home match against Netherlands last week in Gyor.The 35-years old playmaker of Hungarian TOP team Gyori Audi ETO KC got standing ovations from the crowd, all handball people who followed his career since 2000.As a true leader of the team, Gorbe won four medals at European and World Championships.Anita Görbicz at a glanceDate/location of birth: 13 May 1983 in VeszprémNationality: HungarianHeight/weight: 173 cm/58 kgPosition: centre back / left wingShooting arm: rightClub: Györi Audi ETO KC (1994 – )Coaches: Zoltán Basák, Lajos Horváth, József Vura, Kálmán Róth, Csaba Konkoly, Karl Erik Böhn (NOR), Ambros Martín (ESP)National team debut: 23 August 2002 against Norway in Miskolc (31:29)Last international: 10 December 2017 against France in Leipzig (26:29)International matches / goals: 233 / 1111AchievementsOlympic Games: 4th in 2008, 5th in 2004World Championship: Silver in 2003, Bronze in 2005, Silver at Junior WCh 2001EHF EURO: Bronze in 2004, 2012EHF Champions League: Winner in 2013, 2014, 2017; second in 2009, 2012, 2016EHF Cup: second place in 2002, 2004, 2005Cup Winners’ Cup: second place in 2006Hungarian champion: 11 timesHungarian cup winner: 11 timesIHF World Handball Player of the Year in 2005Hungary’s Handball Player of the Year: 6 times Recommended for you Related Items:Anita Gorbicz ShareTweetShareShareEmail Click to comment DENMARK 2015 | Hungary easily beats host teamlast_img read more

Kyle Busch gains on Martin Truex Jr., but ‘there’s a lot of racing to go’

first_imgDOVER, Del. — With two consecutive wins in the opening round of the 2017 NASCAR playoffs, Sunday’s race winner Kyle Busch has convincingly put himself atop the list of contenders for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup trophy.He is there along with leader Martin Truex Jr., who won the first of the three playoff races in Chicago and has methodically collected enough playoff points to make his appearance in the Championship 4 at Miami a near-certainty.MORE: Dover race results | NASCAR Playoffs standingsYet when the 2015 champ Busch considered whether his early work in the playoffs places him alongside Truex as a sure-bet championship contender yet, Busch answered quickly and succinctly.“No,” he deadpanned.“There’s a lot of racing to go,” he explained. “You know, I think week to week, you can probably change your favorite. Early in the first third of the (season) I probably would have said (Kyle) Larson is your new championship favorite, but you’ve got to let these things play out.“I don’t know that there’s necessarily a favorite. Maybe it closes our gap that the 78 (Truex) had on us a little bit where I still think it’s 78, 18 (Busch), 42 (Larson), and there’s different distances between us each and every week, I guess, depending on how we run and what all kind of goes on, so it’s all about getting the stars to align and doing your job and having everything go your way.”Busch is the first to win back-to-back races in the playoffs since Joey Logano won three straight in 2015. Kevin Harvick won the final two races of 2014.RELATED: Busch steals Dover win from Chase ElliottIt’s a perpetually productive, well-decorated group crowding Busch at the top of the standings — something Busch isn’t alone in acknowledging. Predicting the four drivers who will compete for the title at Homestead-Miami Speedway still isn’t any easier, according to those hoping to be among the group.“When you run fourth and you’re disappointed it shows what your team is made of,” Truex said. “Proud of everyone, they did a good job all weekend. I am looking forward to the next round and feel good about where this Furniture Row Racing team is at right now.”Kyle Larson, who finished fifth Sunday and is third in the playoff standings, has four wins and has been a consistent championship threat. Brad Keselowski is leading the Ford contingent and sits fourth in points — between Larson and a guy with seven large championship trophies at home: Jimmie Johnson. The reigning champ finished third at Dover and sounded very much ready to make a run at a historic eighth title.RELATED: Johnson adjusts to new playoffs format“I think when we unloaded on Friday, we realized how much speed all of our Hendrick cars had,” said Johnson. “As we look back over the summer, it just seems like tracks with more banking, our combination works well, and we were able to exploit that this weekend.“I wished I would have qualified better. I really think we had a shot at winning the race today, and at times I was better than the 24 (Chase Elliott) and the 18 (Busch) and was catching them there at the end. I just never really had track position to race for the win. I finally got top three there on the last run and we were out of laps.“A solid day, though. Charlotte is a great track for us, as well, and typically when we run well at Dover, it carries over to Charlotte, and we’re optimistic about next week, too.”That’s rough news for the rest of the field. But not surprising.Even the early achievement in the playoffs combined with the team’s past performance doesn’t seem to make Busch and his Joe Gibbs Racing No. 18 Toyota crew overly confident. Just confident.And ready.“Talladega is just a crapshoot, kind of like playing Bingo,” explained Busch’s crew chief Adam Stevens. “Bingo is not really fun for me, so you need to have all the bonus points you can going into that, and NASCAR was smart to put it in the middle of the segment.“Everybody is going to have to race their guts out all day long. But as far as the next round, any time you eliminate four drivers, the field gets thinner and the points you need to score to advance are even more.“You know, you’re going to have to be that much sharper, that much better, and have that many fewer mistakes. Aside from winning, you just have to perform each and every week, and it just ramps up each time we go to a new round.”last_img read more

NASCAR Xfinity Series to takeover streets of Philadelphia

first_imgPHILADELPHIA, Pa. (April 17, 2019) – For the fourth-consecutive year, Comcast, Pocono Raceway and Dover International Speedway are coming together to bring NASCAR to the city of Philadelphia on Tuesday, May 14 and Wednesday, May 15. The NASCAR Xfinity Series Philadelphia Takeover will bring 18 drivers to the city to greet fans and promote the upcoming Pocono Green 250 Recycled by J.P. Mascaro & Sons (June 1 at 1 p.m. ET on FS1, MRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio) in the Philadelphia market.“Comcast’s involvement in the NASCAR Xfinity Series is something we’re very proud of and this celebration is the perfect opportunity to showcase the partnership in a great race town like Philadelphia,” said Matt Lederer, Comcast’s Vice President for Brand Partnerships. “Xfinity is focused on giving awesome entertainment experiences and access to passionate fans and loyal Xfinity customers at the race track. This event will provide those same VIP experiences, all while introducing new people to the sport and driving awareness of the Pocono and Dover NASCAR race weekends.”RELATED: Xfinity Series schedule | Latest Xfinity Series newsFestivities will kick off on Tuesday, May 14 with NASCAR Xfinity Series driver, Justin Allgaier, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the Philadelphia Phillies MLB game against the Milwaukee Brewers (7:05 p.m. ET). On Wednesday, May 15, events featuring the 18 NASCAR Xfinity Series drivers will take place throughout the city with the Comcast Center Plaza acting as the hub for race fans.Beginning at 10:45 a.m. ET on Wednesday, May 15, the Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, will welcome fans to a special event on the Comcast Center Plaza with executives from Pocono, Dover, NASCAR and Comcast. Immediately following the opening remarks, a military appreciation ceremony will take place in front of friends, family, fans and NASCAR Xfinity Series drivers before the fan autograph session prior to the start of the parade. Interactive fan displays will also be setup at the Comcast Center Plaza for the public to enjoy.A group of NASCAR Xfinity Series drivers will also branch off to explore “The City of Brotherly Love” through various events including the Franklin Institute for a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)-focused Q&A session and Geno’s Steaks in South Philadelphia to enjoy an authentic Philly cheesesteak experience.BUY TICKETS: Dover races | Pocono racesThe highlight of the day will come starting at 12 p.m. ET as some of the drivers will strap into their 700hp race cars for a parade and “smoke show burnout” on JFK Boulevard around Philadelphia City Hall to Market Street, returning to the Comcast Center.“What Comcast does for our series is really second to none,” said Justin Allgaier. “The time and effort that they, along with Dover and Pocono, put in to make the Philadelphia Takeover happen is incredible and it just keeps getting better every year. The energy and excitement of everyone in the city when we drive through the streets is insane. It’s just a fun event. I can’t wait to get back there next month.”The 18 NASCAR Xfinity Series drivers scheduled to be in attendance are: Justin Allgaier, Christopher Bell, Chase Briscoe, Brandon Brown, Austin Cindric, Cole Custer, Chad Finchum, Joey Gase, Gray Gaulding, Noah Gragson, Kaz Grala, Justin Haley, Brandon Jones, Vinnie Miller, Matt Mills, John Hunter Nemechek, Tyler Reddick and Zane Smith.last_img read more