Stem Cell Summit draws 500 participants

first_imgMassachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Wed-nesday (Oct. 3) called on those attending the second day of a Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI)-sponsored Stem Cell Summit to support his proposed $1 billion life sciences initiative “so we can get partnering with you.”While Massachusetts has a unique concentration of researchers, academic institutions, biotech companies, and investment in the life sciences, “we can’t just rest on our laurels,” Patrick said. “I ask you to make your voices heard,” the governor continued. “Make your interests known. When the bill comes out for hearings — show up.”This year’s summit, a two-day (Oct. 2-3) gathering of about 500 of the world’s leading stem cell researchers, patient advocates, pharmaceutical and biotech executives, and people from the venture capital world, marked a maturation point for both HSCI and the stem cell field as a whole.“The goal is insight; the path is clear; the potential of stem cell research must be realized,” wheelchair-bound College (2000) and Kennedy School of Government (2004) grad Brooke Ellison told the meeting attendees in her keynote speech.Ellison, who was paralyzed from the neck down as the result of an auto accident on the first day of her seventh-grade year, has written an autobiography, had her life featured in a movie directed by the late actor and stem cell advocate Christopher Reeve, run for New York state Senate, and started a nonprofit organization to advocate for stem cell research.“I have been driven by the belief that there is no vision too big, or vision too lofty,” said Ellison, who received a standing ovation at the end of her address. “It takes only one single instant to have your life changed completely,” she said, noting that she has learned from her experience that “all of our lives are inherently fragile. Every single one of us will have our resilience questioned,” she added, but we can “have our resilience strengthened by the hope that stem cell research provides.”Leading scientists were optimistic — and at the same time cautious — in predicting what the field might produce in the next 12 months.Doug Melton, co-director of HSCI and co-chairman of Harvard’s new interschool Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, answered the question about what’s likely to be announced by saying, “I think it’s possible we will see the first disease-specific stem cell.” Lawrence Goldstein, director of the Stem Cell Program at the University of California, San Diego, went a bit further, saying that “I would hope that we will actually see stem cells of some sort used responsibly in a novel kind of setting,” referring to patient therapy.At the same time, however, Goldstein told those attending the session on “How Stem Cell Research Will Transform Medicine in the 21st Century” that he’d “like to see enhanced public understanding” of stem cells and what they’ll do. There has been too much hype about alleged stem cell therapies in other nations, Goldstein said, with absolutely no proof that they’ll work.Melton said that he personally sees two avenues of stem cell science as the most exciting and promising — and neither involves actually using stem cells themselves as treatments. “The first way,” he said, “is rather obvious, to use stem cells … to understand” normal and abnormal development.Diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, cancer, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, “are just plain difficult problems,” said Melton, with multiple causes, both genetic and environmental. “We’re working to create disease-specific cells so we can watch the pathology of disease develop not in a patient, but in a Petri dish. The development of disease-specific stem cells” can enormously increase insight into the natural development of diseases. “I predict that what will happen by studying that process is we’ll be able to harness those processes,” Melton said. The second major use of disease-specific stem cells, he said, would be as “targets” for drug development.Last year’s first summit, co-sponsored by HSCI and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Regenerative Medicine, was a relatively sedate, largely local affair, a gathering of about 150 people at the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cambridge.In stark contrast, this year the co-sponsors were HSCI, the Genetics Policy Institute — a patient advocacy group based in Washington, D.C. — and Burrill Life Sciences Media Group, a venture capital, media, boutique investment banking company. Participants this year included Ian Wilmut, “father” of Dolly the sheep, the world’s first cloned mammal; John D. Gearhart, director of the Stem Cell Program at Johns Hopkins University’s Institute for Cell Engineering; Goldstein; Susan Solomon, CEO of the New York Stem Cell Foundation; and leaders from the venture capital, biotech, and hospital arenas.During a Wednesday morning session titled “The Hospital Perspective — An HSCI Case Study,” Massachusetts General Hospital President Peter Slavin said that federal opposition to stem cell research has drawn the Harvard-affiliated hospitals together in a common cause, just as California’s $3 billion stem cell initiative has been “a missile across our bows.”Working together, through the collaborative that is the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, “we’ve been able to recruit people we never would have been able to attract,” said Slavin, and potential donors’ “sights have been raised” as a result of this collaboration. “It’s still a work in pro-gress,” he said, but “it is working very well” from his perspective.last_img read more

Vermont Health Connect goes live Tuesday

first_img‘While we are opening on October 1, open enrollment is a six month window, so Vermonters will have plenty of time to browse and make a decision that is right for them,’ said Robin Lunge, Vermont’s Director of Health Care Reform. ‘November is when most businesses and people who need coverage that starts on January 1st will be picking and enrolling in health plans.’ Website: is external) Toll-Free Call Center: (855) 899-9600Facebook: is external)Twitter: is external)YouTube: is external) The Department of Vermont Health Access announced today that Vermont Health Connect is on schedule to begin serving Vermonters on Tuesday, October 1t, beginning a six-month open enrollment period when Vermonters can compare health insurance options, learn if they are eligible for free or reduced cost plans, and enroll in a quality health plan that fits their needs ‘ all in one place. ‘We’re working hard to make Vermont Health Connect a success,’ said Mark Larson, Commissioner of the Department of Vermont Health Access. ‘As with any sophisticated system, the online marketplace will need improvements along the way. We have a great team that has been working non-stop to ensure the insurance marketplace works for Vermonters. As people across the state begin to explore health plans through Vermont Health Connect in the coming months, we will be standing by to answer questions, deal with concerns, and work to continually improve the consumer experience.’ The online marketplace will be available starting tomorrow at 9am and then daily from 6am to midnight.  Vermonters may choose to enroll through the web-based online marketplace, with in-person help from a Navigator or broker, or through the call center directly. Vermonters with questions or who experience difficulty with the new system should contact Vermont Health Connect through the customer support center at (855) 899-9600.  The customer support center will be open from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday. ‘With the launch of Vermont Health Connect, we have reached an important milestone on our path toward better health care coverage,’ said Gov. Peter Shumlin. Through Vermont Health Connect, small businesses and their employees, as well as anyone who does not have insurance through a job, will have the information they need to pick a plan that reflects their personal medical needs and budget.last_img read more

Winter parking ban in effect Wednesday night, but free garage parking

first_imgCity of Burlington A winter PARKING BAN will go into effect tonight at 10pm to help city crews maintain the safest possible road conditions. The ban will be in effect from 10PM until 7AM throughout Burlington, except the downtown zone (midnight-6AM). Free parking is available in the city-owned Marketplace Garage (47 S. Winooski: entrances on Cherry St & Bank St), College St Garage (60 College St: entrances on College St and Battery St) and Lakeview Garage (41 Cherry St: entrance on Cherry St) starting at 10pm tonight. For a map of these city-owned parking locations, please see below or go here to view ALL parking options (including privately owned): /parking-map/(link is external)City Parking GaragesPlease do not park on the top floor of any garage OR in any municipal lot (this allows plow access for snow clearing). Vehicles must be removed by 8am or they will be charged the full daily rate. Any vehicles remaining on the street during the parking ban will be issued a $125.00 parking ticket and will be towed to another location. For questions related to parking enforcement, please call the Burlington Police Department at 802-540-2380. For questions related to snow removal, please call DPW at 802-863-9094.Call 802-658-SNOW for future updates or look for the parking ban lights around the city. Travel safely and stay warm.Source: City of Burlington 2.7.2018last_img read more

Peerless-AV Offers Bundled Solution in Response to COVID-19

first_imgPeerless-AV is offering a bundled solution available immediately to deploy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As hundreds of testing and treatment stations are opening across the country to meet healthcare needs, the locations call for rapid triage and information sharing, often in inhospitable environments.The bundled solution includes a 49”, 55” or 65” UltraView UHD Outdoor TV (UV492, UV552, UV652), SmartMount Flat Panel Cart (SR560M), and if needed, custom content to accommodate a variety of considerations. By switching to digital, triage and logistics teams will no longer need to update static signage throughout the day manually, nor develop static content in multiple translations to accommodate a diversity of languages. Instead, digital content can be updated in real-time once connected to a network, or run via a USB flash drive directly connected to the TV, creating efficient workflow and information dissemination.As time is of the essence for these locations, the package’s SmartMount Flat Panel Cart offers a pre-assembled base to ensure a quick and straightforward setup. The UltraView UHD Outdoor TV is an all-weather-rated solution with 4K resolution and an IPS panel. The mobility of the cart and durability of the outdoor TV allows for convenient digital signage placement for your most important use case.Here is more information on Peerless-AV’s indoor and outdoor solutions for healthcare applications.last_img read more

New Florida Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases book due out this summer

first_imgNew Florida Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases book due out this summer New Florida Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases book due out this summer April 15, 2010 Regular Newscenter_img The Bar’s CLE Publications Department, in partnership with LexisNexis, is now developing a new edition of the Florida Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases book, in light of the Supreme Court’s March approval of a major reworking of state’s jury instructions for civil cases.Jodi Jennings, of the Bar’s CLE Publications Department, said the new edition of the Florida Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases book is expected to be available this summer. The book can be pre-ordered now through LexisNexis by calling (800) 533-1637.Until the new book is ready for distribution, the new civil jury instructions are available online in the Supreme Court’s opinion, case no. SC09-284, and on the Web page of the Supreme Court Committee on Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases at Jennings also said the new instructions do not yet contain products liability instructions, but lawyers can refer to the former set of civil instructions for the existing products liability instructions, which are also available on the committee’s Web page. The committee also has proposed amended products liability instructions, which are currently pending in case SC09-1264. Oral argument in that case is scheduled for May 5.Jennings said lawyers should get in the habit of using the court’s jury instructions Web pages, especially in light of the recent amendment to Fla. R. Civ. P. 1.985, Standard Jury Instructions, effective October 1, 2009, that states “[t]he forms of Florida Standard Jury Instructions appearing on the court’s Web site at may be used by the trial judges of this state in charging the jury in civil actions.. . . ”The reorganization of the civil jury instructions was based upon the delineation of separate sections, which include oaths, preliminary instructions, evidence instructions, substantive instructions, damages, general substantive instructions, closing instructions, and supplemental matters. Each of the substantive areas are now organized into separate sections and include pertinent standard instructions which are reproduced within each substantive section or, when necessary, tailored to the specific substantive area.The court said the basic “template” used in the reorganization of the substantive law instructions includes an introduction instruction, an instruction with a simple summary of the case, instructions with the rules, and instructions on the issues with the applicable burden of proof.The amended standard civil instructions also include a number of plain language modifications which attempt to simplify the instructions to increase juror understanding by changing nonessential “legalese” to its plain English equivalent.last_img read more

Konrad, Gophers NCAA Champions

first_imgRobinson said rooting against other wrestlers from different squads is tough, but it’s the nature of the beast known as the NCAA tournament.“Watching those matches was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” he said. “There’s nothing worse than the fate of your team being in the hands of others.”Junior Mack Reiter, who failed to earn All-American status for the first time in his career after battling an ACL injury, said despite his individual disappointment, to be part of the national title team is something he’ll never forget.“I almost was rooting for Iowa State for a bit there, just so Cole could end it himself,” he said. “But however it ended, we got the title and I’d trade my All-American status in for it any day.”It wasn’t a pretty tournament by any means, but in the end Minnesota again finds itself on top of the collegiate wrestling hill, ending Oklahoma State’s four-year reign.Konrad said the final session of the tournament ended in a dreamlike fashion.“To see myself in this position four years ago almost seemed impossible,” he said. “It’d be tough to script a better ending.”And so as the four-time All-American joined his teammates in celebration at mid-rink, a career was finished and the 2007 wrestling campaign was complete.Robinson said coaching Konrad for four years was something truly special.“He wants to be an Olympic champion and this is just one more step,” he said. “It’s been an honor to have him wrestle at Minnesota and we’ll miss him.” Konrad, Gophers NCAA ChampionsMinnesota used a late push to win its third national title in the last seven years. Tyler RushmeyerMarch 19, 2007Jump to CommentsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare via EmailPrint>AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Taking down the Minnesota wrestling team was tough; keeping them down proved to be impossible.Battling back from a disastrous Friday that saw Iowa State take over the tournament’s driver seat, the Gophers used sheer resiliency in the wrestlebacks and an exclamation-point pin by senior heavyweight Cole Konrad in his final collegiate match to give Minnesota its third national title in the last seven years.Coach J Robinson said the coaches needed to see a change in attitude and style in the tournament’s final day if the Gophers were to capture the NCAA crown.“We woke up positive this morning knowing that this thing wasn’t over yet,” he said. “Today all our wrestlers responded when they had to. That’s what champions do.”Coming into the tournament as the top seed and overwhelming favorite, Minnesota found itself hanging onto a slim lead in the final day due in large part to the ferocious wrestling of Iowa State, who sent three wrestlers into the finals, and a banged-up lineup that included the sprained MCL of undefeated sophomore Dustin Schlatter.His dropped decision on day two stunned the crowd and proved the Gophers were not invincible.Konrad, Minnesota’s other undefeated wrestler, said despite the second-day near meltdown, Minnesota felt ready to prove who the best team in the nation really was on the third.“As poorly as the second day went, we knew we had done enough to not let ourselves get out of it,” he said. “We just kept coming back, again and again.”But even with the Gophers’ best efforts Saturday, they still had to sit through three pressure-filled matches by Cyclones’ wrestlers to learn their fate.After senior Trent Paulson pulled out the decision at 157 pounds, the next two Iowa State wrestlers both came out on the wrong end of tight decisions to wrap up the team title for Minnesota, sending its fans into a frenzy.Had Iowa State taken anything more than one of three titles, it would have all been on Konrad’s shoulders; instead it was over before he even hit the mat.last_img read more

Gophers fully aware of what is riding on Big Ten championships

first_imgGophers fully aware of what is riding on Big Ten championshipsFebruary 25, 2009Jump to CommentsShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare via EmailPrintFor the University of Minnesota menâÄôs swimming coach Dennis Dale , there is no underselling the importance of the Big Ten championships to his team. âÄúThe chips are riding on this meet,âÄù Dale said. âÄúThis is the last time you can let it ride, and this determines whether our season was a success or not.âÄù Dale âÄî one of only two active coaches to earn a conference crown along with IndianaâÄôs Ray Looze âÄî will bring his 11th-ranked Gophers to PurdueâÄôs Boilermaker Aquatic Complex on Thursday âÄî the first of three days the team will compete for the Big Ten title. Starting the competition off on a positive note will be an important factor, according to senior Josh Griffey . âÄúIt all starts on that first day. If we have a couple guys get out and go fast in the beginning, itâÄôs just going to spread like wildfire,âÄù Griffey said. The former transfer from Rutgers posted career-best times in three events at last yearâÄôs Big Tens, where Griffey said the talent level drives everyone to excel. âÄúThe level of competition is unprecedented,âÄù Griffey said. âÄúItâÄôs the hardest meet IâÄôve ever swam at in my life.âÄù The competition will be there again this year and leaving West Lafayette with a conference title might be more difficult for Minnesota than in previous years. âÄúWe know that weâÄôre probably not going to win. I think weâÄôve accepted that already,âÄù senior Colin Lee-To , the top-ranked swimmer in the 100 breaststroke, said. âÄúWeâÄôre just hoping for the best finish we can.âÄù Even Dale realizes that trumping No. 4 Michigan might be too tough a task for his team or any other program in the Big Ten. âÄúWeâÄôre all pretty close. Whoever is performing better in those three days has a chance to grab second to Michigan,âÄù Dale said. âÄúIf Michigan falters, maybe weâÄôll have the chance to win.âÄù For the Gophers, history is on the line as the team hasnâÄôt finished below third in the event since 1989. âÄúOur main goal this year is to get second,âÄù Lee-To said. Minnesota won the Big Ten championships the last time Purdue hosted the event in 2004. Even if the Gophers are not favored to win coming into the championship, bigger upsets have happened, and Monday Dale said the Gophers season is on the line and in the teamâÄôs hands. âÄúIf youâÄôve had a great season up to the Big TenâÄôs, and you donâÄôt perform at the Big TenâÄôs, youâÄôve had a bad season,âÄù Dale said. âÄúThis is what determines the success and failure of our season.âÄù âÄîBrian Johnson contributed to this story.last_img read more

A competition has been announced for the selection of a new concept and creative solution for the CNTB’s fair appearances

first_imgThe Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) is starting to choose a new concept and creative solution for participating in fairs for the period from 2018 to 2022.The selection will be carried out with the help of the Croatian Design Society (HDD), which will conduct a public tender, and applications will be received at [email protected] with the title “CNTB Tender” until July 3, 2017 by 17.00:50.000 p.m. The decision on the three best solutions is made by the jury consisting of four members of the HDD and three members of the CNTB. For these best solutions, three cash prizes are awarded in gross amounts: HRK 30.000, HRK 25.000 and HRK XNUMX, while the award does not imply automatic performance of the awarded work but is a recommendation for the adoption of the first prize. The final decision on the winning solution will be made by a special Commission of the Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian Tourist Board.The bidder, whose work will be selected for implementation, undertakes to prepare technical documentation for the development of the selected solution, on the basis of which an international tender for a technical contractor will be conducted. The new booth concept is planned to be used for the next five years for the period 2018-2022. The last competition for the creative solution of the stand was conducted in 2011 and the selected concept was used for a period of four years. Since the WTM fair in London in 2015, most of the same elements of the stand have been used, which have been partially refined, and the concept of performance has changed. Thus, the emphasis was placed on the open concept of the stand and the concept of visuals on the existing surfaces was changed on the occasion of the new Full of Life concept, the CNTB points out, and now the intention is to reach the highest quality renowned participants solution according to design experts.Photo: HTZ”Today, Croatia is one of the most sought-after tourist countries in Europe and the world, and according to the announcements from this year’s tourist fairs – a hit destination in 2017. Such a great interest in Croatia must be accompanied by an appropriate modern visual concept that will present our country among tourists from all over the world as a unique, different and interesting destination, which we certainly are. Continuous growth of quality in all segments is an imperative for the growth of tourism competitiveness of the Republic of Croatia, and the investment in the quality of visual identity, ie building the image of our country, certainly has its contribution in that.”, Commented the Minister of Tourism Gary Cappelli.All interested authors and teams can attend the oral briefing, which will be held on Friday, May 26, starting at 10 am in HDD, Boškovićeva 18. The text of the competition is published on the website of the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Croatian Design Society.Side dish: Competition for a new concept and creative solutions for fair appearances of the Croatian National Tourist Boardlast_img read more

InterMoor supports Red Hawk spar decommissioning

first_imgInterMoor, an Acteon company, has successfully completed its contract supporting the decommissioning of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation’s Red Hawk spar in the Gulf of Mexico.The Red Hawk spar is the deepest floating production platform to date to be decommissioned in the Gulf of Mexico. It is also the first spar decommissioned in the “Rigs-to-Reefs” programme, which required the spar to be laid down on its side on the seafloor.Work was split between the original spar site at Garden Banks, block 876, in the Gulf of Mexico, at a depth of 5,200 ft., and the reefing site at Eugene Island, block 384, at a depth of 430 ft.InterMoor developed the engineering procedures and performed the work to disconnect the mooring lines from the floating facility. The company also ballasted the hull prior to and during the topsides removal and deballasted it to prepare the hull for towing. Ballasting and deballasting were performed from a nearby derrick barge. The spar was then towed to the reefing site where it was flooded and laid on the seabed in a controlled manner. Finally, InterMoor recovered the mooring lines and assisted with the as-laid survey of the reefing site.Dusan Curic, project manager at InterMoor, said, “Through thorough engineering and efficient offshore operations InterMoor enabled Anadarko to facilitate the safe and efficient removal of the platform. Multiple departments were involved – Project Management, Project Engineering, Advanced Analysis Group, Subsea Group, Operations, and Shore Base. We also managed multiple subcontractors throughout the project. InterMoor expanded its services to include ballasting and deballasting to allow for a more comprehensive life-of-field solution for its clients.”The project represents InterMoor’s first work in ballasting and deballasting, and builds on the company’s growing decommissioning experience.Press Release[mappress mapid=”412″]last_img read more

Rickmers adds ECA surcharge

first_imgRickmers-Linie vessels will use marine gas oil (MGO) with a maximum sulphur content of 0.1 percent within Emission Control Areas (ECA), in order to comply with the new regulations coming into force on January 1, 2015.The ECA surcharges for breakbulk shipments will come into force on December 1, 2014, and can be seen in table 1 (see below).During September, HLPFI reported that Rickmers-Line declared its support for the introduction of stricter sulphur regulations, which will affect the USA and Canada, as well as the North Sea, English Channel and Baltic Sea routes. The line stressed that the effectiveness of the new regulations is tied to effective enforcement, to ensure an industry level playing field and prevent a weakening of the positive effect on the environment. Breakbulk surchargewww.rickmers-linie.comlast_img read more